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William O'Ryan died on February 12, 2008. His userpage is preserved for historical purposes.

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en This user is a native speaker of English.
eo-4 Ĉi tiu uzanto parolas Esperanton preskaŭ kiel denaskulo.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
ti-1 እዚ ተጠቃሚ ብዝተሓተ ደረጃ ትግርኛ ከበርክት ይኽእል።.
nl-0 Deze gebruiker begrijpt geen Nederlands.
tr-0 Bu kullanıcı hiç Türkçe anlamıyor.
sw-0 Mtumiaji huyu hasemi Kiswahili.
ar-0 هذا المستخدم لا يفهم حرفا في العربية.
ase-0 This user does not understand American Sign Language.
mn-0 Энэ хэрэглэгч монгол хэлийг ойлгодоггүй (эсвэл маш хүндрэлтэйгээр ойлгодог).
sga-0 This user is unable to contribute in Old Irish (temporary template).
Sterling.png This user is a cat lover.
Metric seal.svg This user prefers the metric system.
prog-3 This user is an advanced programmer.
BASIC-3 This user is an advanced BASIC programmer.
fth-3 This user is an advanced Forth programmer.
pas-2 This user is an intermediate Pascal programmer.
C-1 This user is a beginning C programmer.
asm-2 This user is an intermediate assembly language programmer.
HTML-1 This user is a beginning HTML user.
UnderwoodKeyboard.jpg This user is old enough to remember what a typewriter is, and that's all you need to know.
Exquisite-Modem.png This user remembers using
a rotary dial telephone.
to¦go This user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
snk This user says either sneaked or snuck.
Subj This user prefers that the subjunctive mood be used. Were this user you, he would use it.
he or she
This user considers the singular they to be substandard English usage.
by This user does not like the passive voice.
whom This user insists upon using whom wherever it is called for, and fixes the errors of whomever he sees.
.  The This user puts two spaces after a period.
, This user fixes comma splices. They are annoying.
Mix This user has been influenced by too many dialects of English to use one orthography, vocabulary and grammar consistently.
-xen This user believes that userbox should always be pluralised userboxen, and thinks that this is one of the most important and exciting issues of our time.
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I began editing in August 2006. I mostly edit on the Esperanto Wikipedia (user page). I find that I take pleasure in watching how articles that I have launched or just touched evolve, grow or improve under the attention of other editors. I try to take note and improve my own participation.

Bill O'Ryan


My edits

To date most of my contributions have been translations (in both directions) between the English Wikipedia and the Esperanto Vikipedio — primarily of articles on novels or on their authors.

Articles that I translated from the Esperanto Vikipedio

Concerning works

Children of OrpheusAbismojSaltego trans JarmilojMr. Tot Aĉetas Mil OkulojnKredu min, sinjorino!KazohiniaMetroTur-Strato 4

Concerning authors

Hendrik BulthuisJean ForgeNikolai Vladimirovich NekrasovCezaro RossettiReto RossettiSándor SzathmáriVladimir Varankin.   And most of:   Lidia Zamenhof

Articles that I translated to the Esperanto Vikipedio

Concerning works

eo:Anna Kareninaeo:Besto-Bienoeo:Birmaj Tagojeo:La Blanka Gardoeo:Du Jarojn antaŭ la Mastoeo:Erevonoeo:Filino de Klerikoeo:Fratino Karinjoeo:Hunda Koroeo:La Kabano de Onklo Tomeo:Milito kaj Pacoeo:La Morto de Ivan IljiĉNieo:Nikolao Nicklebyeo:La Olda Viro kaj la Maroeo:Pafadi ElefantonPaltoeo:Pri Musoj kaj Virojeo:Rakonto pri Du Urbojeo:La Reveno de la Indiĝenoeo:La Rugxo kaj la Nigroeo:Sengrosxe kaj Senhejme en Parizo kaj Londonoeo:Teni la Aspidistron Flugantaeo:La Urbo kaj la Stelojeo:Venante Supren por Aeroeo:Veturo al Hindujo.   And most of:   eo:Patroj kaj Filoj

Concerning authors

eo:Samuel Butlereo:Richard Henry Dana, Jr.eo:Frederick Douglasseo:Theodore Dreisereo:Stendhaleo:Harriet Beecher Stoweeo:Jevgenij Zamjatin,

Concerning terms linguistic and rhetorical

eo:anaforo (lingvistiko)eo:anaforo (retoriko)eo:ekzoforoeo:endoforoeo:homoforoeo:kataforoeo:poezia justoeo:rakontantoeo:sinaludoeo:sinekdohxo

Concerning various matters


My userboxen

Do I think anyone is interested in my userboxen? Not really! But I enjoy glancing at other's userboxes. I have had fun tinkering with mine in between serious edits. And perhaps they do lend some personality to my username. Smiley.svg

(In order to view Tigrinya characters (for instance, those in my ti userbox), you will need a Unicode Ge'ez font, such as GF Zemen Unicode or Abyssinica SIL Font.)

Location & Schools

Location & Schools
Flag of Arizona.svg
Mesa This user lives in the Valley of the Sun

BA This user has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics.
UVa View University of Virginia (where I studied history) here
US DLI crest.jpg
(where I studied Russian)
UW- Madison View University of Wisconsin (where I studied linguistics) here
MCC View Mesa Community College (where I took courses in Pascal, C, Assembly, etc.) here.

Jack- ass Having learned it at the age of 6, this user is a native Jackass brayer.
Sea lion-3 This user is reasonably proficient at Sea Lion barking.
Mule-4 This user's Mule braying proficiency is almost at native brayer level.
Seal-2 This user barks Seal at an intermediate level.
Dolphin -0 This user does not squeek Dolphin or has great difficulty contributing in Dolphin, but he would love to learn.
Squid-0 This user does not iridesce Squid, or has great difficulty contributing in Squid, but he would love to learn.
Honey bee-0 This user can't dance Honey Bee and is in no hurry to learn.
No offence intended!


My Wikitudes
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
1RR This user prefers discussing changes on the talk page rather than engaging in an edit war.
Znak C-12.svg This user finds edit/revert wars disruptive.
Face-angel.svg This user assumes good faith.
Stop hand.svg This user maintains a strict policy advising against all personal attacks.
Zero This user has so far succeeded in following a Zero revert policy (vandalism escepted).
;-) This user avoids Hit-and-Run editing. He usually puts all his edits and their talk pages on his watch list (at least temporarily) to facilitate learning from what ensues.
I This user feels that hiding behind pseudonyms is the source of much evil on the internet.
Nuvola apps korganizer.svg This user thinks that registration should be required to edit articles.
IQ curve.svg This user provides information using user boxes for statistical reasons.
no ads This user is against commercials in Wikipedia.
Commons-emblem-copyright.svg This user finds copyright paranoia disruptive.
Cocacola-1917.png This user prefers Diet Dr. Pepper over all soft drinks and believes that the Dr. Pepper company should support Wikipedia by giving all Wikipedians an unlimited free supply for life.

Writing systems

Writing systems
This user has full understanding of the Ge'ez script.
This user has an intermediate understanding of the Cyrillic script.
Shavian Hung.svg
This user has a basic understanding of the Shavian alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.
This user has a basic understanding of the Arabic script.
This user has a basic understanding of the Writing system.

Pages worth study

User pages that are nice, interesting, or worth studying


The Halo
Fang Aili
Cool cat
Abdullah Geelah
Ck lostsword


  This user is interested in humanism.
TheThinker2.jpg This user enjoys philosophy.
Phonetik.svg This user is interested in linguistics.
Ankh.png This user is interested in ancient civilizations.
Templo-de-zeus-2.jpg This user is interested in
Ancient Greece
Pharao.png This user is interested in ancient Egypt.
Farvahar background.jpg This user is interested in Ancient Iranian Civilization
Science fiction.svg This user enjoys reading science fiction.
Open book 01.svg This user enjoys reading fiction.
Open book 01.svg This user enjoys reading non-fiction.
Ireland Éireannach
This user is Irish
Crystal kdmconfig.png This user is interested in his or her family history.
Privacy This user is interested in the issue of a Right to Privacy
Golden Calf This user likes Polytheism, and supports the Divine principle of the Balance of Powers.


Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user supports the United Nations.
Flag of Canada.svgFlag of the United States.svgFlag of Mexico.svg This user supports NAFTA, but wants it to include common labor and environment regulation.
Flag of Europe.svg This user supports the European Union.
Flag of EAC.svg This user supports the EAC (East African Community).
This user supports racial equality.
UFO template.svg This user is a skeptic.
Leaf 1 web.jpg This user is an environmentalist.
No smoking symbol.svg This user does not appreciate tobacco smoke.
Muehle Marzahn2.JPG This user supports the use of wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles.
W Humpbackwhale00.jpg This user condemns whaling.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of church and state. Christian cross.svg
FirstCrusade.jpg This user believes the world would be a happier, safer and saner place without organized belief systems.
άθεος This user is an atheist.

ath This user is an Antitheist.
rand This user opposes Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy.
Face icon bland.svg This user does not have an opinion about anything.

  • Human rights are an international issue and all countries and all people have the right to comment on human rights issues anywhere in the world. --Shirin Ebadi

Prior locations

Cities lived in

Some cities lived in
(min two months)
The Hague (Peace Palace)

Cities stayed at

Some cities stayed at
(min one day)
The file [[:]] has an uncertain copyright status and may be deleted. You can comment on its removal.

Places visited

Had a good look

Some places visited:
Iskanderun View Iskanderun here
Gondar View pictures of Gondar here
Adana View pictures of Adana here

Just passed through

Some places docked at, refueled at, flown over, or walked under:
Labrador View Labrador here


Some countries and places I would like to visit or perhaps reside in:
Sombrero Galaxy (This must be where the angels live.) Thanks, NASA!
Io (This one last, and I'd still be hesitant!)

... This user would like to be able to speak some more languages.
;-) Other languages that this user would like to learn or study (after improving his/her knowledge of several of the above) include:
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Open book 01.png "All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Schopenhauer
Some people I admire for their steadfast bravery in support of truth or justice: