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I am a high school student living in Liberty, Missouri who has happened to figure out how to create a Wikipedia account (and one of the who is not using it for vandalism). I have many interests amongst the fields of science and history, and I regularly frequent wikipedia for facts and information, usually reading at least one article a day. I also very much enjoy politics and am an advocator of socialist and liberal policies. I have spent much time pondering things such as religion and the true origin of the universe, and have settled on Islam as a religion, mixed with the big bang and the evolutionary theory. I spend much of my free time writing, mostly fantasy and science-fiction of my own machination, and hope to some day create a book or series worthy of Stephen King or even H.P. Lovecraft. I use other forms of social media, but like wikipedia the most, as it is nice to be surrounded by intellectuals who share a common goal, the spread of knowledge, which I see as the only way to prevent Fascists and Autocrats from coming back into power.

About Me[edit]

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