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The Signpost
29 April 2015

We remember you, Nish.

About Me[edit]

you can also call me nåhed sarvy. I was born on 1395-2-28 - that's the 28th (or 27th, depending) of shaban in 1395 AH. I hail from

i attended harvard college and bĕi dà, (Chinese: 北大, peking university). i am a linguist and a writer although not an author per se. i've had one book published, but since it is a travel guide i won't mention it further.


  1. Wikipedia:No angry mastodons
  2. I employ the One Revert Rule aka BOLD, revert, discuss cycle - edit boldly, and if reverted, discuss with the reverter to see if my edits were a good idea.
  3. "Muslim before Moslem" - this tried and true principle is to fix Arabic words and names to Library of Congress standard whenever possible. When in doubt, Muslim is a better choice than Moslem. This principle applies as well to all languages; my focus just tends to be on the Semitic and Indo-Iranian languages.
  4. I ruthlessly apply the guidelines provided in Manual of Style/Islam-related articles. NO MERCY!
  5. I loathe drama. I'm a queer woman, so there's already enough bloody drama in my life, so down with drama.


i've studied many languages a little, but unfortunately few of them with any depth. i've got a magpie mind: i collect what glitters.

my interests are wide-ranging, and include (in no special order) zoroastrianism; farsi; arabic; the ancient near east; afrasian, indo-european & sino-tibetan lingustics and historical movements; the bon religion; queer & genderqueer issues; islam; women's rights; and science fiction.

if i had to pick favoured fiction authors, i'd stick c.j. cherryh's scifi series in there (but not her fantasy - ugh), le guin, and the divine joanna russ.

i also like visual fun: studio ghibli's films, battlestar galactica and doctor who & torchwood jump to mind.

that's all now. go on, write something somewhere.

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