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Coat of Arms of Orenburg

Orenburg1 is busy in real life and will not be around much for a while

Most of the time, when I have time, I hunt down and correct typos. I don't know why. It may be a character flaw.

Typo hunt:[edit]

English spelling "...would seem to have been designed chiefly as a disguise to pronunciation." ― Jerome K Jerome

" is unpardonable and ridiculous for a gentleman to miss it; even a woman of a tolerable education would despise and laugh, at a lover, who should send her an ill-spelled billet-doux." ― Lord Chesterfield

"I must tell you that orthography, in the true sense of the word, is so absolutely necessary for a man of letters; or a gentleman, that one false spelling may fix ridicule upon him for the rest of his life; and I know a man of quality, who never recovered the ridicule of having spelled WHOLESOME without the w." ― Lord Chesterfield

"I should not mention correct orthography, but that you very often fail in that particular, which will bring ridicule upon you; for no man is allowed to spell ill." ― Lord Chesterfield

Asked if Tony Blair could spell "tomorrow" after he misspelled the word as "toomorrow" three times in a letter, a No 10 spokes-man snapped: "What a ridiculous idea. It is perfectly obvious it is just his handwriting."

"You’re close, but you left a little something off. The e on the end." ― Dan Quayle correcting a 12-year-old New Jersey schoolboy's spelling of potato

English spelling "...comes remarkably close to being an optimal … system". ― Noam Chomsky & Morris Halle

“It is a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” ― Andrew Jackson

“A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one.” ― Baltasar Gracián

“Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” ― Mark Twain

“In this chthonian world the only thing of importance is orthography and punctuation. It doesn't matter what the nature of the calamity is, only whether it is spelled right.” ― Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

“I don't see any use in having a uniform and arbitrary way of spelling words. We might as well make all clothes alike and cook all dishes alike. Sameness is tiresome; variety is pleasing.” ― Mark Twain

"We spell because orthography is part of the elaboration of our culture; because there is a natural tendency for all human activities which involve choice to take on social meaning; because literacy itself is embedded in and important to our culture and social actions, and orthography is essentially bound up with literacy." ― Mark Sebba

Misspelling Correct Spelling Notes Last Check Date False


*absense absence 15-Feb-14 3
*acceptible acceptable 13-Feb-14 2
*accidentaly accidentally 15-Feb-14 3
*accidentlly accidentally 11-Feb-14 0
*accomodate accommodate 04-Mar-14 10
*accpect accept 11-Feb-14 0
*acedemic academic 21-Feb-14 2
*acerage acreage 13-Feb-14 2
*acheive achieve 13-Feb-14 2
*achieveng achieving 11-Feb-14 0
*achivement achievement 10-Mar-14 17
*acidentally accidentally 11-Feb-14 0
*acknowlege acknowledge 13-Feb-14 2
*acommodate accommodate 13-Feb-14 2
*acording according 22-Feb-14 1
*acquaintence acquaintance 15-Feb-14 2
*acrage acreage 13-Feb-14 2
*actualy actually 17-Feb-14 0
*actve active 13-Feb-14 2
*adapdation adaptation 11-Feb-14 0
*adultary adultery 13-Feb-14 2
*adviseable advisable 15-Feb-14 2
*advizable advisable 13-Feb-14 2
*afterwars afterwards 11-Feb-14 0
*aggresion aggression 21-Feb-14 5
*agrement agreement Search excludes "agrément"-"agréments"-"Administraţia Lacuri"-"Lista micilor"


19-Mar-14 14
*aknowledge acknowledge 12-Feb-14 2
*alchohol alcohol 01-Mar-14 12
*alchol alcohol Also finds "alcholism" 15-Feb-14 2
*alege allege Also many Alege language hits 07-Mar-14 23
*alegiance allegiance 12-Feb-14 2
*allegaince allegiance 12-Feb-14 2
*allegience allegiance 21-Feb-14 5
*allmost almost 22-Feb-14 4
*alogn along 11-Feb-14 0
*altough although 11-Feb-14 0
*alusive allusive 11-Feb-14 0
*amatuer amateur 07-Mar-14 13
*amature amateur 17-Feb-14 4
*amimated animated 11-Feb-14 0
*ammend amend 21-Feb-14 6
*anually annually 26-Feb-14 1
*aparent apparent Also finds "aparantly" 23-Feb-14 6
*apeared appeared 19-Feb-14 1
*aplauded applauded 11-Feb-14 0
*apoint appoint 06-Mar-14 21
*apointed appointed 26-Feb-14 4
*apparant apparent Also finds "apparantly" 23-Feb-14 3
*appared appeared 17-Feb-14 0
*appered appeared 28-Feb-14 1
*aquaintance acquaintance 27-Feb-14 3
*aquit acquit 21-Feb-14 6
*archetecture architecture 13-Feb-14 2
*arguement argument 05-Mar-14 7
*asistant assistant 11-Feb-14 0
*asscoiation association 11-Feb-14 0
*assocaition association 13-Feb-14 0
*associatin association 15-Feb-14 2
*atacked attacked 11-Feb-14 0
*atempt attempt 15-Feb-14 2
*atract attract 13-Feb-14 2
*atributable attributable 11-Feb-14 0
*atributed attributed 19-Feb-14 0
*attendace attendance 12-Feb-14 0
*averege average 13-Feb-14 2
*avrage average 15-Feb-14 2
*awfull awful 17-Feb-14 4
*balence balance 12-Feb-14 1
*basicly basically 12-Feb-14 1
*beacuse because 17-Feb-14 0
*becomeing becoming 13-Feb-14 2
*becuase because 21-Feb-14 3
*beleive believe Also finds "beleived" 23-Feb-14 5
*benifit benefit 04-Mar-14 12
*beween between 22-Mar-14 1
*billionair billionaire 13-Feb-14 0
*billonaire billionaire 12-Feb-14 0
*bisness business 17-Feb-14 4
*bouyant buoyant 04-Mar-14 12
*briliant brilliant 17-Feb-14 4
*burgler burglar Search excludes "Thomas" -"Toni" -"Andy"-"Bürgler" 11-Mar-14 3
*Cambrige Cambridge 22-Mar-14 9
*camoflage camouflage 19-Feb-14 5
*camoflague camouflage 13-Feb-14 2
*Camridge Cambridge 20-Mar-14 0
*carefull careful 21-Feb-14 5
*carreer career 23-Feb-14 1
*caugt caught 12-Feb-14 1
*cauhgt caught 12-Feb-14 1
*cematery cemetery 13-Feb-14 2
*certian certain 25-Feb-14 2
*certin certain 28-Feb-14 11
*changable changeable 17-Feb-14 4
*cieling ceiling 26-Feb-14 9
*cilp clip 05-Mar-14 19
*citezen citizen 15-Feb-14 1
*clarly clearly 12-Feb-14 0
*collaegue colleague 12-Feb-14 1
*comissoner commissioner 12-Feb-14 0
*comitted committed 25-Feb-14 7
*commisionned commissioned 12-Feb-14 0
*commison commission 12-Feb-14 0
*commissiner commissioner 12-Feb-14 0
*commissionig commissioning 12-Feb-14 0
*commisson commission 27-Feb-14 3
*compartement compartment 12-Feb-14 0
*compirsed comprised 12-Feb-14 0
*compitition competition 25-Feb-14 2
*concecutive consecutive 12-Feb-14 0
*conceed concede 12-Feb-14 2
*concensus consensus 27-Feb-14 10
*concieve conceive Also finds "concieved" 17-Feb-14 0
*congradulate congratulate Also finds "congradulated" 19-Feb-14 1
*consciencious conscientious 13-Feb-14 2
*consious conscious Also finds "consiousness" 25-Feb-14 2
*consolidaton consolidation Search excludes links to "annexation" 15-Feb-14 3
*continuosly continuously 03-Mar-14 6
*contraversy controversy 23-Feb-14 7
*controveries controversies 15-Feb-14 2
*conveniance convenience 12-Feb-14 0
*couln't couldn’t 12-Feb-14 0
*cretive creative 15-Feb-14 3
*critecize criticize 12-Feb-14 0
*culminaton culmination 12-Feb-14 0
*dacquiri daiquiri 12-Feb-14 1
*dameged damaged 12-Feb-14 0
*dammage damage 17-Feb-14 3
*daquiri daiquiri 12-Feb-14 2
*daugter daughter 14-Feb-14 1
*daugter daughter 15-Feb-14 1
*deactive deactivate Also finds "deactived". Sometimes also "inactive" 17-Feb-14 1
*deciedes decides 12-Feb-14 0
*decieve deceive Also picks up "decieving" 12-Feb-14 2
*definate definite 28-Feb-14 10
*definately definitely 25-Feb-14 7
*definetive definitive 12-Feb-14 0
*definiteve definitive 12-Feb-14 1
*definitly definitely 15-Feb-14 3
*deplacement displacement Search excludes links to "déplacement" -"déplacements" -"portail" -"plaque" 19-Mar-14 16
*deposite deposit 28-Feb-14 9
*derection direction Picks up "d'érection" (French) 15-Feb-14 3
*desparately desperately Also possibily "disparately" - none found 13-Feb-14 0
*destructon destruction 12-Feb-14 3
*develeped developed 12-Feb-14 0
*develepment development 12-Feb-14 0
*developping developing 27-Feb-14 1
*devitated deviated 19-Mar-14 0
*dialate dilate 13-Feb-14 1
*dicide decide 12-Feb-14 0
*diea idea Also "die" 24-Feb-14 7
*diference difference 19-Feb-14 3
*diffrence difference Search excludes "diff'rence" 19-Mar-14 8
*disapear disappear 12-Feb-14 1
*disapoint disappoint 12-Feb-14 1
*disarmement disarmament 12-Feb-14 1
*disasterous disastrous Also finds "disasterously" 27-Feb-14 4
*discribe describe Also finds "discribed" and "discribing" 23-Feb-14 2
*disect dissect Also sometimes "bisect" 17-Feb-14 2
*disipline discipline 27-Feb-14 7
*disitribution distribution 12-Feb-14 0
*disparingly despairingly Also possibly "disparagingly" - none found 12-Feb-14 0
*disperate desperate Also sometimes "disparate" 21-Feb-14 5
*dissapear disappear 19-Feb-14 1
*distroy destroy 13-Feb-14 1
*dooable doable 12-Feb-14 1
*drived drove Also sometimes "derived", "driven" 18-Feb-14 1
*drunkeness drunkenness 23-Feb-14 3
*durring during 23-Feb-14 0
*eached reached Also possibly "each" - none found 12-Feb-14 0
*easely easily 12-Feb-14 1
*effcient efficient Also finds "effciently" 17-Feb-14 1
*eigth eight, eighth Sometimes "eight" 18-Feb-14 2
*eigth eighth 17-Feb-14 2
*elaphant elephant 13-Feb-14 1
*embasy embassy 15-Feb-14 2
*emision emission Search excludes "emisión" [Spanish], 19-Mar-14 15
*emition emission Also possibly "emotion" - none found 12-Feb-14 0
*emminent eminent Also sometimes "imminent" 26-Feb-14 4
*empirial imperial Also sometimes "empirical" 21-Feb-14 0
*encrochment encroachment 12-Feb-14 0
*enemey enemy 18-Feb-14 1
*enthusism enthusiasm 13-Feb-14 2
*entites entities, entitles 03-Mar-14 11
*estimeted estimated 12-Feb-14 0
*evalution evaluation 05-Mar-14 10
*exagerate exaggerate Also finds "exagerated" and "exagerating" 23-Feb-14 5
*exausted exhausted 17-Feb-14 2
*excluseve exclusive 12-Feb-14 0
*exellent excellent 15-Feb-14 1
*exercize exercise Also finds "exercized" 23-Feb-14 1
*exersize exercise 16-Feb-14 2
*exilerate exhilarate 12-Feb-14 1
*existant existent [English] Note "existant", French. Search excludes "reseau-existant" 19-Mar-14 23
*experament experiment 12-Feb-14 0
*explaination explanation 24-Feb-14 6
*exsept except 12-Feb-14 0
*exspect expect 12-Feb-14 2
*exstensive extensive 13-Feb-14 0
*extemely extremely 19-Feb-14 2
*facillity facility 15-Feb-14 2
*facinating fascinating 13-Feb-14 2
*fasinating fascinating 12-Feb-14 1
*fasion fashion 02-Mar-14 8
*florescent fluorescent Also occasionally "florescent" (as in "flower") 06-Mar-14 5
*flourescence fluorescence 18-Feb-14 4
*flourescent fluorescent 02-Mar-14 12
*fluorish flourish 11-Feb-14 0
*folow follow 15-Feb-14 1
*folower follower 12-Feb-14 0
*fonetic phonetic 17-Feb-14 3
*foots feet Plural is feet 13-Feb-14 0
*forbidded forbade Also possibly "forbidden" - none found 12-Feb-14 0
*forwarn forewarn 12-Feb-14 0
*foundatin foundation 25-Feb-14 8
*frenh French 12-Feb-14 1
*fromerly formerly 13-Feb-14 0
*fundemental fundamental 03-Mar-14 4
*garantee guarantee 12-Feb-14 1
*garentee guarantee 12-Feb-14 1
*genearl general Also finds "genearlly" 22-Feb-14 0
*generaly generally 17-Feb-14 3
*genrally generally 13-Feb-14 0
*gratefull grateful 03-Mar-14 12
*gratuitious gratuitous 13-Feb-14 0
*Greecian Grecian 15-Feb-14 2
*greviance grievance 13-Feb-14 0
*guidence guidance 19-Feb-14 4
*gurad guard 26-Feb-14 2
*happended happened 15-Feb-14 2
*headquatered headquartered 17-Feb-14 0
*heighth height 21-Feb-14 6
*heigth height 17-Feb-14 3
*heirarchy hierarchy 27-Feb-14 10
*helded held 26-Feb-14 0
*hesistant hesitant 16-Feb-14 2
*hick-up hiccup 12-Feb-14 2
*higeine hygiene 12-Feb-14 1
*higest highest 19-Mar-14 3
*hipocrit hypocrite 12-Feb-14 2
*hismelf himself 13-Feb-14 0
*historicaly historically 12-Feb-14 0
*hoasted hosted 13-Feb-14 0
*hors derves hors derves 12-Feb-14 2
*humerous humorous 03-Mar-14 10
*hurricaine hurricane 18-Feb-14 4
*hygeine hygiene 03-Mar-14 8
*hygine hygiene 16-Feb-14 3
*idenity identity 12-Feb-14 1
*identidy identity 12-Feb-14 0
*iehter either 12-Feb-14 0
*ignorence ignorance 12-Feb-14 1
*imaginery imaginary Also sometimes "imagery" 17-Feb-14 2
*imaginery imaginary 16-Feb-14 2
*imediately immediately 19-Feb-14 3
*imitashun imitation 12-Feb-14 0
*immitate imitate 17-Feb-14 2
*immitation imitation 14-Feb-14 1
*inconceavable inconceivable 12-Feb-14 0
*incrasingly increasingly 12-Feb-14 0
*incrimininated incrimininated 12-Feb-14 0
*individal individual 12-Feb-14 0
*individality individuality 12-Feb-14 0
*individul individual 12-Feb-14 1
*influental influential 27-Feb-14 2
*infrastructre infrastructure 17-Feb-14 0
*innoculate inoculate Also finds "innoculating" 17-Feb-14 3
*innovaton innovation 12-Feb-14 1
*instructon instruction 12-Feb-14 0
*intelligance intelligence 21-Feb-14 2
*interfer interfere 22-Feb-14 5
*intermitent intermittent 19-Feb-14 5
*internatonal international 17-Feb-14 3
*internel internal 12-Feb-14 0
*interuption interruption 17-Feb-14 2
*intially initially Search excludes "&intials" 19-Mar-14 1
*intresting interesting 12-Feb-14 1
*irrelevent irrelevant Also occaisionly "irreverent" 14-Feb-14 1
*irritible irritable 12-Feb-14 1
*Japaneese Japanese 21-Feb-14 5
*jeapardy jeopardy 13-Feb-14 0
*jellous jealous 12-Feb-14 1
*jewler jeweler 17-Feb-14 3
*Johanine Johannine 13-Feb-14 1
*jorunal journal 15-Feb-14 1
*juction junction 13-Feb-14 0
*judical judicial 24-Feb-14 5
*judisuary judiciary 12-Feb-14 0
*juniour junior 21-Feb-14 3
*junoir junior 17-Feb-14 3
*juntion junction 12-Feb-14 0
*jurisdication jurisdiction 13-Feb-14 1
*juvinile juvenile 13-Feb-14 1
*keeped kept 15-Feb-14 1
*knitpick nitpick 12-Feb-14 0
*knowlege knowledge 03-Mar-14 8
*knowlegeable knowledgeable 12-Feb-14 0
*knwo know 26-Feb-14 8
*konw know 12-Feb-14 0
*labourious laborious British English spelling is also "laborious" 13-Feb-14 1
*labratory laboratory 03-Mar-14 12
*languise languish 12-Feb-14 0
*languistic linguistic 13-Feb-14 1
*largley largely 12-Feb-14 0
*latant latent 13-Feb-14 1
*latchs latches Also finds "latch's" 18-Feb-14 4
*lateley lately 12-Feb-14 0
*lateraly laterally 12-Feb-14 0
*latley lately 12-Feb-14 0
*leanr learn Also finds leanring. Also variants of "lean", "leaner" - none found. 15-Feb-14 1
*leauge league 12-Mar-14 22
*ledgendary legendary 18-Feb-14 2
*ledgislate legislate 12-Feb-14 0
*ledgislation legislation 12-Feb-14 0
*ledgislative legislative 12-Feb-14 0
*ledgislator legislator 12-Feb-14 0
*legaly legally 12-Feb-14 0
*legendry legendary Common misspelling of "legendary" (adjective), "legendry" is the noun 07-Mar-14 14
*liberry library 16-Feb-14 3
*lieing lying 17-Feb-14 4
*liesure leisure 14-Feb-14 2
*lonelyness loneliness 14-Feb-14 2
*loseing losing 14-Feb-14 0
*lttle little 14-Feb-14 1
*magentic magnetic 21-Feb-14 3
*magnificient magnificent 05-Mar-14 14
*mainley mainly 13-Feb-14 1
*maintainence maintenance 26-Feb-14 6
*maintnance maintenance 18-Feb-14 2
*majorety majority 12-Feb-14 0
*maked made Also occasionally "marked" 05-Mar-14 14
*makeing making 25-Feb-14 6
*mamalian mammalian 13-Feb-14 1
*managament management 28-Feb-14 4
*manditory mandatory 18-Feb-14 4
*mangerial managerial 15-Feb-14 1
*manifestion manifestation 13-Feb-14 0
*manufature manufacture 13-Feb-14 0
*marrige marriage 24-Feb-14 4
*masterbation masturbation 16-Feb-14 3
*mathmatics mathematics 27-Feb-14 9
*medcine medicine 05-Mar-14 10
*medeval medieval 16-Feb-14 3
*medevil medieval 16-Feb-14 3
*Mediterranen Mediterranean 04-Mar-14 16
*mideval medieval 14-Feb-14 2
*milennium millennium 05-Mar-14 12
*minite minute 24-Feb-14 5
*miniture miniature 16-Feb-14 1
*mischevious mischievous 19-Feb-14 4
*mischevous mischievous 12-Feb-14 1
*mispell misspell Also finds "mispelled", "misspelling" 25-Feb-14 3
*misspel misspell 12-Feb-14 1
*mountion mountain 12-Feb-14 1
*natinoal national 12-Feb-14 0
*naturaly naturally 12-Feb-14 0
*necessery necessary 12-Feb-14 1
*negociation negotiation Search excludes links to "négociation" -"négociations" 19-Mar-14 6
*nieghbor neighbour 12-Feb-14 1
*niether neither 14-Feb-14 1
*noticable noticeable 26-Feb-14 3
*ocasional occasional Also finds "ocasionally" 27-Feb-14 7
*ocasionally occasionally 14-Feb-14 0
*occasionaly occasionally 14-Feb-14 1
*occassion occasion 01-Mar-14 7
*occassionally occasionally 21-Feb-14 1
*occurrance occurrence 12-Feb-14 3
*oftenly often 24-Feb-14 1
*omision omission Search excludes "omisión" 19-Mar-14 2
*ommision omission 12-Feb-14 1
*operatin operating 16-Feb-14 3
*operatinal operational 12-Feb-14 0
*opinons opinions 14-Feb-14 1
*oppurtunity opportunity Also finds "oppurtunities" 01-Mar-14 9
*oprate operate Also finds "oprated" 16-Feb-14 0
*optimisim optimism 12-Feb-14 0
*ordeurves ordeurves 12-Feb-14 1
*outragous outrageous 12-Feb-14 1
*parralel parallel 20-Feb-14 4
*parrallel parallel 03-Mar-14 7
*partecipate participate Also finds "partecipated", "partecipating" 18-Feb-14 0
*particuliarly particularly 12-Feb-14 0
*particurly particularly 12-Feb-14 1
*partisen partisan 12-Feb-14 0
*passtime pastime 21-Feb-14 3
*perciev perceive 12-Feb-14 0
*percieve perceive Also finds "percieved", "percieving" 26-Feb-14 5
*pernament permanent 12-Feb-14 0
*persaude persuade 14-Feb-14 1
*perseverence perseverance 03-Mar-14 12
*personaly personally 16-Feb-14 2
*personell personnel 07-Mar-14 14
*personlity personality Also finds "personlities" 18-Feb-14 1
*philantropist philanthropist 19-Mar-14 7
*pichure picture 12-Feb-14 0
*plaform platform 28-Feb-14 2
*plagarize plagiarize 21-Feb-14 4
*plagerize plagiarize 20-Feb-14 4
*plagirize plagiarize 12-Feb-14 0
*plasant pleasant 12-Feb-14 0
*pollitical political 12-Feb-14 0
*popualtion population 16-Feb-14 3
*possbility possibility Also picks up "possbilities" 14-Feb-14 0
*possessin possessing 12-Feb-14 0
*pouplation population 12-Feb-14 0
*practicle practical 20-Feb-14 3
*preceed precede 14-Feb-14 2
*predecesor predecessor 22-Feb-14 0
*predjudice prejudice 20-Feb-14 4
*presance presence 14-Feb-14 2
*probly probably 03-Mar-14 11
*prodction production 20-Feb-14 0
*productin production 16-Feb-14 2
*professinal professional Also finds "professinally" 18-Feb-14 0
*professonal professional Also finds "professonally" 18-Feb-14 2
*promting prompting Also sometimes "promoting" 18-Feb-14 0
*prophcey prophecy 12-Feb-14 0
*propsed proposed 25-Feb-14 1
*protecton protection 16-Feb-14 2
*prufe proof 20-Feb-14 5
*psycology psychology 22-Feb-14 4
*quanity quantity 12-Feb-14 1
*quarentine quarantine 14-Feb-14 2
*questionare questionnaire 18-Feb-14 3
*questionnair questionnaire 12-Feb-14 1
*readible readable 12-Feb-14 1
*realy really 05-Mar-14 17
*reccommend recommend 12-Feb-14 1
*reciept receipt 18-Feb-14 4
*reciev receive 12-Feb-14 1
*reckonize recognize 12-Feb-14 0
*recomend recommend 16-Feb-14 3
*recpetion reception 14-Feb-14 0
*recues rescues Search excludes "Idées reçues" -"Lettres reçues" -"reçues" 19-Mar-14 0
*rediculous ridiculous 14-Feb-14 2
*reelize realise 12-Feb-14 0
*refered referred 20-Feb-14 4
*relatonship relationship 12-Feb-14 0
*relevent relevant Search excludes "relèvent" 22-Feb-14 6
*religius religious 25-Feb-14 6
*relize realise 12-Feb-14 1
*repitition repetition 16-Feb-14 3
*rescend rescind 12-Feb-14 0
*restarant restaurant 16-Feb-14 3
*restaraunt restaurant 24-Feb-14 6
*revelant relevant Search excludes 'révélant' 18-Feb-14 4
*revield reviled 12-Feb-14 0
*reviwer reviewer 20-Feb-14 0
*revolutionery revolutionary 14-Feb-14 0
*ridicolous ridiculous 12-Feb-14 0
*sacrefice sacrifice 14-Feb-14 2
*safty safety Search excludes links to "El-Safty" -"Adel" -"Safties" 19-Mar-14 16
*secratary secretary 22-Feb-14 4
*secretery secretary 12-Feb-14 1
*sentance sentence Search excludes links to "andrew" -"bryan" -"carl" -"david" 19-Mar-14 11
*Septemeber September 12-Feb-14 1
*severel several 12-Feb-14 1
*shineing shining 14-Feb-14 2
*sibings siblings 12-Feb-14 0
*similaririty similaririty 12-Feb-14 0
*similer similar 14-Feb-14 2
*simmilar similar 14-Feb-14 0
*simular similar 18-Feb-14 3
*sinceerly sincerely 12-Feb-14 0
*sligthly slightly 12-Feb-14 0
*specal special 14-Feb-14 1
*speeche speech 24-Feb-14 7
*Spetember September 14-Feb-14 2
*stonger stronger 24-Feb-14 7
*strenous strenuous 18-Feb-14 1
*stronly strongly 12-Feb-14 0
*successfull successful 10-Mar-14 9
*sucessful successful Also finds "sucessfully" 19-Mar-14 9
*sugest suggest 12-Feb-14 0
*surelly surely 12-Feb-14 0
*surounded surrounded 12-Feb-14 0
*telelvision television 22-Feb-14 2
*temperment temperament 03-Mar-14 9
*thicknes thickness 16-Feb-14 2
*tochdown touchdown 12-Feb-14 0
*tournement tournament 20-Feb-14 4
*traditionaly traditionally 16-Feb-14 0
*trainig training 04-Mar-14 9
*translaton translation 12-Feb-14 0
*tuchdown touchdown 12-Feb-14 0
*tyrany tyranny 18-Feb-14 3
*underate underrate 18-Feb-14 4
*univerity university Search excludes "univers" 19-Mar-14 15
*unsignificant insignificant 12-Feb-14 1
*upholstry upholstery 14-Feb-14 2
*useing using 14-Feb-14 2
*usible usable 12-Feb-14 1
*usualy usually 25-Feb-14 2
*usued used 12-Feb-14 0
*vaccuum vacuum 24-Feb-14 4
*vacume vacuum 20-Feb-14 5
*variaton variation 16-Feb-14 0
*vegatarian vegetarian 14-Feb-14 2
*vehical vehicle 22-Feb-14 3
*vigerously vigorously 12-Feb-14 1
*visious vicious 18-Feb-14 4
*vocasional vocational 17-Feb-14 0
*warmharted warm-hearted 12-Feb-14 0
*welfair welfare 14-Feb-14 1
*wheir where 14-Feb-14 2
*wilfull wilful 28-Feb-14 11
*writeing writing 14-Feb-14 2


Redlinks from 9 August 2014 to 16 October 2014:

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Focus Country Notes CommitChange KiA Charity or nonprofit fundraising US Available for only the cost of credit card processing, upsells other services.
Crowdfunder Equity, Debt start-ups, small businesses (Seed + Series A) United States, Mexico
FanBacked KiA or AoN or NoG Entertainment Focused Full Service Platform US FanFunding focused on engaging artists with their fan community. Provides Campaign Management and Reward Manufacturing / Fulfillment services
Funderbuilt Equity Start-ups US
Funderful KiA Education crowdfunding for student scholarships and new auditoriums from graduates Latvia
Gamcrowd Equity Gambling businesses only UK
Gittip Weekly People you love and are inspired by
InvestingZone Equity Start-ups, early stage companies, growing businesses UK KiA Helping people with medical bills, funerals, and teams US, Canada Provides fundraising mentors.
Snowball Effect Equity Early stage high growth businesses New Zealand
TMeffect Equity Australia Currently serves only accredited investors
TradeUp Equity, Loan, Revenue sharing Companies that export and are scaling globally USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America First equity crowd funding platform serving export-driven companies.
Subbable Monthly YouTube shows Subbable does not reserve content only for those who pay a monthly fee, but rather it is used as a donation platform.

Redlinks from 13 June 2014 to 8 August 2014:

Name Funding
Focus Country Notes
Creeklife Bounty or KiA Environmental stewardship US Identify and resolve local environmental projects, donate funds or volunteer to get the task completed.
Consano KiA Non-profit platform for vetted medical research US Ongoing updates from researcher
Crowdstein Property Leased properties Germany
InvestNextDoor AoN Small businesses lending US Small businesses borrow directly from local investors.
Landbay Debt Mortgages for Landlords UK Allowing lending from peer to landlords in UK housing market KiA Teams, organizations, non-profits, startups, medical bills, anything US
OurExchange Equity Open to all start companies USA Currently open to Accredited Investors[1]
PolakPotrafi AoN A broad range of projects, mostly creative or entrepreneurial Poland
P P L AoN Portugal
Thundafund AoN Creative & innovative projects, businesses and initiatives South Africa Crowdfunding for Africa

Redlinks from 1 December 2013 to 12 June 2014:

Name Funding
Focus Country Notes
Benegives KiA or AoN Crowdfunding and Fundraising for business, Individuals and Non-profit Canada 100% free Campaigns. You give, Someone benefits!
Goteo AoN Creative projects Spanish-based, international Dedicated to shareable projects licensed with Creative Commons and other Free/Open terms
Make Architecture Happen KiA or AoN Architecture Projects International focused on the Architectural community
Appsplit KiA or AoN Technology US Has an app or app idea. Free Any goal AUS Keep 100% of revenue. This company uses ads (like Facebook), to allow their service to be Free.
BitGiving KiA Charity & Creative Projects India Has app for IOS & Android.
Bookstorming AoN Books Brazil
Creeklife KiA Any Outdoor or Environmental goal US
Crowd Supply AoN Physical products US & worldwide Offer campaign guidance and post campaign sales
CrowdFunder Equity and rewards small businesses, startups and social enterprises US
EndlessCrowds AoN Military, Firefights and Police Officers - community, business, personal and creative
FaithLauncher KiA Crowdfunding portal for faith-based projects US Provide coaching and help with promoting projects to a faith-based community.
Fansflock AoN Fandom projects US Crowdfunding for Brands, projects with an existing Fan-base
Freedom Sponsors Bounty Open-source software US Integrates with many different issue trackers and can place bounties for software features, open to anyone to collect or place bounties
Fund Dreamer KiA or AoN Empowerment of Women US Empowering Women to turn their dreams into reality. Lowest transaction fees.
fundafeast KiA Food + Drink US & Canada Rewards based site for food and drink projects ONLY. Crowdfunding for foodies!
FundDreamer KiA Crowd Funding platform focused on Empowering Woman. US
FundK12 KiA K-12 schools, related nonprofits and after school including summer programs. US Passes on up to 90% of all proceeds to participating organizations. Charges credit card transaction and video hosting fees.
Gittip weekly people and projects of all sorts
Hauntnav KiA or AoN Haunts and Horror US
hubbub Milestone based (AoN & KiA) Whitelabel platforms for Universities and Colleges Global Leading specialist in education crowdfunding.
hyperfund AoN Equity, Debt and Rewards US
iAngels Equity, debt Israeli Startups Israel Serves accredited investors. Some deals are available for non accredited investors as well
Joinvestor Equity US Business development services Lendahand Debt SME Entrepreneurs in upcoming economies NL First crowdfunding platform for SMEs in upcoming economies. Lenders receive a fixed interest of 3%.
LittleBigMoney AoN Open-source software supporting projects, initiatives and enterprises with social and environmental impact.
Mawwell AoN Creative projects EMEA Focused on Europe Middle East and Africa
MedStartr KiA or AoN Fund healthcare and medical innovation US
MyMicroInvest Equity Seed & Early Stage Europe To comply with the Market Regulator, a Prospectus is issued KiA or AoN Civic projects Specializes in raising local match for securing federal and state grants
OpenTrade Equity Startup & Entrepreneur South Korea
OurCrowd Equity early-stage companies, high-tech Israel, US Currently serves only accredited investors. KiA Non-Profit Cultural Organizations US Site-based, local cultural sector hosts
Raise Your Dream KiA Any and all projects USA and worldwide Any project including personal, charity, health, business
Realty Mogul Debt, Equity Real Estate USA Equity, Deby All businesses US
seedchange Equity, debt Early-stage startups US Currently serves accredited investors
SeedInvest Equity, debt privately held companies US Most active investor base
ShareIn Equity Tech & Health businesses, Investments from £10+ UK
Sourced Capital Equity, Debt Commercial Real Estate US Currently open to Accredited Investors
Subbable Every month or one-time donation Youtubers By subscribing to a channel, users can collect money in a "perk bank", which can be redeemed for certain "perks".
Touraise AoN
WorthWild KiA or AoN Highlighting eco-friendly products, environmental education & green initiatives. For profits and nonprofits welcome US Sustainable crowdfunding. 1% For The Planet Member Organization. Engage the crowd before you launch and crowdfund with confidence. Tax deductible receipts issued with nonprofit verification.
ZEQUS AoN Helping people raise money for anything - no fees! US, UK, Germany, Australia

Redlinks from 1 June 2013 to 30 November 2013:

Name Funding
Focus Country Notes
AgFunder Equity Agriculture US
Authr KiA Publishing / Books / Authors
Boomstarter AoN Creative projects Russia and CIS Project is young
ChristianCharityNow AoN Helping people after accidents and illnesses Christian Charity Now! Crowdfunding & Donations . Christian International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money
Cofunder Debt Lending directly to Small Businesses Ireland
Crowd Supply rewards hardware products, physical products US Works with creators, fulfillment services, first platform to offer pre-orders and in-stock orders after crowdfunding.
CrowdBnk Equity and rewards Start-ups, Small to Medium size businesses and Entrepreneurs, Open to all investors UK KiA Any UK Equity start-ups, small businesses, growing businesses US
Crowdhoster AoN Open-source crowdfunding US Powered the Soylent (food substitute) campaign
Crowdrise KiA Crowdfunding for Good - personal or charitable US
CrowdSupply AoN Open source software Makes it as easy as possible for individuals and small teams to launch new and innovative products.
DomaCom Property Fractional interests in a specific property (residential or commercial) Australia
DonationPages KiA The One Stop Shop to Raise, Donate, and Search Fundraising Events USA Free Fundraiser Directory Software, Online Fundraising, Donation, RSVP, E-Ticket, Political Campaigns and Elections.
EquityNet Equity US
Fansflock AoN Crowdfunding for exclusively fan-based projects US A passion driven community that unites fans and brings their dreams to life
Fonpop AoN & KiA Solidarity, Arts, Culture, Entrepreneurship, New technologies Lower fees for non-profit organizations. In partnership with Just for Laughs and FounderFuel.
fundablefeast KiA or AoN Food related projects only. US & Canada
FundElevator KiA or AoN Causes and Politicians US
Funding Community Loan Small businesses US
FUNDSTERS AoN Projects of almost any kind Germany Offers both fundraising for projects and equity-based crowdfunding for start-ups. Second is only available in Germany due to the current regulations
Gittip on-going Distributed genius grants USA Donations (not bounties) are given weekly, no catch, just pure gift
Grow VC AoN Open to any startups project in the world Worldwide Now part of the Grow VC Group
Hooandja AoN Creative & social projects Estonia
hyperfund Equity Small Business US
IAmScientist AoN Academic research Also provides social network for academic collaboration
I-Bankers Direct Equity Growth Stage Companies US "Serious Crowdfunding for Serious Investors", currently serves accredited investors KiA Nonprofits Japan Also offers a white label crowdfunding platform
IncitED KiA or AoN Grassroots educational initiatives and all other education related projects
Invesdor Equity Start-ups Nordics
investiere Equity Switzerland
iPledg TP or AoN Open to any project anywhere in the world Australia Also offers a white label crowdfunding platform
Joinvestor Equity High-growth start-ups US
Kapipal Bounty Any projects Italy Totally free and no registration required
KissKissBankBank AoN Creative projects France
Kroogi PWYW Music, artwork, books, video, photos, multiplication, comics Russia and US
Look&Fin Loan Growth companies Belgium
MoneyCrowd Equity and rewards start-ups, small businesses, growing businesses Ireland
MyPixel AoN Personal projects US, France, UK
Occam Funding Equity, debt Seed-stage startups and scalable small businesses operating in New York City US In development & operating pending FINRA legislation
Oneplanetcrowd AoN Sustainability Netherlands The largest sustainable crowdfundingplatform of the Nederlands
Opportune Equity/debt All businesses South Korea Opportune is Asia's first and largest crowdfunding platform. Since 2007, more than 2,000 startups, entrepreneurs and people have successfully secured funding through Opportune. A great pioneer and innovator in the equity/debt crowdfunding market.
Piggybackr AoN Kids and Education Specializes in teaching kids and youth teams how to fundraise online KiA Social and creative projects Russia
PledgeCents KiA Education crowdfunding for all school needs
PledgeMe AoN Creative and Community New Zealand KiA Personal fundraising, charitable causes, project funding and more US and Canada From creators of Lowest fees. Equity Businesses seeking growth UK Currently free and hybrid growth consultancy
Pubslush KiA Authors US Authors can raise money to help edit, market, or publish their book KiA or AoN Sport Canada Created by for Canadian Athletes. Also offers a white label crowdfunding platform.
Qikfunder KiA/AoN Charitable, Creative, Educational, Entrepreneurial, Medical, Musical, Social Awareness, Scientific, and Political causes. USA Sliding Scale, Fund it Back, Spanish-English Translation, Live Chat. AON KIA Entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, accelerators, incubators, universities US Curriculum driven Fundraising Entrepreneurship and Innovation Students.
RealtyShares Equity/Loan Real Estate
Return on Change Equity High impact startups US
SeedAsia Equity Start-ups China and Southeast Asia
SeedInvest Equity Tech-startups and Investors US
Seedmatch Equity Germany
SellanApp AoN Creatives Netherlands Using crowdfunding to connect app ideas with developers. Revenue share to all investors and the person with the app idea
ShareIn Equity & Rewards Technology and Health early-stage companies, Investments from £10+ UK
Sponsume KIA UK
StartNext AoN creative projects Germany
SterlingFunder Equity, Debt Entrepreneurs and Investors USA First online portal in the U.S. to allow intrastate equity crowdfunding with both accredited and non-accredited investors, through the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE)
Subbable AoN YouTube content creators Worldwide Created by the VlogBrothers initially to fund their expensive educational show
SyndicateRoom Equity Start ups and business ideas, entrepreneurs, small businesses, crowd investors, angel investors UK
TechnoFunding AoN Technology and Science UK Focus on Technology and Science Projects. PWYW Musicians Russia
Ulule KiA Creative projects France, Europe
Venture Bonsai Equity Early to Growth Stage businesses Northern Europe Based in Finland, the first equity crowdfunding service in the Northern Europe
Village Raised AoN Schools & organisations that benefit kids: for education, sports, arts, technology, excursions, etc Australia & Global
WeDidIt KiA or AoN Nonprofits USA
Wefunder Equity USA
WeSparkt Equity, Loan Impact investing in the cleantech, healthcare, and education technology sectors US Currently serves accredited investors AoN Low-tech Innovations Egypt First Arabic non-profit open-innovation and crowdfunding platform.
Zequs KiA
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