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Hello! I've been looking things up on Wikipedia for a few years now, currently a College student at the University of Central Missouri.

One thing that I intend to do is remove bits of information that are marked as 'not-cited' or add citations to articles requiring them.

I'm also looking to delete any obvious vandalism.

Thanks for the read and I hope my services are of use to Wikipedia!

(Below are just a few tags I find useful, if you need them, use them!)

{{Unreferenced}} <-- Place on any article that completely lacks sources.

{{or}} <--for possible original research.

Pages I'm watching and trying to find sources for, and why I'm watching them: Keanu Reeves. Annoyingly, users (both registered and un-registered) have been labelling him an "atheist" without actually providing a source for it. Most sources ( for one) suggest he is a Buddhist. One thing I can't stand is people applying the label of their religion or lack there-of on others, regardless of the reason.

I'm also looking into some of the articles regarding Famous Bank Robberies, and how despite being "famous", we haven't many source for them.