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I became involved in Wiki editing in February 2014.

Any editing I do tends to be confined to checking quotations and footnotes and correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting errors in any Wiki article I happen to be reading, i.e. copy-editing.

Rather dull, but believe me, there is plenty of scope for this kind of editing in Wikipedia!

Special note: I seem to have a very high edit count for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi articles. The large majority of these edits are copy-edits. Most of them came from going through the articles making corrections, making small adjustments to the grammar and reordering sentences and passages, in order to make the articles read smoothly. Also, most of the footnotes (over 400 in the ISIS article alone) were incomplete and there were quite a few dead links, so a lot of edits will be footnote rectifications.

Instructions on how to compose a footnote using the WP templates

There are instructions on how to do this at WP:FOOTNOTES at section 3.1 - see [1]. This is a brief summary of those instructions.

First put the cursor at the point in the edit text where you want the footnote to go, then click "Cite" in the edit strip at the top of the Edit Page, then click "Templates" on the left, and a drop-down menu appears. Choose "cite web" or "cite news" for articles and websites, "cite book" or "cite journal" for books and journals, click and a box comes up. Fill in the details of the citation, then click "Preview" and "Show parsed preview" to see it looks right (you can go back and correct anything by just correcting the box entries and then click those two "Previews" again). Then click "Insert" and the citation automatically goes into the text at the point where the cursor is. Remember to add the page number(s) of the book if you use "cite book".

Please note that the citation will not always go in at the point in the text where you pointed the cursor. It will depend on whether you use IE, Firefox or Chrome. But it is easy to move the citation to the right place once it is in the text.

General notes

  • On not closely paraphrasing or copying wording in citations: Wikipedia:Close paraphrasing, Wikipedia:Copy-paste, MOS:QUOTE.
  • </br> at end of sentence, press "enter"
  • (see edit text for codes)
  • Thank you for your edit. I am afraid the two footnotes you provided are not in the standard format for Wikipedia articles, so could you convert them using the following instructions, please?
(Template and then the /br)
  • open close