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Categories and redirects[edit]


Template talk:R from fictional character#Two auto-populated categories

By the way, the latter is one of the 72 subcats in the former. They are siblings, too, and two of only three! subcats in Category:Fiction-based redirects to list entries.

Do we really have only 10 redirects from fictional places? (Template {{R from fictional place}} has been transcluded only 10 times, so that the auto-populated cat Redirects from fictional places contains only 10 pages.) Anyway, that cat should be another subcat in Category:Fiction-based redirects to list entries, I believe, as the latter is not really about lists.

Middle-earth stand apart from unique in our coverage of fiction? Perhaps not uniquely, as "Anime and manga" and "Comics" may have similar status; see eg Redirects by topic. --P64 (talk) 17:08, 16 March 2015 (UTC)

Category:Redirects by topic

Redirects to list entries 5 subcats, 5434 pages inclg eg Lone Islands

in turn, Fiction-based redirects to list entries

cat Fictional character redirects to lists – autopop
Template:R from fictional character
also Characters redirects to lists (TV only?) – autopop
also Template:Character redirect entry
catFictional element redirects to lists
Template:R from fictional element
cat Fictional place redirects to lists
Template:R from fictional place


Wikipedia talk:Categorization#Clarification needed

The software doesn't provide any special tools for informing readers that some incoming redirects are substantial, or displaying categories in which those redirects have been placed. Nor have we developed any equivalent practices using the general tools that are available --effective handmade links to those redirects. So the substantial categorization of redirects does not function for upward navigation.
For instance, the redirect Janet Ahlberg is in cats British children's book illustrators and Kate Greenaway Medal winners. Our article about her, Janet and Allan Ahlberg, is not in those categories, nor does it provide any related notice, much less provide wikilinks. Editors as well as readers inevitably stumble; such articles are likely to be placed in categories that duplicate their incoming redirects, and deleted from those categories, by successive editors. (At the moment Janet and Allan Ahlberg is in her 1944 births and 1994 deaths categories. It is in the writers category, correctly by all accounts because she and he wrote separately, and also jointly.)
--P64 (talk) 17:08, 16 March 2015 (UTC)


Wikipedia talk:Categorization/Archive 14#Eponymous categories (April 2012)

Wikipedia talk:Categorization/Archive 14#Portal rho, Template tau (5 May 2012), etc

Wikipedia talk:Categorization/Archive 14#Category prefaces (4 June 2012)

Wikipedia talk:Categorization/Archive 14#Set category (8 June 2012)

Wikipedia talk:Redirect/Archive 2013#Redirects to category space ((4 August 2013), etc

Wikipedia talk:Redirect/Archive 2013#Redirects for singles/songs to album article (5 December 2013)

Wikipedia talk:Categorizing redirects#"Most redirects should not ..." (18 December 2012)


Wikipedia talk:Authority control

Clinic Stanislaw Burzynski, 2014-01-05; 4 wd [1]

Stanisław Burzyński -- fully protected with no content except the redirect definition and template {{R protected}}

father Fanny Holcroft, BDD 2014-09-26; 0 wd [2] no ID (Oxford Biography Index Number)

joint Sergio Blanco (singer), Vycl;

eu:Sergio Blanco Rivas 1 wd [3] several ID
wife Estíbaliz Uranga 2 wd [4] no ID (not even MusicBrainz)
duo Sergio y Estíbaliz 5 wd [5] several ID

joint Kevin Kopelow, Vycl; not at wd; broken model at WD Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert

joint Heath Seifert, Vycl; 1 wd [6] no ID (IMDb)

Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert

joint David Maysles, Vycl; 1 wd [7] several ID

joint Albert Maysles, Vycl; 1 wd [8] several ID

Albert and David Maysles

joint Magda Trocmé, Vycl, Mirokado; 0 wd [9]; no ID

joint André Trocmé, Mirokado interlanguage diff (and Next diff); 6 wd [10]; several ID

André and Magda Trocmé

add DEFAULTSORT, 3 cats Living, DoB PoB missing (no further action yet; see Wikipedia talk:Authority control#Coverage of Wikipedia redirects

messed up at WikiData fr:Kevin Kopelow
not at WD - Kopelow
no links at WD - Holcroft

CatScan V3.0

2015-03-22, Wikipedia talk:Authority control#Coverage of Wikipedia redirects

Category:Redirects from people (~1500); Category:Redirects from pseudonyms (~500)

Category:VIAF not on Wikidata (6414);
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers (276K) do not intersect that giant for this purpose

2015-03-23 intersection = 10 (from people); 0 (from pseudonyms)
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers (109K) = 9 (all but Sergio Blanco)

VIAF not on Wikidata is now equivalent here: the tracking category covers all these redirects because WD pages for these people do not link them

Historic newspapers[edit]

Marguerite Henry

  • 1997-11-27 Green tickY [11] Mooar, Brian. " 'Misty' Author Marguerite Henry Dies at Age 95". The Washington Post. November 27, 1997. Page C7. Quote: "died Nov. 26 at her home in Rancho Santa Fe".
      Lead paragraphs at HighBeam Research (; full text available by subscription.
  • 1997-11-29 NYT Green tickY "Marguerite Henry, 95, Author Of the 'Chincoteague' Series". Wolfgang Saxon. The New York Times. November 29, 1997. Page A13.
  • 1997-12-01 Green tickY Washington Post [12] "Marguerite Henry's Legacy". p. A24
children's classics "the bread and butter of the communities where they are set" --for Assateague/Chincoteague as for Prince Edward Island and De Smet SD
  • 1997-12-05 Philadelphia Tribune [weekly?] Dana Caivo, AP [13]
AP obituary quotes Susan Foster Ambrose, family friend who cared for her "complications from several strokes". "When she wrote 'Chincoteague' she would go to the island and sit in the wildgrass and really get a feel for it."
the latter quotation is unique to this source but Mooar quotes Ambrose otherwise
  • "Marguerite Henry 1902–1997". Publisher's Weekly. December 15, 1997. p. 27.
listed in the article by another editor

2015-02-13 the article cites all except the Caivo/AP obituary

Both Mooar and Saxon need much heavier use.

One vote cast on behalf of online poll[edit]

National Baseball Hall of Fame

The sports website Deadspin announced in November that "We'd Like to Buy Your Vote"—that is, to arrange for eligible writers to cast their ballots on behalf of a poll it would conduct online.[1] Such an arrangement was completed with one voter, Miami Herald columnist and ESPN radio and TV host Dan Le Batard, who remained anonymous until the official results of the election were announced in January. In exchange for a cash donation to charity, he completed his ballot according to the collective "vote" of those who participated in the December poll at Deadspin.[2] One day after the website revealed "our voter" and published his statement, on January 9 the BBWAA announced that it had suspended Le Batard for one year and had permanently revoked his eligibility to vote for the Hall of Fame.[3] ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte reviewed the "caper" one week later.[4]

  1. ^ "Are You a Hall of Fame Voter? We'd Like to Buy Your Vote". Tim Marcham. November 13, 2013. Deadspin. Retrieved 2014-04-27.
  2. ^ "Revealed: The Hall Of Fame Voter Who Turned His Ballot Over To Deadspin". Tim Marchman. January 8, 2014. Deadspin. Retrieved 2014-04-27.
    Includes statement by Le Batard.
  3. ^ "BBWAA permanently strips Dan Le Batard of Hall-of-Fame vote". Nate Scott. USA Today. January 9, 2014. Retrieved 2014-04-27.
    Includes statement by the BBWAA.
  4. ^ Lipsyte, Robert (January 17, 2014). "Lessons learned from Dan Le Batard caper". Archived from the original on January 17, 2014. "The Steroid Hunt". Bryan Curtis. January 8, 2014. Grantland.

Schoolchildren's choice awards[edit]

/Schoolchildren's choice awards 2014-04-30

EBMA authors[edit]

/EBMA authors; de:Benutzer:p64de/EBMA authors

Misc. needs[edit]

Category:Redirects from writers

Jennifer A. Nielsen might be another The False Prince

Jennifer A. Nielsen at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database


Generally: search this user page, among others, for the word "needs"

Robin Preiss Glasser VIAF needs merge

Diana Cain Bluthenthal

VIAF=102678911 needs merge

Spouses, etc (spice?)

Theo Black, Theodor Black, husband of Holly Black; 8 illustrator credits in ISFDB

Phoenix books notes[edit]

0. Talk:Sean O'Hagan (journalist)#Phoenix Books

1. Talk: The End of Time#Publication data

draft reply 2014-04-14

Regarding the English-language eds, I agree except that we should give both subtitles even if we learn that one was not first.
Phoenix generally publishes paperback editions Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd books, where WN was independent to 1991 and constituted the core of The Orion Publishing Group --or core of its backlist, books in progress, ed. staff, established writers-- from its establishment (presumably under some legal name that begins 'Orion') in 1991 --subsequently under Hachette and Lagardère SCA.
I don't yet see that we need a page for the Phoenix (British imprint), except one or more redirects to Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Orion Publishing Group, maybe elsewhere too.
For what's worth, template {{Lagardère}} now displays pagenmames that include four steps down -- Lagardère Group / Hachette (publisher) / Orion Publishing Group / Weidenfeld & Nicolson -- not now down to Phoenix. --and the word 'Phoenix' now appears only three and four steps down, in the two pages that the preceding paragraph links directly.
The expansion of our one-line Orion-Phoenix stub (version Oct 2010) two years ago ([ Jun 2010 diffs) was unfortunate. As that Phoenix Books is not related, the Stub should have been overwritten. Also as one of the four listed books was a paperback reissue by Orion-Phoenix rather than a Phoenix Books publication.
some pages whose interrelation, and whose use in piped links, is troubling: Little, Brown and Company; Little, Brown Book Group; Hachette (publisher)

2. Talk:Phoenix Books#Phoenix this and that

import verbatim
Phoenix (Audio) (Books) --from google 'phoenix audio books'

This list may soon be revised and/or integrated partly with Phoenix Press or Phoenix. -P64 2014-04-13

  • [14] [2009?]-09-16 "Phoenix Books, Inc. Announces New Leadership and Editorial"
  • [15] 2010-04-26 "Phoenix Books Closes" --evidently it did not close (permanently)
acq. Offerman late 2007; Viner deceased mid-2009 and company repositioned late 2009
  • [16] (c) 2011 Phoenix Books (and Audio) (Inc); imprints Dove Books, Pickwick Press
./about About Phoenix Books, Inc: "One of the most formidable companies in audiobook history, Phoenix ..."

above this line certainly related to the Viner enterprise(s)

--P64 (talk) 18:10, 13 April 2014 (UTC)
end import

2010-04 includes "Phoenix Books Inc. ... was abruptly closed Friday" Apr 2010

two more

2005-06. The new company planned to release 100 audiobooks and 20 print books during 2005 and 2006.
2007-11 The company was called "Phoenix New Millenium" at the time of its 2007 sale by Viner to Dwight D. Opperman, who would reportedly rename it Phoenix Books.

3. Faye Resnick

  • Faye D. Resnick with Mike Walker (1994, October 1). Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted (2nd ed.). Beverly Hills, CA: Dove Books. ISBN 0-7871-0339-X 244pp
ISBN 155144061X (December 1994); attributes the other to Newstar Press, Oct 1994, hc, first
ISBNsearch Dove Entertainment Inc, Dec 1994, audio
  • Faye D. Resnick with Jeanne V. Bell (1996, February). Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm. Dove Books. ISBN 0-7871-0730-1
ISBNsearch: Newstar Press, Feb 1996, hc
ISBNsearch Signet, Dec 1994, ppb

3b. OJ Simpson jurors

ISBNsearch Newstar Press, Jan 1996, hc, first
  • [sound recording, abridged] Dove Audio, 1996 ISBN 0-7871-0917-7 3hr --read by Cooley, Bess, Rubin-Jackson; ed Mike Walker
ISBNsearch Dove Entertainment Inc, Dec 1995, audio cassette

4. Bill Maher, New Millenium Entertainment

ISBNsearch Phoenix Audio, Sep 2003, "1st Pbk"

book article gives New Millenium, Oct 2002, ISBN 1-59777-513-4 --and NEEDs basic work

ISBNsearch Phoenix Books, Aug 2005, ppb

5. Phoenix Books (and Audio) --current?

(c) 2011; Featured Titles have 2009/2010 dates elsewhere

latest Tweet: 22 Mar 2013

recent/forthcoming publications at 2010-04 maybe-closing

Shari Arison, Birth (November, 2009)[19] 100,000 copies --her second book Activate your goodness : transforming the world through doing good (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2013)

Linda Gray Sexton, Half in Love: Surviving the Legacy of Suicide (Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2011) [memoir] [20]

James Brown (author), This River (Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2011)

Baseball writers[edit]

SABR#Membership links 13, 10 blue, 3 red

 LAP t Bob Davids, founder (deceased)
 LAP t Bob McConnell, Home Run Log (deceased) 

Bill Carle, Biographical Committee -- LCCatalog conflates two Larry Lester, Negro Leagues Committee Lyle Spatz, Records Committee

W LAP t Bill James, analyst, writer

 LAP t David Nemec, prolific writer

W LAP t Rob Neyer, analyst, journalist

 LAP t Pete Palmer, analyst, encyclopedist
sLAP t David Smith (baseball historian), analyst, Retrosheet founder
 LAP t John Thorn, historian, encyclopedist
sLAP t Robert L. Tiemann, historian  
sLAP t David W. Vincent, Home Run Log

VIAF=284646406 needs merge


W LAP t Henry Chadwick (writer) W .AP t O. P. Caylor

 LAP t Sam Lacy
 LAP t Ernest Lanigan
 LAP t Tim Murnane

W LAP t Francis Richter

 ..P t Wendell Smith

W LAP t Alfred H. Spink --LCCat: birthyear 1853

 LAP t J. G. Taylor Spink --not in Baseball writers
 LAP t Roger Angell
sLAP t Bob Carroll (author), football, military history --not in Baseball writers
 LAP - Carson Cistulli (not tagged)
 LAP t Peter Gammons
sLAP t Gary Gillette
 LAP t Jerome Holtzman
 LAP t Roger Kahn

David Block (writer) David L. Block; b. Mar. 27, 1944

Chadwick Award winners (inaugural 10)

 Davids, James, Palmer, 
   Lee Allen (baseball)
   Peter Morris (baseball historian) Peter Morris (writer) Peter R. Morris, b. May 20, 1962

Peter Morris at Library of Congress Authorities, with 10 catalog records

w    David Neft David S.
   Lawrence Ritter Lawrence S., Larry
w    Harold Seymour 2+ fr:Harold Seymour and Dorothy Seymour Mills 0

VIAF=283441312 needs merge

That is Mills, DS
Mills, DJ VIAF=75950245 106422098 (us, ca)
Seymour, DZ VIAF=55386844 104022350 (us, ca)
w    Jules Tygiel 1+ links here fr:Jules Tygiel

— does not include Harold Seymour but see fr:Harold Seymour !
— nor Peter Morris (baseball historian) - see Category talk:Baseball writers

Veterans Committee#Pre-Integration Era Committee members

— does not include Ernest Lanigan, Bob McConnell, Allan Roth, Alfred Henry Spink, Robert L. Tiemann

baseball historians --no cat

baseball compiler-researchers --no cat

NEED revive categories such as Category:Cincinnati Red Stockings

R abbreviation, initialism, acronym[edit]

Long to short

{{Redr|long}} -- R from long name (7049) <== {R long} (278) -- < 200 articles inclg dozens from my yesterday work

whose incoming redirects include Template:R to abbreviated name Template:R to abbreviated title

Category:Redirects to initialisms (78/ 57)

{{R to initialism}} <== {{R to initials}} (7/ 0 articles) {{R to abbreviation}} (41/ 3 articles)
those three remainders should be "difficult cases" --BNC connector, BMRB Limited, EX-IC
other difficult cases: NYCB 2008, XBMC

My experience suggest to me that the two redirects should not be used and their target should be {R from long name}, ie {Redr|long}.

Short targets should not include Wikipeditor abbreviations, a type of neologism. But most short-name source pages (below) may be editorial shortcuts.

Short to long

{{Redr|short}} -- R from short name (10871) <== {R short} (275)

incoming redirects include Template:R abbreviation Template:R from abbreviated name Template:R from abbreviated title

Category:Redirects from initialisms (11035) + 251 + 121

{{R from initialism}} <== {{R from initials}} (266) {{R from abbreviation}} (9354)

There are dozens of template redirects from shorter and longer versions of those three template names.[21] For example there are 3, 24, 14, 73 uses of R from ab, abb, abbr, abbrev; 0, 0, 2 uses of R from ii, in, init.

2014-03-08 --much work on above, needs reconstruction

should ask others about detail scope of initialism

Acronym v initialism

{{R to acronym}} (6/ 14) {{R from acronym}} (251/ 248) --inclg many 'ac' redirects


"temporary" sections below pertain to biographies (and some book articles) Peter Dickinson, Nina Bawden, Diana Wynne Jones
Rosemary Harris
Bruce S.
Rosemary Simari
their 1995 wedding
LCCN does conflate two

I suspect that the other is author of Prejudice and tolerance; Power and powerlessness -- as well as the Mdebe books

Talk: British literature (quote paragraph two) Literature in the Celtic languages of the islands is the oldest surviving vernacular literature in Europe.

This needs work. First, the linked article gives no sources, neither References nor External links (tagged in 2006; little changed since 2007 coverage of the Phillippines). It explains vernacular as the speech of the common people and asserts, "In the European tradition, this effectively means literature not written in Latin." --without any explanation why or any statement that "the European tradition" means Europe as a post-classical culture rather than a territory. --or whatever reason we have for excluding earlier Mediterranean civilizations where ancient languages were vernacular (pardon the expression). Lacking a valuable target article, the meaning of the term needs explanation here or (probably better) this article should say what it means without a technical term.

CATEGORY SPACING If I understand correctly this editor has recently revised 3000 articles partly/wholly to tweak spaces in the category section.[22]

South Grand Island Bridge

see also November version
and Zillow 4916 E River Rd

Template talk: WikiProject United States/doc in progress 2013-01-25

I have completed the directory for my own purposes.

note that USA has explicitly US-related wikiprojects such as WP:WikiProject Asian Americans and WP:US Government in addition to subsidiaries such as state and city projects.

Regarding subsidiary projects --that is, US-related projects that are supported by the single WP US template-- one relevant question is which biographies of "People from Ohio" (or another state) should be assigned to the state wikiproject, such as Talk: Home Run Johnson. Which other articles such as Talk:Cincinnati Reds should be tagged? Which people and institution articles should be tagged WP US if

Conversations with J K Rowling
15 "a wonderful place" "it became boring"
17 "absolutely loved" first school with "open plan"
17 village school "pretty Dickensian--a complete contrast"
18 "I quite liked secondary school"
23 "I was very lucky in having such good friends" espy in teens
24 Elizabeth Goudge
27 Jessica Mitford
Elfrida Vipont

Script-assested MOS:NUM and so on[edit]

This workspace has contributed to User:P64/Technical. 2013-10-23


Charlotte Zolotow#Selected works

Sarah Abbott (Where I begin, 1970; The old dog, 1972);

rev newly ill 1995

Charlotte Bookman (The city boy and the country horse, 1952))

River Winding


Some Things Go Together (1972, ... 1999)

The Beautiful Christmas Tree editions

Ruth Robbins
Yan Nascimbene
Phoenix Award

Talk:Phoenix Award#Phoenix updates

s- oOLAP Graham Salisbury O=poets 230
oLAP Gary Soto i34054 one novel, two short      
-- obLAP Sara Fanelli 0 i60291 few --next year's Phoenix PBA in section 1
-- o LAP Charlotte Zolotow 0 --no Phoenix
-2 LAP Kady MacDonald Denton 0 --Phoenix PB r-u in section 2
s2 LAP Ursula Nordstrom 0
s- LAP Peggy Rathmann 1 de:Peggy Rathmann --Phoenix PBA hastily in lead section
s2 oiLAP Paul O. Zelinsky 0 --Phoenix PBA hastily in lead section; much work on list of Books
-2 o LAP Anne Isaacs 0 i167631 --Phoenix PBA hastily in lead section; much work on list of Works
s2 b AP Raymond Briggs 10 --no Phoenix
s- o LAP Denise Fleming 0 --Phoenix basics in Stub
s2 oLAP Kevin Henkes 1 --Phoenix basics in section 1, annotated listing

Annual announcements/blurbs

"Literary Slipstreams: Children's Literature Association Conference" (2012). Children's Literature at Simmons. Simmons College. Retrieved 2012-08-24.</ref>

Awards announcement dates and wiki updates done
announced us de:
U.S. National Book Award
de:National Book Award
11 Nov 20 de14
ALA awards (list) incl lifetime Arbuthnot, Wilder (biennial), Edwards
— subset at de:Newbery Medal, de:Caldecott Medal, de:Michael L. Printz Award, de:Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, de:Benutzer:p64de/Margaret A. Edwards Award 14, de:Mildred L. Batchelder Award 14 ;; de:ALA Best Books for Young Adults 14inprogress
01 Jan 28 15? de15
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award (—) 07 2013 Jul 12-15 14 (—)
Phoenix Award now inclg Picture Book — de:Phoenix Award 06 2014 Jun 21
(+ 2015 winner!)
14/15 de15
Boston Globe–Horn Book Award-06 includes nonfic (14); Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction-01-16? (14); Orbis Pictus Award-01-25 nonfic (13); Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers(1998-2004 only) (—)
Schoolchildren's choice awards (48 states, 8 at, most 2014 done): California Young Reader Medal-one interlang; Young Reader's Choice Award(northwest)-one interlang 04
lifetime Southern Miss Medallion-04 (15); Regina Medal (13) (de:Regina Medal de11); Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement-02 (14/13); World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement-11 (13); Eaton Award
lifetime Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame (—) 06 Jun 17-21 (—)
lifetime SFWA Grand Master (conferred next spring w Nebula) (—) 12 Dec 4 (—)
Nebula Awards inclg Andre Norton Award, Ray Bradbury 05 May 18
Hugo Awards inclg Golden Duck Award 09 Sep 1
(usu Aug)
CSSF Campbell — de:Campbell Award (bester Roman),
CSSF Sturgeon — de:Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
06 Jun 13-16 de13
lifetime Hans Christian Andersen Award
de:Hans Christian Andersen Preis
03 Mar 19 [2012] 14 de14
lifetime Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award
03 Mar 26 [2013] 14 de14
Tir na n-Og Award (—) 05 May 16,30 (usu Jun) 14 (—)
CILIP Carnegie Medalde:Carnegie Medal
CILIP Greenaway Medalde:Kate Greenaway Medal w shortlist
06 Jun 19 14 de14
Guardian Children's Fiction Prizede:Guardian Award w shortlist 10 2014 Nov 13 14 de14
Costa Book Awardsde:Costa Book Award 01 2015 Jan 5,27 15

June 2014[edit]

BG Horn Book;

CILIP 2013, 2014

[ref name=pr2014>"Press Desk: 'Children Don't Need Happy Endings' say winners of UK's most prestigious children's book awards". Press release 23 June 2014, with press kit. CILIP. Retrieved 2014-07-01.</ref>

4 Feb 2014 inaugural longlists (20 each)

[ Press Desk:


5 Nov 2013 nominations

called "longlists" last year only "This fantastic longlist - the largest ever - " (68 + 64 by my count)

76 + 61 nominations (at least one by a CILIP member), biggest yet

Judges will select longlists, new

March 2014[edit]

User talk:P64#2014 Shortlists for the Carnegie and Greenaway Medals

Lindgren due Tue -03-25
Andersen due Mon -03-24

middle grade --middle school target is dubitable

Hans Christian Andersen Award

[IBBY somewhere says "Nobel Prize for Children's Literature".]

USBBY says "Little Nobel Prize" and considers it the highest recognition

list of US nominees 1956 to 2008
IBBY press release, 2014 winners

Winners 1956-2012 with some acceptance speeches from 1996 (4 wri, 4 ill)

Andruetto, Almond, Mahy, Orlev
Innocenti, Blake, Browne, Ungerer

2014 Andersen shortlists
home [23]
press release Nominees [24]
press release Finalists [25]

--with shortbiographies of all (IBBY: Roger Mello) --but no index?

See also User:P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF#English-speaking nominees.


- - Ted van Lieshout, Netherlands - DJLP; de:Ted van Lieshout0 Yes check.svg Done L11
needs merge VIAF=84263635 278731358 95132401 305060140 95150889
- - Houshang Moradi Kermani4, Iran Yes check.svg Done noDE
needs merge VIAF=271136379; VIAF=39282053
p - Mirjam Pressler, Germany - DJLP; de:Mirjam Pressler2 Green tickY L24
- i Nahoko Uehashi2, Japan Yes check.svg Done noDE
p - Renate Welsh, Austria - DJLP; de:Renate Welsh0 Yes check.svg Done L19
needs merge VIAF=177512544 34464357
- Jacqueline Woodson0, USA Yes check.svg Done noDE --FINALIST w ref
i91021 one story


p Rotraut Susanne Berner1, Germany Yes check.svg Done Green tickY
i10081 two cover, one interior
pb John Burningham4+, UK Green tickY
+ - Eva Lindström, Sweden - sv:Eva Lindström1 noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)

Lindström, Eva, 1952- at Library of Congress Authorities, with 2 catalog records

- - Roger Mello, Brazil [pt —]; noDE
[Project MUSE]

IBBY: Roger Mello - Finalist (perhaps 2012?)

b. 1965 Mello, Roger at Library of Congress Authorities, with 19 catalog records

+ François Place, France - fr:François Place (écrivain)0 noDE
i35087 two interior
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)

b. 1957-08-26 Place, François at Library of Congress Authorities, with 14 catalog records

+ - Øyvind Torseter, Norway Yes check.svg Done noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German) [sic]



+ María Teresa Andruetto4 Green tickY noDE
from Argentina is a master of creating sensitive books, which are deep and poetic and relate to a great variety of topics.
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)
- Paul Fleischman1 Yes check.svg Done noDE
from the USA makes an innovative and unique contribution to the literature for children. The jury especially appreciated his ability to create characters and to integrate music in his work.
p - Bart Moeyaert DJLP de: Bart Moeyaert3 Yes check.svg Done L14
from Belgium presents subtle depictions of strong characters by evoking poetical atmospheres using a language that combines both humour and seriousness.
+ Jean-Claude Mourlevat fr:Jean-Claude Mourlevat1 noDE
from France writes for children and teenagers on many different levels, from poetic prose to fantasy or to realism; music is a constant source of inspiration for him.
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)
i142262 one novel

Jean-Claude Mourlevat at Library of Congress Authorities, with 2 catalog records

- - Bianca Pitzorno it:Bianca Pitzorno1 noDE
from Italy uses imaginative and diverse texts to share complicity with her readers, using humour and a skilful construction of characters.

Bianca Pitzorno at Library of Congress Authorities, with 10 catalog records


- - Mohammad Ali Beniasadi naive WD search 'Beniasadi'

VIAF not found

from Iran uses different techniques, colour and a subtle sense of humour in his work.
pb John Burningham4+ --EN done
from the UK uses delicate irony mixed with innocence and high seriousness that with his use of line and colour, creates an intimacy with the reader.
P64/FSF/Children's at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database
- - Roger Mello [pt —]
from Brazil tells the reader about popular culture, old legends and the traditions of Brazil by his skilful use of expressing emotions by using brilliant colours and images that are full of meaning.
p i Peter Sís4 Yes check.svg Done
from the Czech Republic has an extraordinary originality and uses his powerful imagination to create complex and well-documented stories using different design and artistic techniques.
- - Javier Zabala [es —] naive WD search
from Spain has the great ability to transform graphical language into narrative signs through complex, intuitive and detailed representations.

Zabala, Javier [id?] at Library of Congress Authorities, with 1 catalog records

  • blurbs not included here (shorter than 2012 above)
  • with winners profiles only
- - 2010: in der Endausscheidung für den Hans Christian Andersen-Preis.
- - Acceptance speech by Jutta Bauer, 2010 Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Award winner (englisch)

below) David Almond11

- - Ahmad Reza Ahmadi Iran, Ahmadreza Ahmadi1 (name?) noDE

presumably VIAF=230697862 61965184 BNF=cb16564314k

- - Bartolomeu Campos de Queiros Brazil pt:Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós0 noDE

Queirós, Bartolomeu Campos at Library of Congress Authorities, with 19 catalog records d. 1944-08-25 or LCCN 1940-08-27 VIAF= 11512522 pt 1946-2012

- - Lennart Hellsing5 Sweden Yes check.svg Done
+ - Louis Jensen Denmark dk:Louis Jensen (forfatter)0 noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)

Jensen, Louis, 1943- at Library of Congress Authorities, with 1 or 2 catalog records

p - Jutta Bauer7 Green tickY

+ - Carll Cneut Belgium nl:Carll Cneut3
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)

b. 1969 Cneut, Carll at Library of Congress Authorities, with 6 catalog records presumably VIAF=169185511 sv

- Étienne Delessert2 Switzerland Yes check.svg Done
i142894 several illus --not used
+ - Svjetlan Junaković0 Croatia Yes check.svg Done noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)
- - Roger Mello Brazil noDE


below) Jürg Schubiger

- - Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós (Brazil) pt:Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós0 noDE
+ Brian Doyle (writer)0 (Canada) noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)
i132213 one story
p - ALMA2012 Guus Kuijer7 (Netherlands) Yes check.svg Done L18
pbi 2010 David Almond (UK) Green tickY

below) Roberto Innocenti de:Roberto Innocenti4

p - ALMA2013 Isol6 Misenta]] (Argentina) Yes check.svg Done EN--L0 Green tickY
above) Svjetlan Junaković0 (Croatia)
- - Adolf Born7 (Czech Republic) Yes check.svg Done Green tickY
p i David Wiesner3 (USA) Yes check.svg Done


p i Margaret Mahy9 Yes check.svg Done

p - Jon Ewo (Norway), de:Jon Ewo3 Green tickY
p - Peter Härtling10 (Germany) Yes check.svg Done EN--L117Green tickY
pbi ALMA2005 Philip Pullman-many (UK) Green tickY
p - Toon Tellegen5 (Netherlands) Yes check.svg Done
- - Eugene Trivizas1 (Greece) Yes check.svg Done noDE

p - Wolf Erlbruch6 Yes check.svg Done EN--L17Green tickY

- - Lilian Brøgger (Denmark) de:Lilian Brøgger2 Yes check.svg Done
above) Étienne Delessert2 (Switzerland)
above) ALMA2013 Isol6 Misenta]] (Argentina)
p - Grégoire Solotareff (France) de:Grégoire Solotareff1 Yes check.svg Done
+ - Klaas Verplancke (Belgium) nl:Klaas Verplanck0 noDE
(no DE biog) P64/FSF/Children's at – das Kulturmagazin (German)

b. 1964 Verplancke, Klaas at Library of Congress Authorities, with 1 catalog records


- i Martin Waddell5 Yes check.svg Done

pseud. Catherine Sefton
p - Barbro Lindgren5 (Sweden) Yes check.svg Done
DE NEEDS fix VIAF, LCCN perhaps at WikiData
compare WikiData and interlanguage sv:Bromma stadsdelsområde and sv:Bromma

born 1937

born 1938 ; Vår kokbok

p Bjarne Reuter6 (Denmark) Yes check.svg Done
i122077 one story
- - Joel Rufino dos Santos (Brazil) pt:Joel Rufino dos Santos0 noDE

presumably, b. 1941-07-19 Santos, Joel Rufino dos at Library of Congress Authorities, with 30 catalog records

p - 2008 Jürg Schubiger4 (Switzerland) Yes check.svg Done L19
DE provides superior image 2014

- Max Velthuijs7

i190464 two cover art
above) Rotraut Susanne Berner1 (Germany)
p - 2008 Roberto Innocenti (Italy) de:Roberto Innocenti4 Yes check.svg Done L22
- - Javier Serrano (Spain) [es —] naive WD search (politician; football player)

presumably, b. 1946 Serrano, Javier, 1946- at Library of Congress Authorities, with 2 catalog records

above) Grégoire Solotareff (France)


odpbi Aidan Chambers

above) Bart Moeyaert (Belgium)
above) Bjarne Reuter (Denmark)

odpbi Quentin Blake

above) Rotraut Susanne Berner (Germany)
Daihachi Ohta (Japan) [ jp ] how? noDE naive WD search 'Daihachi'
above) Grégoire Solotareff (France)


""Candidates for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 1956–2002"

Numbers of finalists including winner – (wri,ill) if different
2014 2012 2010 2008 2006 2004 2002 2000 1998 Winners and "Finalists"
1996 1994 1992 1990 1988 1986 1984 1982 1980 Winners and "Highly Commended"
1978 1976 1974 1972 1970 1968 1966
6 5 5 5 7 5 3,4 4 5,4 finalists (45 in nine cycles)
1 1/2,1 3/2,1 2,1 2/1,2/1 1,2/1 2/1,3/1 1 3 commendations (43,42 in 16 cycles)
2 3 4 6,7 4 4 4,3 30 in first eight; 13,12 in second
1956 to 1964 (five cycles): Writer only; no known commendations
1956 to 1960 (three cycles): Award for a single work, no known nominations CCSU lists 12 runner-up for 1960; 10 for 1962; 9 for 1964

See also User:P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF#Hans Christian Andersen Award (complete winning Writers and Illustrators) and especially User:P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF#English-speaking nominees (complete).


"Hans Christian Andersen Award". Curriculum Lab. Elihu Burritt Library. Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). 2007. Retrieved 2014-03-24.</ref> Quote: The Hans Christian Anderson Award is the most distinguished prize in children's literature and is often referred to as the "Little Nobel Prize." The award is given to an author and an illustrator, living at the time of the nomination, whose complete works have made a lasting contribution to children's literature.

Runners-up to 2002[edit]

Runners-up differences (to 2002)
1994 w Maria Elena Walsh
1992 w Maria Elena Walsh
1988 w Claude Roy
1986 i Adolf Born
1984 w Patricia Wrightson
i Raymond Briggs
i Helme Heine
1976 i Svend Otto i Otto S. Svend

Writers 1966-2000[edit]

"Highly Commended" to 1996; "Finalist" from 1998

 -p d-N    2000 Ulf Stark 7        Sweden  
s oi AP odpiN   2000 Peter Dickinson 5      United Kingdom  
s oiLAP odpiN   2000 Lois Lowry 15    USA     
above) ——       2008 1998 Brian Doyle (writer) 0  Canada  
 -p d-N 1998 Ruskin Bond 9  India   
 Ap ——  1998 Alice Vieira 5       Portugal        
s obiAP odpbiN  1998 Anne Fine 7        United Kingdom  
 AP d-N 1994c 1992i María Elena Walsh 12   Argentina       
above)—— ——     2014 1992 Houshang Moradi Kermani 4 Iran 
above) dpN      2004 2002 1990 Bjarne Reuter 6  Denmark         
 -ap —— 1988i Claude Roy (poet) 3       France  fr:Claude Roy (écrivain) 
s iAP d-N       1986 1984i Patricia Wrightson 8        Australia       
—— ——   1980 Harry Kullmann      Sweden  naive WD search (1919-1982)


... d-N    1982 1980 Lygia Bojunga Nunes 11     Brazil  
s i AP ud-N     1978 Alan Garner 9  United Kingdom  
 ap ——  1976 Agniya Barto 9 CCSU: Agnija  USSR    
s AP d-N        1976 1974 Cecil Bodker 10      Denmark         
s oi AP d-N     1974 Rosemary Sutcliff 13       United Kingdom  
 AP d-N 1972 Sergei Mikhalkov many    USSR    
 o Ap d-N       1972 Otfried Preussler many         West Germany    
—— ——   1974 1972 Colette Vivier 1       France fr:Colette Vivier 1898-1979 (noDE)
GNDName=107642824; VIAF=301381439 pl


s AP --N   1972 Maria Gripe 16 Sweden  
 -p d-N 1972 1970 Ana María Matute 15        Spain   
 -p ——  1970 Ela Peroci 2     Yugoslavia (Slovene)
 LAP d-iN       1976 1970 E. B. White 18+   USA     
s LAP --N       1968 Elizabeth Coatsworth 2       USA     
 -p d-N 1966 Karl Bruckner 7    Austria         
  AP d-N        1970 1968 1966 Gianni Rodari many        Italy   
s AP —— 1968 1966 Jose Maria Sanchez-Silva 8   Spain   

Illustrators 1966-2000[edit]

"Highly Commended" to 1996; "Finalist" from 1998

above) dpN 2014 2004 2002 2000 Rotraut Susanne Berner    Germany
—— ——   2000 Boris Diodorov 1    Russia ru:Диодоров, Борис Аркадьевич 1934- (noDE)

VIAF=185441721 cz {{LCAuth|

 -p ——     2000 Marija Lucija Stupica      Slovenia
—— d-N  1998 Binette Schroeder 1   Germany de:Binette Schroeder 1939-
 o AP d-N       1998 Dick Bruna 10    Netherlands
 AP o-N 1998 Stasys Eidrigevičius 7  Poland (Lithuania)
 -p ——  1988 Yasuo Segawa 1       Japan (dmy)
above)LAP d-N   2008 1986i Adolf Born 7       Czechoslovakia  
s b AP ——       1984i Raymond Briggs 9+       United Kingdom  
s d-p odpN      1984i Helme Heine 2 Germany IBBY only
above) od-N     2010 2006 1980 Étienne Delessert   Switzerland
s oLAP doN      1998 1980 Tomi Ungerer 12  France
 LAP —— 1978 Leo and Diane Dillon 1       USA joint : Leo Dillon; Diane Dillon 
 Ap --N 1976 Ľudovít Fulla 6  Czechoslovakia (Slovak)
—— ——   1976 Svend Otto S. 4       Denmark da:Svend Otto S. (noDE)


—— ——      1974 Helga Aichinger   Austria (noDE) naive WikiData search (1937-)


—— ——      1974 Nicole Claveloux 1      France fr:Nicole Claveloux 1940-


s AP ——    1974 Charles Keeping 2      United Kingdom
 ap d-N 1972 Felix Hoffmann (illustrator) 3       Switzerland
—— ——   1972 Petros Zambellis        Greece naive WD search

{{Authority control|VIAF= not found {{LCAuth|

 oap ——    1972 Adolf Zábranský 4    USSR presum. Czechoslovakia
s Apd d-N       1972 Janosch 13     West Germany
s LAP ——        1972 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver 0       Canada
—— d-N  1972 Björn Berg (illustrator) 3         Sweden sv:Björn Berg 1923-2008 
 p ——   1970 Lidija Osterc 0    Yugoslavia (Slovene) WikiData stub
—— ——   2002 1970 ? Daihachi Ota 1?     Japan ja:Daihachi Ota ? naive WD search (noDE) 1918- 

Ōta, Daihachi, 1918- (Ohta) at Library of Congress Authorities, with 14 catalog records (11 "from old catalog")

 dAP --N   1968 Roger Duvoisin 2 USA
s AP —— 1972 1970 1968 Ib Spang Olsen 4        Denmark
s AP d-N        1968 1966 Jiří Trnka 17      USSR presum. Czechoslovakia
s o AP o-N      1966 Brian Wildsmith 3      United Kingdom

CCSU Writers 1960 to 1964[edit]

1960 - 1964: CCSU lists 31 runners-up; IBBY lists 14 nominees 1962-1964 -- ALL DISTINCT !

1964 (9+) no match but winner; IBBY lists 8+

1964 René Guillot 8 France Georgiou Geralis - el? ILLIADA Tomiko Inui - ja:Tomiko Inui? HOKKYOKU NO MUSHIKA MISHIKA Carmen Kurtz 3 OSCAR, COSMONAUTA Madeleine L'Engle 14+ A WRINKLE IN TIME (YP L566wr) Gunnel Linde 5 TILLS AVENTYR I SKORTENSGRAND Mira Lobe 6 HANNES UND SEIN BUMPAN Jean Ollivier fr:Jean Ollivier2 (noDE) LES SALTIMBANQUES Oili Tanninen de:Oili Tanninen2 MURU MENEE KALAAN Thomas Zacharias (writer) & Wanda Zacharias de:Wanda Zacharias1 illus. MIKOSCH DAS KARUSSELPFERD

1962 (10+) no match but winner; IBBY lists 6+

1962 Meindert DeJong 8 USA Gerhart Ellert de:Gerhart Ellert1 AUF ENDLOSEN STRASSEN Jean Craighead George 3 MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN (J G348my) Adolf Haller de:Adolf Haller1 DER PAGE ORTEGUILL Frank Newfeld 0 PRINCESS OF TOMSOBO Merja Otava - PRISKA KESASTA KESAAN Renee Reggiani - LE AVVENTURE DI CINQUE RAGAZZI E UN CANE Erkki Rekimies fi:Erkki Rekimies1 TAPPORAHAT Ruth Robbins - Baboushka and the Three Kings (JPB Robbins)--Caldecott Nicolas Sidjakov Gerda Marie Scheidl noDE DAS MONDGESICHT John Verney (illustrator) - obit FRIDAY'S TUNNEL

1960 (12+); no listing by IBBY

1960 Erich Kästner many Germany ALS ICH EIN KLEIHER JUNGE WAR (PT 2621 A23 Z46) Giana Anguissola it:Giana Anguissola1 PRISCILLA Odd Brocyman ? MARIANNE PO SYKEHUS Karl Bruckner LALE, DIE TURKIN Heinrich-Maria Denneborg de:Heinrich Maria Denneborg1 JAN UND DAS WILDPFERD (J D398j) Eflatun Cem Guney tr:Eflatun Cem Güney1 DEDE KORKUS MASALLARI Dede Korkut Masalları Karel Jeuninckx & Lo Vermeulen noDE MANKO KAPAK Naomi Mitchison 6 JUDY AND LAKSHMI Aila Nissinen noDE MINA OLEN LAMMENPEI Karl Rune Nordkvist noDE MANUEL ZIGENARPOJKEN Themos Potaaianos Themos Potamianos ? ALONG THE SEASIDE Annie M. G. Schmidt 16 WIPLALA Mosche ALL TOGETHER

Covering the shortlists[edit]

Shortlist appearances done

  • - Rotraut Susanne Brenner, ill 2002 2004 2014
  • - Étienne Delessert, ill 2006 2010
  • - Isol (Marisol Misenta), ill 2006 2008
  • - Adolf Born, ill 2008
  • - Svjetlan Junaković, ill 2008 2010
  • - David Wiesner, ill 2008
  • hr John Burningham, ill 2012 2014 (nominee 1980 1986) with profile
  • hr Øyvind Torseter, ill 2014
  • hr Brian Doyle, wri 1998 2008 Green tickY
  • - Bjarne Reuter, wri 2002 2004
  • - Barbro Lindgren, wri 2004

Schubiger 2004 2008

  • hr Peter Härtling, wri 2006
  • - Pullman, wri 2006 Green tickY
  • - Toon Tellegen, wri 2006
  • - Eugene Trivizas, wri 2006

Almond 2008 2010

  • - Guus Kuijer, wri 2008
  • hr Lennart Hellsing, wri 2010
  • - Paul Fleischman, wri 2012 with profile Green tickY
  • - Jacqueline Woodson, wri 2014 with U.S. nomination Green tickY
  • hr Nahoko Uehashi, wri 2014
  • hr Houshang Moradi Kermani, wri 2014

hr = "the highest recognition available to creators of children's books"

For his lasting contribution as a children's illustrator, Burningham was one of five or six finalists in 2012 and in 2014 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest recognition available to creators of children's books

2002 2004 top pages incorporate winners press release

2006 2008 with dated winners press release


2012 2014 with dated shortlist press release

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

main archive reportedly includes Bookbird special issues 1994 to 2010[26] (2004 confirmed)[edit]

Waddell add The Park in the Dark (Walker, 1989) Maschler Award

1990 "Im Jahr 1990 erhielt Haugen den renommierten Hans-Christian-Andersen-Preis für Die Nachtvögel" --CHECK THAT --needs Die Chroniken von Narnia

Zwerger listing --needs EN cat Category:Illustrators of fairy tales‎

1992 mention/listing

1994 listings

1996 mention/listing

1998 mention/listing

2000 mention/listing

2002 mentions/listings 2002 erhielt er den Hans Christian Andersen-Preis für seine Kinderbuch-Illustrationen

2004 listings

2006 listings !Erlbruch

2008 Shubiger speech as ref(?), ref needs expansion; Innocenti listing

2010 Almond prose mentions and listing; Bauer

2012 listing & Ext link speech Sis (same as Bauer)

British Council[edit]

{{British council }}; de:Vorlage:British council

{{Contemporary writers}} --Melvin Burgess Penelope Lively A. S. Byatt

2013-09-12, all of my biographies ;-) but genre Children or Young adult hits many many more


d od-bi Brian Aldiss

d David Almond
- Rachel Anderson
d Malorie Blackman
d Quentin Blake
d od-bi Tim Bowler 

d od-bi Theresa Breslin

-Raymond Briggs 
d Anthony Browne
d Melvin Burgess
d John Burningham
d Aidan Chambers
d Lauren Child 

-Gillian Clarke

d Eoin Colfer
d Frank Cottrell Boyce 

d od-bi Gillian Cross

d Kevin Crossley-Holland 
d -d-b- Anita Desai  

d od-b- Berlie Doherty

d Anne Fine 

-Michael Foreman d odpbi Neil Gaiman -Jane Gardam

-Jamila Gavin 
d.Mark Haddon 
dSonya Hartnett 
dElizabeth Laird (author) 
d.Geraldine McCaughrean
d.Hilary McKay 
d Michael Morpurgo

d od-bi Patrick Ness d odpb- Beverley Naidoo

-Michelle Paver 
d.Mal Peet 

d od-bi Terry Pratchett

-Alison Prince

d odpbi Philip Pullman

dPhilip Reeve 
d Michael Rosen

d odpb- Meg Rosoff d -dpbi Tony Ross d.J. K. Rowling d od-biKate Thompson

d Jacqueline Wilson

-Simon Winchester

Perl: Gaiman, Naidoo, Nesbit, Pullman


Tir na n-Og Award - TnO coverage commonly missing or inadequate

AC and Persondata - all bluelink award winners done 2013-09-12

Charles Hawes may need another look after major revision and expansion 2013-05-08, -18


Category:Persondata templates without short description parameter

The residuals need confirmation after a few days.

Category:Newbery Medal winners Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Newbery Medal winning works Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)

Co-authors are eligible to win but that has not happened --indeed, runners-up only in 1931, 1952

Newbery Honor also Yes check.svg Done prefaces (main not in cat)

Category:Newbery Honor winners Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Caldecott Medal winners Yes check.svg Done (main is *)


Category:Caldecott Medal winning works Yes check.svg Done (main is *)

Co-illustrators are eligible to win and five have done so --most recently Alice and Martin Provensen in 1984

Concordia University --where is this collection, USM or Concordia?

Category:Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal winners Yes check.svg Done preface


Category:Michael L. Printz Award winners Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Michael L. Printz Award winning works Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Carnegie Medal in Literature winners Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)

should be none 2013-09-12 (?)
15 Harnett Kemp

Carnegie Medal in Literature winners Peter Dickinson

Carnegie Medal in Literature winners Rosemary Harris (writer)

Category:Carnegie Medal in Literature winning works Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)

Category:Kate Greenaway Medal winners Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Kate Greenaway Medal winning works Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)

Category:Guardian Children's Fiction Prize winners (Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)

Peter Dickinson

Category:Guardian Children's Fiction Prize winning works Yes check.svg Done (main not in cat)


Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration winners Yes check.svg Done preface


Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing winners Yes check.svg Done preface


Category:Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winners Yes check.svg Done preface

should be none


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See also User:P64/FSF/Locus all-time polls and much McCaffrey under /FSF.

The Dark is Rising
Chrestomanci; Category:Chrestomanci books
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland +Derkholm
Children of the Red King

Children's fantasy novel

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[ref name=SFawards-dwjones] "Diana Wynne Jones". The Locus Index to SF Awards: Index to Literary Nominees. Locus Publications. Retrieved 2012-04-27.

(Gale) Dictionary of Literary Biography —available at Harvard?

David C. Browning (Hrsg.): Everyman's Dictionary of literary biography. English & American. Dent, London 1958 (Everyman's library; 499).

Hans Christian Andersen Award

update Ext link: "The Hans Christian Andersen Collection at Northwestern: Illustrated Children's Books from Around the World: July 27th - September 9th, 2004" --worth exploring

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

CCSU says the HCA award recognized particular works for a time --and lists particular works for the 1956/58/60 winners and 60/62/64 runners up

  • 1956, Farjeon, The Little Bookroom
  • 1958, Lindgren, Rasmus Pa Luffen
  • 1960, Ka"stner, Als ich ein kleiner Junge war

Runner Up, 1956 to 1964

  • writers: 0 0 12 10 9 (for particular works

Highly Commended, 1966 to 1996(?)

  • ill. 2 2 3 6 3 ; 2 1 2 0 0 ; 0 1 0 0 0 0 -- 16 high commendations in five cycles to 1974, only six thereafter; 21 in eight cycles, then 1 in eight cycles
  • wri. 3 2 3 5 3 ; 2 1 2 0 0 ; 0 0 1 1 1 0 -- 16 hc in five cycles to 1974, only eight thereafter; 21 in eight cycles, then 3 in eight cycles

Finalist, 1998 to ?

  • ill. 3 3 3 4 -- 13 in four cycles
  • wri. 4 3 2 4 -- 13 in four cycles


Carnegie Medal in Literature +eponcat

Guardian Children's Fiction Prize +eponcat

Kate Greenaway Medal +eponcat

LEWIS CARROLL - Lewis Carroll Shelf Award

PHOENIX - Phoenix Award

MASCHLER - Kurt Maschler Award



It was also bronze runner up for the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize in age category 6–8 years.[11]





PZ7.T3715965 Ne 2007 [14]





At Kate Greenaway Medal, development still underway, I first provided missing recent data and rewrote the lead (May), second added coverage of the current/latest rendition at the top (7 June), and only yesterday after much intervening expansion
I have wondered, and recently asked in article Talk, whether it makes sense [a] to begin with section heading "Current or latest rendition" because it is timelessly fitting or [b] to revise headings back and forth between "Current" and "Latest" during the cycle or [c] use to sections "Current" and "Latest" that expand and contract out of phase during the cycle.
I detest all three so I am inclined to suggest that we choose either "Current" or "Latest"

"Pullman and Hughes all-time winners." Library & Information Update 6.7/8 (July 2007): 2-2.

The greatest stories ever told

Francis Spufford picks the best kids' books of all time

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   Francis Spufford
   The Guardian, Thursday 29 November 2001



Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award[edit]

second pass complete


with these two exceptions i have not substantially used the jury citation, award presentation, or other materials
formal references include the commment

(SENDAK) received one of two inaugural Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards in 2003, recognizing his career contribution to "children's and young adult literature in the broadest sense". The citation called him "the modern picture-book's portal figure" and the presentation credited Where the Wild Things Are with "all at once [revolutionizing] the entire picture-book narrative ... thematically, aesthetically, and psychologically."[17]

In 2005 PULLMAN won the biggest prize in children's literature, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from the Swedish Arts Council, recognising his career contribution to "children's and young adult literature in the broadest sense". According to the presentation, "Pullman radically injects new life into fantasy by introducing a variety of alternative worlds and by allowing good and evil to become ambiguous." In every genre, "he combines storytelling and psychological insight of the highest order."[11]

more ALA adult books awards[edit]

Sophie Brody Award (2006) for excellence in Jewish literature meaning "fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that has as its central purpose the exploration of the Jewish experience."[28]

Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction.

Template talk:American Library Association

ALA children's books awards[edit]

Press releases from the ALA (archive?)

Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association

ALSC The Newbery [18]


  • preface Diane Foote
  • 1 Bette J. Petolta, "Newbery and Caldecott Awards: Authorization and Terms"
  • 9 Barbara Elleman, "The John Newbery Medal: The First Decade"
  • 17 The Newbery Awards: 2007–1922
  •  ?? The Caldecott Awards: 2007–1938
  • 171 Author/Illustrator Index
  • 179 Title Index

  • preface
  • 1
  • 11 Kathleen T. Horning, "Newbery and Caldecott Medal Books: Revised, Revamped, and Revitalized"
  • 19
  • 89
  • 153
  • 161

Web Extra at ALA Editions --with "distinctive essays"

"The Art of the Picture Book" by Mary Erbach (2011)
"The Times, They Are a-Changin’" by Diane Foote (2010)
"The John Newbery Medal: The First Decade" by Barbara Elleman (2007)
"Get the Picture?" by John Stewig (2002)

ASLC (2012). The Newbery & Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books. 0838936016, 9780838936016

all editions include 1991–2013 except 2009 (and 2009 is available too, see above); 2013 expected June 1

previews available:
snippets available: 91 92 98 00 05 08



perhaps except for running footers, the foreword on Caldecott/Newbery p2, the Reading List p24-25, and extra examples p67–68

2 Foreword (on Newbery / Caldecott)
3 Contents
5 Notes
6 Part I
7-8 History
9 Committee
10-11 Terms, Definitions, and Criteria [published online]
18 Part II
40 Part III
47 Part IV
64 Appendix: Expanded Definitions & Examples




ALSC celebrates the 75th anniversary in 2013 with various events and an online scrapbook, "75 Years of the Caldecott Medal".[19][19] Randolph Caldecott Medal Committee Manual. June 2009; formatted August 2012. Retrieved 3 May 2013.

page 9 - Bylaws as revised May 2009

history page 7 covers same, maybe more useful

pages 10-11 Terms and Criteria quoted online

page 19

"In the latter half of the year, each committee member nominates a total of 7 books for the award and gives supporting reasons for each nomination." --experimentally(?) 3, 2, and 2 during Oct, Nov, Dec

pages 21-22

plus January consideration of books published in Dec; face-to-face selection meeting at Midwinter meeting Jan --with "exclusive use" room at disposal (p34)
do publishers submit nominations?
re-balloting with point system until formal criteria are met (8 first-place votes and 8-point lead where first place is worth 4 points) p36

the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children


The artist must be a US citizen or resident and the illustrations must be original to the book, which must be published first or simultaneously in the US in English during the preceding year.


A picture book provides "a visual experience. A picture book has a collective unity of story-line, theme, or concept, developed through the series of pictures" that constitute the book. Picture books intended for any audience up to age 14 should be considered.


"for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children". The book must be self-contained, independent of other media for its enjoyment. Components other than illustration should be considered as they bear on effectiveness as a children's picture book.

Newbery (and Caldecott?)[edit]

Melcher moved to New York in 1918 as co-editor of Publisher's Weekly (R. R. Bowker). He was then secretary of the national association. and the job made him a liaison between publishers, booksellers, and librarians. He co-founded Children's Book Week, an annual affair of those three groups beginning 1919. His first American Library Association annual conference was in June 1921, as the publisher representative on a Children's Book Week panel that met on the first day. Afterward he conceived the annual award for children's literature as ... and asked to make an unscheduled reappearance on the program for the Children's Section during the next day's session.

The goals were to foster production of high quality American children's books and to grow the ALA Children's Section. --attract children's librarians to join the section (pay dues) and attend the annual ALA conference.

Melcher guessed in writing to the ALA section chair fall 1921 that only about half a dozen books would be considered. --something to be changed

The token should show "genius in the service of children

Who did win the award? In the 1920s, eight men. Some were born in Europe and some wrote stories with WWI foundations.

1921 van Loon, NE, immig, prominent in USA
1922 Lofting, EN, immig, Irish Guards, Dr. Dolittle inspired by the fate of horses and mules in the war
1923 Hawes, US --sea stories
1924 Finger, US, Cape Horn/Patagonia folk tales
1925 Chrisman, Chinese or Chinese-American stories
1926 James, US, Western animal story
1927 Mukerji, IN, WWI pigeon service
1928 Kelly, US, post war Poland travels led to profession and adaptation of legend

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Aurianne Award[edit]

Aurianne Award winners[20]
Award Title (Publisher, Year) Credits & Comments
1966  Big Blue Island
(World, 1964)
+ Wilson Gage (Mary Q. Steele)
Glen Rounds -- illustrator
"When he becomes an orphan and has to go live with his great-uncle in a ramshackle house on a little game reserve island, Darrell is sullen and resentful, but he eventually learns some respect for his uncle and for the wild geese and herons as well."[30]
1965 Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era (Dutton, 1963) Sterling North
John Schoenherr – illustrator
1964 A Black Bear's Story
(Viking, 1962)
Emil E. Liers
Ray Sherin -- illustrator
"A Mother bear raises her two cubs in the woods of Minnesota, and teaches then the way of life in the forest."[31]
1963 The Incredible Journey
(Hodder, 1961)
Sheila Burnford
Carl Burger -- illustrator
see also The Incredible Journey (film), 1963
see also Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, 1993
1962 Old Ramon
(Houghton Mifflin, 1960)
Jack Schaefer
Hal West (Harold West) --illustrator
"A wise old shepherd teaches a young boy lessons about survival, bravery, wisdom, and friendship as he shows him how to care for a flock of sheep in the harsh Mojave Desert."[32]
1961 An Edge of the Forest
(Viking, 1959)
Agnes Smith
Roberta Moynihan -- illustrator
"A small black lamb changes those whose lives she touches in a strange and unbelievable way."[33]
1960 Along Came A Dog
(Harper, 1958)
Meindert DeJong
Maurice Sendak -- illustrator
"A stray dog earns a home for himself by protecting a little red hen and her chicks from a preying hawk."[34]
1959  (none)  (none)
1958 Dipper of Copper Creek
(Dutton, 1956)
+ Jean Craighead George --coauthor and illustrator
John Lothar George -- coauthor (husband)
their sixth collaboration in American Woodland Tales series - water bird
"Doug came to the Colorado Rockies to prospect for gold, but he soon found the birds and animals to be much more exciting."[35]
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