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Hi, I am Pmlineditor. I am or was an admin in some wikis (Simple Wiktionary, Meta-Wiki (former), English Wikinews (former), English Wikiquote, Simple Wikipedia, MediaWiki wiki) as well as a Global rollbacker, Global renamer and a former Global sysop.

I started editing Wikimedia wikis from December '08, initially focusing only on this wiki. I was (obviously) a "noob" with no understanding whatsoever of the policies of the wiki and made a lot of errors with basically everything I did.

I then decided to move to Simple English Wikipedia, where I became an admin after ~6 months. By this time, I was active in crosswiki work, and soon became a Global rollbacker. Some months later, I decided to return to this wiki, and wrote a GA, The Lightning Thief, and did some anti-vandalism work, but later became inactive, and decided to focus on other wikis. The principal reason behind this was that, at that point of time, I was active in too many wikis, but had limited time to edit them. I decided to leave this wiki because I did not think the absence of an editor, who was not very useful anyway, would matter, and also because I did not like the atmosphere of the wiki, with all its drama.

After more than two years of activity, I believe that I have understood most of the policies of this, and other wikis, and maybe some of the unsaid traditions as well. I believe my earlier edits were not much of a help to this wiki, so I'll try to help from now on whenever I get the time (try #3, heh).

At the moment, I'm also very interested in clean-up and stuff like reporting against disruptive usernames and speedy deletions.

If you need to contact me, you can always use my talk page. An alternative option is to email me. If you have something to say about a block in my home projects, please do not use my enwiki talk page. It is better to appeal the block there or email me.

I am mainly active in the following wikis (arranged in order of activity, from most active to least active):