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Adelaide city centre from the East (Mount Lofty), 2007

I'm a married male with adult children. I live in the Adelaide city centre. I have tended to edit in the areas of:

  • Adelaide geography (e.g. a,b,c,d,e,etc.);
  • Australian biographies (e.g. a,b,c,d,etc.);
  • Australian companies with Adelaide origins (e.g. a,b,c,d,e,etc.);
  • disambiguation (paticularly hndis); redirects;
  • Schools; Rhodes Scholars; Lodges;
  • Australian Military History; Orders, decorations, and medals;
  • etc.

My magnum opi (i.e. still incomplete) are:

Jubilee 150 Walkway
List of Australian generals and brigadiers (now split into List of Australian Army generals and List of Australian Army brigadiers)
List of historic houses in South Australia (with LOTS of help from user:Doug butler, and some help from others.)

Pages I feel particularly smug about are:

Pages I've put notable effort into:


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Sandboxes and collaborations[edit]

Sandbox Target Sandbox Target
User:Doug butler/Adelaide Educational Institution Adelaide Educational Institution; User:Pdfpdf/Old Adelaide Families Old Adelaide Families;
User:Doug butler/W. P. Auld‎ W. P. Auld;   User:Pdfpdf/John Acraman John Acraman;
User:Doug butler/Bickford's Australia Bickford's Australia
(Benacre, Glen Osmond)
Alvington, Somerton Park
User:Doug butler/F. H. Faulding & Co F. H. Faulding & Co
User:Pdfpdf/Thomas Kinley Hamilton Thomas Kinley Hamilton
(Willa Willa)
User:Doug butler/W. H. Burford & Son W. H. Burford & Son
(Willa Willa/Birralee, Belair)
Birralee, Glenelg
User:Pdfpdf/Torrens Ward Torrens Ward;
  User:Pdfpdf/George Debney George Debney;
User:Pdfpdf/W Everard W Everard; User:Pdfpdf/W. B. Carr W. B. Carr;
User:Pdfpdf/George Morphett
User:Pdfpdf/Tranmere House
George Morphett;
(Tranmere House)
User:Pdfpdf/Cummins House, Adelaide Cummins House, Adelaide
(John Morphett)
User:Pdfpdf/Quinton Stow Smith Stow Smith; User:Doug butler/Rohan Rivett Rohan Rivett
User:Pdfpdf/William Charles Douglas Veale William Charles Douglas Veale; User:Pdfpdf/Elder Professor of Mathematics Elder Professor of Mathematics
User:Pdfpdf/Charles Birks Charles Birks User:Pdfpdf/Richard Shalders Richard Shalders
User:Pdfpdf/The Acacias The Acacias User:Pdfpdf/Adelaide radio stations {{Adelaide radio}}
Category:Radio stations in Adelaide
User:Pdfpdf/List of concerts in Adelaide  ? User:Pdfpdf/North Terrace (Some of) My picture gallery
User:Pdfpdf/Real Estate Institute Real Estate Institute User:Pdfpdf/Medal for Gallantry Medal for Gallantry
User:Pdfpdf/The Briars, Medindie The Briars, Medindie
(George Hawker)
User:Pdfpdf/Carclew, North Adelaide Carclew, North Adelaide
Langdon Bonython
User:Pdfpdf/Carminow, Mount Lofty Carminow, Mount Lofty
Thomas Elder
Langdon Bonython
User:Pdfpdf/Eurilla Eurilla;
William Milne
Lavington Bonython
User:Pdfpdf/Essenside Essenside;
Andrew Tennant
User:Pdfpdf/Wooton Lea Wooton Lea (Seymour College)
F. H. Faulding
User:Pdfpdf/List of the work of Jeffrey Smart  ? User:Pdfpdf/Steve Tyerman Steve Tyerman
User:Pdfpdf/South Australian College of Advanced Education South Australian College of Advanced Education User:Pdfpdf/List of Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
User:Pdfpdf/List of FTSE - v1
List of Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
User:Pdfpdf/List of Attorneys-General Attorney-General for Australia#List of Attorneys-General User:Pdfpdf/Sortable list of Australian Defence-related Ministers
User:Pdfpdf/List of Ministers for Defence (Australia)
Minister for Defence (Australia)