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There is nothing here again.

As you can tell from the busy template, I am busy at the moment. Hopefully I will pop in every day for a short while and make a minor edit or two, and also respond to anything pressing that might appear on my watchlist. Unfortunately, it appears that article writing will have to take a backseat for the moment.

Wow! I made over 50 edits today (30 March 2014)! Haven't done that in a while...

PS 31 March 2014: Nope, it didn't last. :-(

Had enough of the migraine-inducing font change in Vector. Monobook! I return! *eyes turn into little hearts*

And yes, I still want to translate de:Am Brunnen vor dem Tore. When I will get around to it, I do not have a clue. In the meantime, *leaps off into hexaspace and admires a uniform polypeton*

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Double sharp/Polyhedra/Uniform Compound/Antiprismatics Double sharp/Polyhedra/Uniform Compound/Chiral and Doubled Prismatics Double sharp/Polyhedra/Uniform Compound/Compound Regulars
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