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Raymond Kenneth Osborne

AKA Ray Osborne

To be found in Cape Canaveral, Florida. /About me for some personal details and photos from past events and years.

City Historian for the City of Cape Canaveral

Author Images of America: Cape Canaveral, I Dream of Jeannie Days, Presidential Visits to Florida: Grover Cleveland Published a multitude of history related stories. History Story-Teller Geocaching for history

== Wiki Contributions

Alvaro_Mexia a 17th century explorer of Florida

William_Henry_Peck a 19th Century Novelist

Timeline_of_Cape_Canaveral Timeline of the Cape Canaveral area

External Links[edit]

Google Books review of my Images of America book by Arcadia publications. Enters into the Mexia Map.

History-Caching page.