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Philippe André enrolled in the Paris Conservatory with the intention of becoming a Music Conductor, but graduated with a degree in film instead at Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle in Paris. While at the Film School, Philippe directed a documentary called "Brackets", based on the texts of Samuel Beckett and William Burroughs.

Upon graduating, Philippe went to work for the Museum of Modern Art, and The Centre Pompidou in Paris, making documentaries and short films on their many and varied exhibitions.

Philippe furthered his film career by transitioning into directing music videos, winning many awards (Victoire de la musique in Paris, Cad’s, Brit’s and Mobo awards in London, German dance awards) and developing his own unique style with his videos. He has worked with such artists as Roger Sanchez, Morcheeba, Dido (singer), Faithless, Youssou’n’dour , Texas, All Saints, Emilie Simon, Ute Lemper… Many of his videos have been shown at the Hollywood Cinémathèque. His video for Placebo has been described by promo Magazine as ‘’ a compelling case of age and role-reversal that sways between realism and surrealism…Overall, it’s a very successful outing…’’ His Roger Sanchez video with a girl carrying a red heart has been the most airplayed video on MTV in dance category. Many of his videos have been promo of the month in Campaign Screen and Promo Magazine.

Music videos led naturally to commercials, where Phillipe’s reputation has grown to one of international renown. His Peugeot 407 ‘’Toys’’ spot won twenty awards around the world, including a Golden Lion at the Cannes Lions Awards, Winner at The 20th London International Advertising Awards, and both the ‘’World Medal’’ and "Best Art Direction" at the New York Festival TV Advertising Awards in 2005. Philippe has been listed the 17th most awarded director in the world in the gunn report 2005. The commercial garnered the cover and a four page director profile in Shots magazine as well as a mention in Directors in Demand (Boards magazine). Since, Philippe received a portfolio in Campaign, had a ‘directors chair’ in boards, been featured in Creative Review. His recent Ford Mondeo spot with the ‘balloons’’ has been featured in Shots magazine and had a full report on CNN news as this 90 seconds spot has been the only one featured during the half time at the champions League final, shown to 80 millions viewers in 18 countries at one time.

As his career has evolved, Philippe has shown himself to possess a rare combination of emotional humanity, a discriminating eye for art direction, and a strong knowledge of post production and special effects.

In his effort to continue moving towards story and character development, Philippe wrote and directed a short film titled ‘The Rope’ starring Natasha Wightman. It was selected by numerous film festivals, including The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2005, The New York City Big Apple Film Festival 2005, The San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2006 and screened at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for the MVPA 8th Annual Director’s Cuts Festival. In 2006 ‘The Rope’ was awarded Best Short Film at the Seattle International Film Festival.

He is currently in development on his first independent feature film entitled, ‘’Orphans‘’.

Philippe is member of the DGA (director’s guild of america) and is represented in Los Angeles by Jeff Gorin at WME2.


music videos:

Zazie / Larsen - "Victoire de la musique" best video of the year / Paris-1996

Ann'So / Tout me rappelle à toi & Florent Pagny / Caruso - Screened at the American Cinematheque - LA in the "Unseen Music" exhibition 1997.

All Saints / Under the Bridge - Mobo award for best video in UK 1998 - Nominated at the Brits awards for best video 1999 - Nominated at the Cad’s for best video, best art direction and best production design in a video.

All Saints / The Bridge : The Bridge - Short film : 250 prints shown in cinemas prior to Tarantino's feature 'Jackie Brown'.

Texas / In our Lifetime - Nominated at the IMAGINA Festival 2000 for best video - Nominated at the Cad’s for best video - Seen by over 5 Million viewers worldwide on MTV&VH1 -

Hooverphonic / Mad about you - Nominated at the Gerardmer Film Festival 2001

Roger Sanchez / Another Chance & You can’t change me - Hooverphonic / Mad about you - Nominated at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2002

Roger Sanchez / Another Chance - German Dance Award 2001 for best video - N°1 dance video airplayed on MTV in 2001 - Nominated by the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2003 in ‘ The French New Wave’ and ‘New York New York’ programs.

Morcheeba / World looking in - Nominated at the Cad’s awards for best pop video 2002

Alain Chamfort / Le grand retour - Nominated at Victoire de la Musique Paris 2004

Placebo / Song to say goodbye - Selected at the festival des arts du clip / Aix en Provence 2006 - Silver at Le club des directeurs artistiques Paris 2007 - Selected for the opening night at the Nemo festival / Cinéma des Cinéastes / Paris 2006 - Selected at the Rushes Soho Short Festival London 2006 - Screened at the Nemo Festival 2007 in the ‘Director’s Delight’ Program, International Panorama


Christian Aids / Puppet - Nominated at the BTA Craft Awards London 2004

Peugeot 206 / Metamorphosis - Jury grand prize at 12th Festival Marcus / European Car Advertising Film Festival of Clermont Ferrand - Bronze price at Eurobest 2003.

Peugeot 407 / Toys - Golden Lion at Cannes Advertising Film Festival 2004 - TV/cinema Winner 2004 at The 20th London international Advertising Awards - Best direction at the 13th European Car Advertising Film Festival - Gold world medal in Car category, Silver for "best art direction" at the New York Festival TV advertising award 2005 - Gold medal automotive at the Golden award of montreux 2005 - Grand prix TV at the Club des directeurs artistiques 2005 Paris - 1st Price in Car category at Mobius awards - Golden Watch at Golden Drums awards - Silver at Epica awards 2004 - Silver award for TV- cinema and Art Direction categories at the Loerie Awards - Silver awards in Car and Brand Launch categories at EFFIES - Silver in car category and bronze in direction category at the International Andy awards 2005 - Silver in car category and silver in direction category at the Clio awards Miami 2005 - Bronze in international TV category at the Automotive news europe advertising awards 2005 - Bronze at Eurobest 2004 - Selection Imagina 2005 -

Persil-OMO / Roboboy - Bronze Lion at Cannes Advertising Film Festival 2008


The Rope / short film - Selected at : The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2005 - The New York City Big Apple Film Festival 2005 - The San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2006 - The 13th Raindance Film Festival 2005 - The Manchester Festival of Fantastic FIlms - The Portobello Film Festival 2005 - The Louis Vuitton Hawaii Film Festival 2005 - Paris Tout Court-International Short Film Festival 2006 - The Sarasota Film Festival 2006 - The Newport Film Festival 2006 - The Palm Spring Film Festival 2006 - One Reel Film Festival 2006 - The San Diego Film Festival 2006 - Screened at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for the MVPA 8th Annual Director’s Cuts Festival -

Awarded Best Narrative short film at Seattle International Film Festival 2006