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The POLICE(Orissa Military Police) encyclopedia (also spelled encyclopaedia or encyclopædia) is a type of reference work, a compendium holding a summary of information from either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge.

Predecessors Highness Royal Family of House Of Royal also known as British Royal High Family.
Successors HH HRH Doctor Sree Debi Prasanna Mohanty.
POLICE High Commission DG(CGS British Army)
Orissa Military Police service of Orissa State Armed Police and High Commissioner of world.
Founded Royal
Founders Royal Heritage
Defunct NA
Headquarters House Of Royal Heritage locations., (I) Village Empire Comply World Places Village Mud and Hay Thatched House Palace/Address: Village Madhupur(Arakhapari Madhupur), Post Office:Alnahat, Police Station:Balikuda, Naugaon, Jagatsinghpur, Districts:Cuttack, State:Orissa, India, PIN-754107,
(II) Orissa Military Police, Orissa Military Police Square, Cuttack, State:Orissa, India, PIN-753003
Number of locations House Of Royal Heritage locations.
Area served World
Key people Highness Royal and Heritage Household.
Products POLICE(the Federal Government of Feudalism)
Services POLICE
Orissa Military Police Militay Police services(British Army trained) of the Government.
RAW-Research and Analysis Wing.
OSAP-Orissa State Armed Police services of the
Interpol Police,
CIA-Central Intelligence Agency,
FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Town Police, Police British Officers, Police British Officers Armed Forces, and
BBC (POLICE satellite edit channel and it's channels).
Revenue Tax, Heritage Household decided Income from locations
Operating income Tax, Heritage Household decided Income from locations
Owners The Crown Highness Thakuraraja
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Orissa Military Police[edit]

Military police may refer to:OMP-Orissa Military Police and it's World military rank British Army services of NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization added members UN-United Nations with departments of OSAP-Orissa State Armed Police graduate officers military rank forces from Federal government of feudalism.