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I am only rarely and sporadically active. However, my talk page is in my RSS reader, so I will see messages left there.
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If you were looking for the Cambrian fossil, you want this article: Opabinia regalis.

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Proud product of the Cambrian explosion.

Articles I've worked on[edit]

This is as much a watchlist as anything else, so the probability that an article gets on here is directly proportional to how much I edited it and also to how likely it is to be vandalized/subject to edit creep, multiplied by a random value that serves as the laziness correction factor.

Protein structure and folding[edit]

accessible surface areaalpha helixalpha sheetalpha solenoidbeta barrelbeta hairpinbeta helixbeta-propeller domainbeta sheetconformational entropycontact orderdownhill foldingEF handfolding funnelglobin foldhelix bundlehelix-coil transition modelhomeodomain foldhydrophobic collapseleucine-rich repeatLifson-Roig modelnative contactpeptide plane flippingphi value analysispolyproline helixprimary structurequaternary structureRossmann foldsecondary structureStructural Classification of Proteinstertiary structurethioredoxin foldTIM barreltrefoil knot foldZimm-Bragg model

Proteins and complexes[edit]

aggrecanalpha secretaseamyloid precursor protein Updated DYK query.pngargonauteaspartokinasebarnasebarstarcapping enzymechalcone synthasechromodomaincleavage and polyadenylation specificity factorcleavage stimulatory factorcleavage factorcyclasedelta-cadinene synthasedicerDNA clamp Updated DYK query.pngdroshaenhanceosomeF-box proteinFKBPflippasegankyringuanylyl transferaseheterogeneous ribonucleoprotein particlehslVU Updated DYK query.pngPABPIIparvulinpeptidyl-glutamyl peptide-hydrolyzingpilinpiwi Updated DYK query.pngpiwi-interacting RNApolyadenine polymeraseprolyl isomeraseprotein K (gene expression)protein K (porin)Rop proteinS1 nucleasetubby proteinubiquitin-activating enzymeubiquitin-conjugating enzymevillin

Nucleic acids[edit]

antisense RNAbase pairchi sitepolypyrimidine tractpseudoknotRNA-induced transcriptional silencingRNA interference LinkFA-star.pngSirna Therapeuticsstem-loopsystematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichmenttranscriptometransfer RNA

Computational biology[edit]

AccelrysCAFASPChou-Fasman methodchemical file formatcomputational phylogeneticscovariondead-end eliminationEVA (benchmark)Ewald summationforce field (chemistry)flying ice cubeglobal distance testGOR methodhomology modelingimplicit solvationLiveBenchloop modelingMODELLERmolecular dynamicsmolecular mechanicsmultiple sequence alignment Good articlephylogenetic treephylogenetics softwarePoisson-Boltzmann equationprotein structure predictionprotein-protein interaction predictionself-consistent mean field (biology)sequence alignment LinkFA-star.pngsecondary structure predictionsequence alignment softwaresequence profiling toolstatistical potentialSTRIDE (protein)structural alignment Good articletree rearrangement

Cell biology[edit]

cell cyclecell nucleus LinkFA-star.pngcrude lysateDNA repair LinkFA-star.pngmalate-aspartate shuttlenuclease protection assayprocessivityproteasome LinkFA-star.pngreporter gene


2-furanoneadenosine triphosphatealkalidebeta-peptidebutenolideCHAPS detergentexcimerhydrogen LinkFA-star.pnglinamarinlist of standard amino acidsmicelleorthohydrogenprolineprotein Good article

Other biology[edit]

artificial selectionDavid Baker (biochemist)biochemistry of Alzheimer's diseaseDrosophila X virusGeoffrey Changcoalescent theorycrossbreedValerie Daggettgenegene fixationgenetics glossarykinomemating-type regionP22 phage