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15 October 2014

Welcome to my User Page

I'm a British early-retired librarian living in Leeds (but currently mostly in Silverdale after looking after my late Mother) with a range of interests and a tendency to proof-read and correct typos! I spend a lot of Wiki-time Stub-sorting, and sometimes start by correcting one link and end up improving a network of related pages. I've worked with Category:Disambiguation pages in need of cleanup, WP:Suggestions for disambiguation repair, WP:typo and WP:CiterSquad at various times. I've created a motley collection of articles or stubs, to fill gaps: some sparked off by a red link, others when I look up a topic of interest and find it's not yet got an article. After a superb walk up Black Combe, April 2012, I decided to sort out the WP articles for the Outlying fells, which turned into quite a project. Wikipedia has the fascination of an infinite jigsaw puzzle - there's always another piece to fit in.

Yes, I know the page looks a bit of a mess at present - will learn about layout sometime and prettify it!

Did You Know contributions

Articles, templates and stubs I've created

Not including umpteen disambiguation pages created while working on Wikipedia:Suggestions for name disambiguation and otherwise and various articles where I've created a "non-infringing stub" to rescue a copyvio article's non-creative elements and its incoming redirects etc









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