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Powerzilla is a alien mecha/Borg-zoid monster that, unlike all other "zillas", can fly at hyperlight speeds in space, hypersonic speeds on Earth, other planets.

Instead of breathing fire, it has a powerful alien arsenel, incl taking another zilla's fire weapon and using it as additional power. It is also larger than all other zillas as well. It also has a alternate mode in which it transforms into a flying humanoid, also heavily and formidibly armed.

Things found, abducted and examined:[edit]


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The Admins should be praised when they do a good job. They're cool, helpful and sexy. Found some already.

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Paranormal Matters[edit]

  • Seen UFOs. Seen scuttlebutt on the Robertson Panel on here. That could, should ET prove to be a public fact, trigger worldwide revolts. Seen that on Wikipedia as well.
    • One was the one that was in the Stephenville, Texas area. That one had been reported to have flown over the Bush Ranch. One I've seen was one that had flown towards what appeared to be Washington, DC or New York.

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Have investigated really famous cases and obscure cases that are'nt so famous. Some were hoaxes, some were not hoaxes.


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