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I'm not this Dennis Brown. For instance, I play Telecasters, not Les Pauls
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Fellow admin[edit]

If modifying any admin action of mine will clearly improve the encyclopedia, due to new circumstances or information, or my action appears accidental, just make the change and then leave a note on my talk page. Prior permission is not required. - db

Fellow editors[edit]

I make mistakes, as both editor and admin. I will sometimes not see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, I will simply disagree but I'm willing to be persuaded. You have to accept that sometimes I am not persuaded. I am flawed, like the rest of us, but I try hard to always assume good faith. I am an admin, but this is a volunteer position, keep that in mind. If you disagree with any article edit I make, say so on the article talk page and ping me using the {{u|Dennis Brown}} template. As long as there is calm discussion, I'm pretty patient and willing to hear everyone's perspective, even if I disagree with it at first. If you disagree with an admin-like action I made (with or without use of the tools), just bring it up on my talk page in a calm, concise way. I will listen. If you scream, write up reams of accusations, approach me in an uncivil manner or don't assume good faith, I'm liable to just ignore it. If I make a mistake, I will fix it. The more polite you are, the faster it is likely to get fixed.

If I am wrong about an edit, feel free to revert me. I don't take it personal. Please be kind enough to leave a good summary so I understand the intent and reason. I will do the same.

My philosophy[edit]

One of the most influential and profound things I have ever read at Wikipedia is found on the user page of my friend and mentor DGG:

I do not attempt to convert my opponents--I aim at converting their audience.

While I have yet to master this skill, it is my goal. In deletion and policy discussions, it is helpful to not bludgeon others or dilute their opinions. It reminds me that it isn't necessary to convince every person as we are a consensus community.

The most important thing we do at Wikipedia is create, maintain and improve articles. Everything else is secondary to articles.

About Me[edit]

I work on all kinds of articles, but I focus more on cultural articles about North Carolina, auto related articles, and contribute some photography as well. I registered here Sept. of 2006 after a couple years of anonymous editing and became an admin in April, 2012 (my RfA) and work in personal dispute resolution although I can be found in any venue on a given day. I founded WikiProject Editor Retention and work in policy areas related to keeping good editors here.

I am tolerant of a little "heat" in a discussion when everyone is acting in good faith, but not of personal attacks. If you came here because I left a warning message on your talk page, I suggest reading it, waiting 24 hours, then judging it. I believe that solving disputes on talk pages is much better than at the boards such as WP:ANI when it is possible to do so. I'm not a fan of wikilawyering, and try to use common sense rather than written policies as a guide. My goal is to try to be fair to all, so we can all get back to doing what matters most: writing and improving articles. If you feel I've left it in error or had some other lapse of judgement, then please bring it up on my talk page in a civil manner and I will review my actions. I do goof sometimes, I will make it right if I do.

On a more personal note: I'm middle aged, have a marketing background and owned a few small businesses over the years, including a pawn shop and a UV lighting company. I have eclectic tastes and interests, including video games, Linux, fishing, gardening, music, physics, camping, snus and wine. I am an autodidact and a generalist both here and in the real world. Feel free to correct any errors I make on any page at Wikipedia, even here. No permission is required, but a good edit summary is always appreciated.


I am a fan of barnstars and Wikilove in general and encourage their use. The community has been very generous to me, and I consider each to be priceless, thus I keep them safe in my Ronco™ Barnstar Vault.

Self-requested blocks[edit]

I will consider self-requested blocks, but I don't promise I will block you. Read User:Dennis Brown/Blockme for information.

Active projects[edit]

Active projects
  • Removing

Articles achievements[edit]


Articles I have created[edit]

Places I've visited, traveled through or lived in[edit]

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia (U.S. state) Illinois Kansas Louisiana Maryland Minnesota Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia Washington, D.C. Mexico Belgium Moldova Hungary


I've uploaded many more than these, but these are a few I like for a variety of reasons.

Areas of concern[edit]

6135km NE of here.

..."any uninvolved administrator may, on his or her own discretion, impose sanctions on any editor working on a page within the the topic of mixed martial arts, if, despite being warned, that editor repeatedly or seriously fails to adhere to the purpose of Wikipedia, any expected standards of behavior, or any normal editorial process. This may include, but is not limited to, banning from participation in deletion discussions any editor who reasonably appears to be acting in coordination with an interest other than that of the Wikipedia community and without regard for compliance with content rules. Sanctions may be appealed to the administrator who placed them, the administrators' noticeboard, or the Arbitration Committee." Salvio Let's talk about it! 17:25, 12 December 2012 (UTC) [1] Log at Wikipedia talk:General sanctions/Mixed martial arts

  • WP:ARBEE - {{subst:Ds/alert|topic=e-e}}


  • I created User:Tim Davenport to reserve it for another user.
  • I created User:DennisBrown as a doppelganger. It is not used.
  • I use the alternate non-admin accounts User:Pharmboy (my original name, reclaimed) and User:Farmer Brown sometimes.
  • I own an unremarkable company that builds and sells UV lights for several industries.

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