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This user runs a bot, ProteinBoxBot. It performs tasks that are extremely tedious to do manually.
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A gene that affects multiple, possibly unrelated phenotypes. More broadly, something that effects distinct, unrelated changes on the larger environment.

About me[edit]

I write bots and metrics analysis tools for Wikipedia as part of the Gene Wiki project. My background is in molecular and structural biology and bioinformatics.

Protein Box Bot 2[edit]

I maintain and run the Protein Box Bot, part of our effort to keep the Gene Wiki articles up to date with relevant information. To do this, the bot collects information from and updates the appropriate fields in the {{GNF_Protein_box}} templates that appear on each page in the Gene Wiki. So far, the bot has updated over 115,000 individual fields on 10,362 pages, and added 3,353 protein structure images, many of them rendered de novo from existing PDB resources. Nightly builds can be found in its google code repository, along with other code from the Gene Wiki project.

GeneWiki Code Creator[edit]

I recently re-wrote a BioGPS plugin to make it super-easy for anybody to create a new Gene Wiki article, complete with relevant citations and a shiny new Protein Box (it'll even generate a new image for the protein if there's PDB information available!) You can use it here: GeneWikiGenerator. It's still very much in beta, so if you have any suggestions or bug reports, I would be very happy to hear them. The new plugin is based off the code written for the ProteinBoxBot, above, and its source can be viewed in the same repository.

MediaWiki Sync[edit]

In our development of GeneWiki+ we needed a daemon to monitor and copy, on a continuous basis, a subsection of Wikipedia content to a custom MediaWiki installation that was running Semantic Mediawiki. The code I developed to facilitate this is called MediaWiki Sync and can be found on our Google Code repository. We're releasing it as open-source in hopes that it may be useful to other editors or Wikipedia enthusiasts. For more information, visit our code repository.