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A Peruvianllama?

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I've been a proud Wikipedian since 2004, doing more "serious" editing off and on since July 2005. I was made an administrator in January of 2006, so if I can be of any assistance in that capacity you're welcome to leave me a note.

Since 2007 my activity has been sporadic, so you might want to check my contributions to see if I've been around lately before leaving me any messages. Or alternatively, accept that it may be weeks or months before I see your message.

For the record, I'm not actually from Peru, nor a llama for that matter. Not for lack of wanting though: llamas are generally well-behaved, [1] and I would try not to be the exception. [2]

Wikipedia involvement[edit]

Most of my contributions have been in the form of RC patrol for vandalism, but content contributions are important and so I try to make those too when I can. So far, most of my writing has been for biographies and math(s) articles.

Old links[edit]

Things that I don't use much any more