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I finally registered on Wikipedia in February of 2006. Previously, I had made minor changes to articles; we will see if I undertake more ambitious projects. Feel free to drop me a line (politely, I hope!) on my talk page.

As far as I can tell by the welcome messages, I registered a mere nine minutes before Wikipedia's one millionth user. So close to fame....

I have found that people like to ask about my user name. No, I'm not Harry Potter. And no, I don't live in Arizona. The answer is much more mundane: Back in the '90s, I liked to play a computer game called Heretic, and I rather liked the weapon called the Phoenix Rod. Something about lighting enemies aflame brought out the vicarious pyro in me, I guess.

I tend to prefer making minor changes. Does that make me a WikiGnome? Meh.

I rarely edit these days.

Picture of the day

Gassed is a 231 × 611 cm (7.6 × 20 ft) oil painting completed in March 1919 by John Singer Sargent. Painted after Sargent visited the Western Front on a commission by the British War Memorials Committee, it depicts the aftermath of a mustard gas attack during the First World War, with a line of wounded soldiers walking towards a dressing station. The painting, voted picture of the year by the Royal Academy of Arts in 1919, is now held by the Imperial War Museum.

Painting: John Singer Sargent
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For my own use:

Edit count[edit]

  • My edit count can be found here. On second glance, the information does not seem to get updated. I'm positive I have more edits that that. Anyone know where I can go to find out?
  • Aha! Here is a newer tool that does for now. My particular user stats with this counter: [1]
  • A faster counter, without the cool graphs is here.
  • To break down Wikipedia page history statistics: [2].

How often is a particular page viewed?[edit]

Wikipedia article traffic statistics:

Template messages for user talk[edit]

These can be found at Wikipedia:Template_messages/User_talk_namespace.

Great lines from Wikipedia[edit]

From the article on trousers: "Removing one's trousers in public is, in the main, considered taboo."

Fantastic edit summary: pun indented.

From Serial_comma#Unresolved_ambiguity: "This is ambiguous as it stands, but even if a serial comma were added Mandela could still be mistaken for a demigod."

From Falsifiability#Inductive_categorical_inference: "It is impractical to observe all the swans in the world to verify that they are all white."

Funny edits[edit]

Here's an amusing bit of vandalism: [3].

Also: [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] Rickroll Home Taping Hitler Has Only Got One Ball where a catapult takes aim.


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