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Who am I?[edit]

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What I do[edit]

I'm a true WikiSloth in that I tend to edit Wikipedia as I use it and stumble across horrible things, like broken formatting, typos, broken grammar, or missing wiki-links (I define that as a word that makes me go '...the hell does this mean?' and then look it up on Wikipedia in another tab).

I like doing this.

Open questions[edit]

Occasionally, I also ask questions. You can check those in my edit history, or here:

It means "until the universe was about 51 thousand years old". It can be calculated online: (the redshift is named "z"). A redshift of zero would be "now" and it grows as one looks back in time. A bit more concrete: the apparent color of an object (for very loose definitions of "object" ;-) from that time, if we were to see it here & now, would be a lot redder than its real color. This is somehow determined by the distance and therefore the age [of the event that emitted the light], though I do not know why/how. Normally one would think that the color would be the result of the relative speed (as in the doppler-effect, better known in the context of soundwaves) but in cosmology it is instead related to "the expansion of spacetime" ( HTH, rob -- (talk) 05:08, 19 February 2012 (UTC)
Much thanks, rob. :) I've transferred it over to the talk page of the article, hopefully someone who feels responsible for said article'll work it into the article (in a way that doesn't suck, which it what would happen if I tried). -pinkgothic (talk) 13:12, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

More as I ask them, less as they're answered.