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Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England

Fun Facts[edit]

  • I'm from the United Kingdom. English is my mother tongue, although I can also speak French, and can understand some Latin and have a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.
  • I'm mostly interested in royalty. The royal families that I 'follow' the most are the British, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish Royal Families. I also enjoy 'following' the Danish, Norwegian and Belgian Royal Families, as well as some of the non-reigning houses.
  • My other interests include history (particularly the Tudor/Renaissance period), different cultures, languages and names.
  • My hobbies include reading and walking in the countryside.
  • My favourite colour is turquoise.

My contributions[edit]

How do I contribute?[edit]

I mainly make small - or minor edits, such as spelling/punctuation corrections and title (of sections in articles) changes. If I have more information about an article that is a stub, then I will try and expand it. I mainly contribute to articles about a royal or aristocratic figure, but sometimes I'll edit other articles that interest me; such as places and people's names.

Created articles[edit]

Articles I have contributed to/expanded[edit]

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