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European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Eur. J. Post-Class. Archaeol.
Discipline Archaeology
Language English, Italian, Spanish, French
Edited by Gian Pietro Brogiolo
Publication details
Società Archeologica s.r.l.
Publication history
Frequency Annual
ISSN 2039-7895
LCCN 2013255245
OCLC no. 852256949

The European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies is an open access peer-reviewed academic journal covering the archaeology of the post-classical era. It was established in 2011 and the editor-in-chief is Gian Pietro Brogiolo.[1] The publisher is Società Archeologica s.r.l.


One function of the journal has been to publish short memoirs of the early days of post-classical archaeology in the 1970s when medieval and later archaeology was just beginning to become respectable. Bryan Ward-Perkins has written in Volume 1 about his early days in Italy, just after he had graduated from Oxford, and the struggle that post-Roman archaeology faced from the academic establishment.[2] David Andrews has written also of the 1970s and the development of new archaeological techniques like the Harris matrix, and the novelty of medieval archaeology in Italy.[3] Both have written of the significance of the forerunner journal Archeologia Medievale, first published 1974.

Andrzej Buko has written about early medieval archaeology in Poland (Vol. 2 2012)[4] and Barbara Scholkmann on the research history of medieval archaeology in Germany (Vol. 3 2013).


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