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This user got The Autobiography of Malcolm X through 4 FACs with dogged help from GabeMC and Malik
This user got David W. Mullins, Jr. to GA with help from JayHenry
This user got Fast inverse square root to GA with some much needed copyediting from Dank55 and others
This user got Warhammer 40,000 to GA with help from Chris Cunningham and others.
This user got Mathematical economics to GA with copyediting help from Dank55
This user got John Emilius Fauquier to GA status with lots of help from David Underdown‎
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Barnstars go there, as the hiding template doesn't fit them here



Goldfeld–Quandt test

Created and Stable[edit]

One Wisconsin Now, Patrick Tyler, Terra Nova (blog)‎, Nicolaas Wilhelmus Posthumus.
Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, Combinatorial biology, A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China.
Symbol support vote.svg David W. Mullins Jr., Symbol support vote.svg Fast inverse square root, Markus Brunnermeier, ggplot2, Revolution Analytics, Immediately-invoked function expression.


List of unstable rescued pages

Nerf (computer gaming)

Symbol support vote.svg Dragon kill points Back from the dead!

List of stable rescued pages

List of spacecraft from the Space Odyssey series, basically a merger of the sub-topics and a large ref cleanup.

Alchemy Systems with the help of Eastmain.

Symbol support vote.svg John Emilius Fauquier

Bloody Sunday (1969)



Pages I rewrote but didn't really rescue

The Glory and the Dream

Vintage Sports-Car Club

Rules lawyer

Encounters with the Archdruid

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Cats and other nonsense[edit]

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