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Hi all. I'm an Aussie from Sydney. I have been fortunate enough to live in many places, notably for most of the last decade in China (mostly Yunnan), plus a year in London and a year in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Since November 19, 2003, I'm also an administrator on English wikipedia. Stick around awhile and you will be too!

Of late I'm not really impressed with Wikipedia. For starters, lots of good content is getting deleted as lacking in notability. Secondly, any page a bunch of people decide to stage an edit war over gets protected, which basically makes it a huge pain to improve and a hotbed of bullshit politicking. Finally, any given policy leads to 100 other policies none of which are actually defined with anything other than someone's interpretation of consensus, notability, or some similarly vague and subjective muck.

Yes, I am truly irritated with the way this community has gone over the years, and I do believe it's getting worse. That said, it's still an important part of the internet.

Back in the real world, I'm in to cycling, sailing, travel and photography, as well as programming which is both an interest and a profession that thankfully tends to pay my bills regardless of which end of the globe I wind up in.

Academically I enjoy reading up on Asian history and linguistics (and to a lesser extent, these topics in general), art, philosophy (mostly the increasingly popular personal kind that seems to evade most major religions), and mycology. I'm writing a history book at the moment, with no clear schedule.

Though I tend to write on the above subjects (especially Asian history and geography), there are some particular contributions that I'm proud of.

  • Many years ago I founded Timeline of Buddhism by copying data I'd collated on my personal website, and that wiki is now quite a resource.
  • I argued bitterly for the restoration of the Bitcoin article from the evil hands of the deletionists, and have since been vindicated in my judgement as Bitcoin's rise to prominence has continued.
  • I liberated Code golf from the perlmongers to reflect wider usage.
  • Greatly expanded the article on the USA's Terrorist Finance Tracking Program and Passenger name record with information supplied by the European Data Protection Supervisor and Article 29 Working Party.
  • I discovered probable abuse of the front page Wikipedia:Did_you_know section, reported it twice, but was shouted down. Finally as CNet reported, my judgement was vindicated. Change needed to come to that process, and hopefully it will...
  • I helped to unframe the late 2013 Euromaidan protests as 'pro European Union' which was an inaccurate but nevertheless well headlined (eg. front page news on English Wikipedia) summary of their supposed nature (ie. what most of the world reads before dismissing the whole issue). This proved somewhat correct and meaningful as the main outcome in early 2014 seems to have been internal political change.
  • I expanded the Buddhist traditions timeline to include more heterogeneous and less misleading coverage of East Asia
  • I photographed and expanded coverage of the temples of Wiang Kum Kam
  • I organized and vastly expanded the trimarans and multihull boat templates and many of their linked pages
  • I want to inflict some semblance of transparency, citation of sources, and general accuracy upon the animated map of the history of China which is currently used on MANY language wikis and in my somewhat informed opinion, poorly researched (I am the recipient of a Chinese government ancient history scholarship and the author of an upcoming book on one of China's border regions).

I've also contributed quite a few images, of which more recently some panoramas were selected as quality images:

Village of Tirukalukundram, Tamil Nadu, South India, showing Hindu temple gopuras and water tanks.
Panorama of the Berber ruins of Douiret, southern Tunisia, showing the majority of ruins rarely visited by tourists (left of frame), the major visitor site (high promontary at center left), modern mosque (lower right) and modern settlement (distance, far right).
Panorama of the formerly subterranean town of Matamata, southern Tunisia, showing the majority of the area and its unique topography.
Panorama of the historic town of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, in the 2014 rainy season.

Knowing that I have a small impact upon the world for the greater good by contributing such things makes me smile.

Flag of India.svg This user is a member of WikiProject India, a WikiProject which aims to create, edit and expand articles relating to India. Please feel free to join us.

My path[edit]

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Idea and layout filched from User:Guettarda via User:John Hill
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