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en This user is a native speaker of English.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
ase-1 This user can communicate at a basic level in American Sign Language.
Male.svg This user is male.
Gay flag.svg This Wikipedian is gay.
Child tongue.jpg This user is a child at heart. He might have grown older, but he'll never grow up.
Nuvola apps amor.svg This user wishes they had a boyfriend.
Y This user is a member of
Generation Y.
60px This user knows that no matter where they go, it will always be better than Tucson. Flag of Arizona.svg

University of Arizona Block A.svg This user attends or attended the University of Arizona.
Autism Awareness Ribbon.png This user is Autistic.
Heritage Routemaster.jpg
This user takes public transport
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Cycling (road) pictogram.svg This user is a cyclist. Cycling (road) pictogram.svg
Be Kind.png
This user supports medical cannabis
Bone marrow biopsy.jpg
This user is registered with the National Marrow Donor Program.
Green ribbon.svg This user has arranged for organ donation; have you?
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC.
Nuvola energy.svg This user contributes with a computer that runs on a battery.
NewTux.svg This user contributes using Linux.
Ubuntu logo. This user contributes using Ubuntu.
Ubuntu logo. This user contributes with Fedora.
Klickety Cuffs.png This user uses Microsoft Windows under duress.
Chromium 11 Logo.svg This user contributes using Chromium.
OSrc This user contributes to Open Source projects.
BOINCManager.png This user is crunching numbers using BOINC.
This user's TV service provider is a pair of rabbit ears.
BBS This user knows what a BBS is and has accessed them by phone line.
irssi This user uses irssi for chatting on IRC.
Nuvola apps kgpg.png This user is paranoid enough to possess his own PGP key !
Television.svg This user contributes to the TV Tropes Wiki.
Electronic calculator.jpg Put the number 25 in a calculator. Multiply by 800. Multiply by 266. Subtract 1,992. Then look at the calculator upside-down...
This user loves tricks like this.
hed This user is a hedonist.
Beer mug.svg This user likes U.S. customary units of measurement, especially the pint.
\frac ?0 This user can divide by zero.
Am This user speaks American, not English.
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user reserves the right to question authority.
a lot alot This user recognizes that linguistic change is a natural and desirable aspect of human language.
they This user considers singular they standard English usage.
.  The This user puts two spaces after a period.
A, B, and C This user prefers the serial comma.
US vs. UK
This user uses logical quotation marks. Internal punctuation leads to factual errors. It's not a style issue!
This user has a basic understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
asp This user can program in ASP.
bash This user can program in Bash.
TI-83.png This user is a 1337 TI-BASIC programmer.
bat This user can program in Batch.
C This user can program in C.
C++ This user can program in C++.
js This user can program in JavaScript.
Java This user can program in Java.
php-2 This user is an intermediate PHP programmer.
py-1 This user is a beginning Python programmer.
re This user is a regular expression programmer.
sql This user uses SQL queries to locate car keys.
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
@ This user can be reached by email.

I've been fixing random things as I come across them pretty much since the inception of Wikipedia, but have only recently decided to take credit for them.

Everything you need to know about a Wikipedian, you can find out from his userboxes.

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