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Pigman basking warmly in janitorial glory and casually snacking on the mysterious nougaty center of the WP logo. They say[weasel] he is an extremely polite piggy who will not bite.

Hi! My name is Pigman and I am a wikignome. I spend much of my time on Wikipedia cleaning up any article that catches my fancy. I'm a very promiscuous editor. Sometimes I justify my mop by attending to mundane admin tasks like speedy deletions. Sometimes I clean up incidents of policy violation and trollish mischief around the 'pedia.

Although you can't really tell from my contribs, I have a deep and abiding interest in language structure (philology) and word origins (etymology}. I read large contiguous swathes of dictionaries for fun and pleasure. I geek out over Samuel Johnson's 1755 dictionary and collect books of all kinds of slang whenever I can find them. (My current leisure reading: Mark Forsyth, The Horologicon: a day's jaunt through the lost words of the English language (2013). New York: Berkeley. ISBN 978-0425264379.)

I attempt to meet all interactions here with grace and courtesy. My goal remains: to be a reliable, steadfast, and jolly good swine to all Wikipedians. (Oh, and to improve the encyclopedia whenever I can stop tweaking my user page.)

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