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Graduate of University of Michigan.

Photos donated to Wikipedia Articles[edit]


"Creation-Via-Pollination" California High Desert Bees Immersed in Yellow Beavertail Cactus Flower Pollen 
Yellow Beavertail Cactus Flower in Full Bloom 
Yellow Beavertail Cactus in Landers California 
Budding Yellow Beavertail Cactus, Landers California 
Orange Barrel Cactus Landers, California USA 
Blooming Barrel Cactus, High Desert, California 
California High Desert Mourning Dove and Squabs Nesting in Protected Cactus Palace 
California High Desert Cottontail Enjoying a Carrot Breakfast 
California High Desert Cottontail Resting on a Full Stomach 
Life for a Cottontail can be Tough and Competitive; as seen in this Close-up 
Cottontails Ears can Hear Even a Whisper at Incredible Distances 
Desert Cottontail begging for food. 
Desert Cottontail venturing out of its birthplace for the first time 
Young Desert Cottontail enjoying its 1st carrot breakfast 
Mother and Juvenile Cottontail enjoying a carrot dinner 
Juvenile Desert Cottontails appear to be kissing, while enjoying their first carrot. 
Eight weeks old. 
Cottontails are very Sociable Animals 
Real Life Bailiff and 'one time actor' Aldo DeMeo and Dustin Hoffman between takes from the Scene when 'Lenny' is Dragged from the Coutroom 
Day almost turns to night as storm approaches 
California High Desert Joshua Tree Summer Sunset 
Joshua Tree in Landers, Ca. 
Joshua Tree Silhouettes the Western Sky. 
Sky after Rain in Landers California 
Sunrise Sky in Joshua Tree California 
One Minute Before Sunrise in Joshua Tree California 
A cloud becomes luminous in the Northern Sky at Civil Dawn in California, USA 
Civil Dawn in Southern California, USA 
Moon in Sunrise Sky 
The Crescent moon is still visible just moments before Sunrise 
Just After Sunset in Joshua Tree Ca 
Feathered Dusk Joshua Tree, Ca USA 
Actual Sunrise California Desert Summer 2012 
Actual Sunset, Joshua Tree California USA 
Morning Twilight, Joshua Tree, California; Summer, 2012 
Burning Yellow Sunset Landers, California USA 
The Desert at Twilight 
Mustard Blue Sunset Landers, California USA 
Rust Colored Twilight Landers, California USA 
Royal Blue Sky over Horizon, Landers, California 
Burnt Horizon, Landers, California 
Fire Twilight, High Desert, California, USA 
Desert twilight 
Western Twilight Clouds 
Jungle Blue Morning Twilight 
Red Sky at Evening Twilight 
Split Sky 
Eye in the Sky 
Moments before Sunrise 
Shortly after Sunrise 
High Desert Summer Sunset 
Red Sky at Morning Twilight 
Morning Twilight 
Desert Storm approaches just before Sunrise 
Dawn in Joshua Tree, Ca. 
Windy Sunrise 
Windy Evening Twilight 
8,000' above the Earth 
Towering Vertical Cumulus cloud structure 
Yuletide Evening Twilight 
Neil Diamond Opening the New Aladdin Theater for the Performing Arts July 2nd, 1976 
Neil Diamond Opening the New Aladdin Theater for the Performing Arts July 2nd, 1976