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Mojeek logo
Web address
Slogan No tracking, just search
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Web search engine
Launched May, 2009
Current status Active

Mojeek Limited is a British technology company and web search engine. The search results provided by Mojeek come from its own index of web pages, created by crawling the web.


In May 2009, Mojeek raised its first seed investment of £50,000[1].

In April 2013, Mojeek raised a subsequent angel investment of £250,000[2].


Present day version of the Mojeek search engine. UK-themed photography dominates the homepage.

Mojeek was first launched in 2003 as a non-commercial, personal project of its founder and sole developer. In 2009, Mojeek was officially incorporated as a limited company and began the process of moving from a personal project to viable business, although still retaining its philosophy of no user tracking.

In November of 2005, Mojeek launched one of the first personal search services[3] (later to become known as custom search). This allowed users to create their own topical or personal search index and to remove unwanted sites from its standard web results. In September of 2006, Mojeek added to the personal search with the release of personalised results[4]. This allowed users to more closely match the design of their website, rather than being limited to the Mojeek user interface.

In January of 2011, Mojeek was mentioned in a parliamentary debate[5] over, "allegations of manipulation of [Google's] search results, particularly the unfavourable treatment of its unpaid and sponsored results, and the preferential placement of [their] own services."

In November of 2011, a new version of Mojeek was announced[6] after being rewritten entirely from scratch in the C (programming language). Mojeek expanded operations with additional servers and a major upgrade of all software/algorithms. This included an increased index size, refresh rate, relevancy and search response for the search engine. The new version of Mojeek was launched the following February[7].

In March of 2012, Mojeek announced two new services, Mojeek News[8] and the revamped mobile version of the website[9].

As of March 2012, Mojeek claims to be the largest crawler based search engine to originate from the United Kingdom[1].

From 2013[edit]

After raising the second investment, Mojeek started the process of building a team and establishing a presence in London to foster growth.


During Cheltenham Festival 2014 Mojeek[10] was the sponsor of Jamie Moore who went on to win the Queen Mother Champion Chase on Sire de Grugy. The rider's breeches were then auctioned off for charity[11].

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