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(Assamese: পৰিক্ষীত ফুকন, Hindi: परीक्षीत फुकन)
Location: Dibrugarh, Assam, India
Date of Birth: 19 Feb. 1982

Wikipedia is the world's biggest ever known encyclopedia ever made by human. But I thought here inserted contains are like a pin-drop to our infinite universe in size. Every step of our pace, every single second's has a own history, own fact, own beauty, own destination. I proud to be a Wikipedian.

My started articles:[edit]

  1. Portal:Assam
  2. Bhimbor Deori
  3. Haat Bihu
  4. Haribor Bipro
  5. Hema Saraswati
  6. Koni-juj
  7. List of Ancient games of Assam
  8. List of Asam Sahitya Sabha
  9. List of Assamese language poets ‎
  10. Mahendra Nath Deka Phukan
  11. Taal (musical instrument)
  12. Toka (musical instrument)

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