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I have found several "pet hates" on Wikipedia. If I have referred you to this page, it's because I feel that you have qualified for at least one of them. In no particular order, they are:

1. Ideally, on Wikipedia, articles are written, developed and maintained through a wonderful consensus approach, with accepted subject matter experts agreeing on the best choice of content and presentation. And in a lot of cases, that is exactly true.

Regrettably, and also in a lot of cases, it seems that there is someone lurking on a page who is perhaps a bit too passionate with a bit too much time and patience on his hands, who insists on getting the last word and doing the last revert. POV by persistence.

2. Tremendous lack of consistency on articles that are related and where therefore there should be a consistency. The "worst" example I have seen of this is "Australian birds", where there are almost as many different styles of article as there are articles themselves.