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Picture taken at norwegian Wikipedia Academy Dec 14th 2013, when I was awarded ”wikipedian of the year 2013" by Wikimedia Norge
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Hello, I'm Morten Olsen Haugen, a Norwegian librarian and literary critic; living in Mosvik/Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag. Besides being a librarian, I've published a book on children's literature, written local history, studied art history and southern sami history, and currently reviews children's literature for Aftenposten.

Most of my contributions is on no:, where I'm an administrator. I've made significant contributions to more than 60 FA/GA/FL-articles in no:wp: literature, art, politics, biography, geography, history and even zoogeography.

I only contribute occasionally to en:wp, mostly in connection with matters that I work on at no:. On en: I have completed List of people on stamps of Norway and List of people on stamps of the Faroe Islands. More recently i've set up Template:Hans Christian Andersen Medal when the norwegian version of the list were completed and got a FL-star in 2010.

Urgent messages for me should be emailed to me, or posted at my norwegian talk page

You can find my (norwegian) blog on children's literature at barnasforfatterleksikon.wordpress

Some interwiki-spamming cases[edit]

  • february 2007. Mehmet Murat İldan; see also A_statement_in_the_Ildan_case and latin discussion page with quote: «I've looked around a bit more now. Yes, it was self-promotion. I think I should take Ildan's correspondence course»
  • june 2008. Rubén Serrano; quote: «This biography has got it all: heavy namedropping as sources for inspiration, selfpromotion all over wikipedia, no significant publisher, and use of charity as a means to advocate ones authorship»; see also es:Café.
    As of nov 2010: Reduced from ca 57 to 7 remaining
  • december 2008. Artur Balder and Curdy; see Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Curdy and portugese.
    As of Jan 14th 2009: 41 deleted, 21 remains of Balder article; 30 deleted, 8 remains of Curdy article
    As of nov 2010: 52 deleted, 10 remains of Balder article; 33 deleted, 5 remains of Curdy article
    As of jan 2011: Balders carreer has widened, and his biography survived a new deletion talk. He is now, with fair reason, back in the encyclopedia.
    As of march 2013: Lolox76 (talk · contribs) has iniated another crosswikicampaign; see: 6 new languages in 4 days and toolserver on Lolox76
  • january 2009. Lola Pagnani. She has an wp-article in 43 languages, even though this italian actress has hardly played outside Italy. In comparision Roberto Benigni appears in 34 and Isabella Rossellini i 19 languages. My first impression was that this was self-promotion, but it has now come to my knowledge that the article, and the wide distribution of it, was made as a gift from a italian wikipedian to this actress, because it was christmas, and because she was expecting a baby. (See Whi_Lola_Pagnani_was_removed?). Seriously!!
  • june 2010. The biography of Subhash Kak is distributed in a remarkably high number of editions; often by Single Purpose Users, and often with no other articles linking to it. While he is doubtlessly notable in lager editions, the high distribution must IMHO be considered a minor spamming campaign.
  • november 2010. Zbigniew Wasiel / Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Zbigniew Wąsiel is a "contemporary Polish artist and sculptor, who creates installations, video objects, artistic arrangements and performances". Spammed into more than 30 languages, which makes him the most famous polish sculptor ever, judged by the number of iw. Most of the articles seem to have been made by User:Maxxii; who must be either very good in very many languages, or very skilled in google translate; though generally he hasn't made many other contributions around wp than just the world famous mr Wasiel. Look at nl:Overleg gebruiker:Maxxii for a good checkuser overview in this case.
    As of Nov 24rd; reduced from ca 34 editions to 4. Deleted in de, en and even pl, among others. User and sockpuppets blocked.
  • On the list of strange but so far accepted crosswiki-initiatives one might list Kurów and True Jesus Church
  • User:Víctor_Alexis_Cantillano_Oviedo has distributed short biographies about some chilean artists into languages unfamiliar to him, way beyond their significance. This should have been stopped, but so far I've made no further efforts than in no:wp and nn:wp

My interwiki[edit]

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