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I'm Proxima Centauri. Astronomy is cool. I'm Proxima Centauri on several other wikis. I'm writing a cool story about Proxima Centauri.
The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun I'm interested in exobiology and helped writeIntelligent aliens. No. We can't be sure they exist though they are possible. I also tryed to develop ideas about How Life could Evolve in a Red Dwarf Star System because I'm trying to write hard science fiction. That means I'm trying to make The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun into something that's possible as far as early 21st Century scientists know and many astronomers believe that Red dwarf stars like Proxima Centauri could be habitable. That doesn't mean those aliens are likely there though.

Here I've tried to improve the article on Proxima Centauri as my first job. I've added material about the possibility of life there though other Wikipedians improved on what I wrote and it appears that serious scientists can't agree whether life can exist round Proxima Centauri or not. Space Aliens have not been found as yet. I suspect SETI is mistaken in looking only at stars where life could evolve. If advanced extraterrestrial technologies exist which can communicate with Earth these technologies are quite likely capable of Interstellar travel. Advanced technologies could colonize stars like for example Sirius A or B where life cannot evolve naturally, spacecraft could theoretically be in orbit round either star within the habitable zone.

I hope Wikipedians who know more astronomy than I do will check my edits of astronomy articles. Some serious scientists believe a life sutaining planet could exist round Proxima Centauri, see Alpha Centauri might harbour an ‘Earth’. Proxima Centauri or Alpha Centauri C is part of that system. I'm interested in hard science fiction about aliens and also in serious scientific investgation about the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

Being a star is more exciting than using my real name.

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Christianity is illogical. If god is defined broadly to include aliens with godlike power proving that god/gods don't exist is impossible. I'm a weak atheist or agnostic. I sometimes feel religious about the possibility of superior aliens but that doesn't break the scientific method as I never assume without evidence that such aliens are in contact with Earth or that Xenu did anything here.

Pope Francis[edit]

I fear my userpage is the only place on Wikipedia where I can express original opinions, here goes:

  1. Pope Francis opposes making cannabis legal. [1] Well there is only one area where I support legalization of cannabis unconditionally. I'm sure cannabis should be legal on doctor's prescription for patients with a small number of diseases where cannabis has been proved helpful in scientific controlled trials. Does Francis even know enough to recognise this one case? I'll compare alcohol, tobacco and cannabis. In most cases I think cannabis use is harmful but I know no convincing evidence cannabis is more harmful than alcohol and I see no reasonable arguments for blanket bans on cannabis while alcohol and tobacco are legal. Does legal alcohol do more harm or is prohibition more harmful? That's a complex and difficult question, how far alcohol should be controlled probably varies between nations and cultures. It's widely believed that Prohibition in the United States did very much more harm than good. The whole question of legaslising cannabis is similarly complex and requires careful sociological analysis. I don't know the answer and suspect the answer varies between cultures and nations as with alcohol. Pope Francis has made a simplistic statement outside his field of expertise and because he is considered a moral authority by very many people his non-expert opinion is potentially harmful. Better education, greater justice and better hope for the future which Francis wants [2] can reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse but won't prevent controlled use of those substances or prevent all abuse, rich people with hope for the future sometimes get involved in substance abuse too. In any case the pope's pious requests over justice and help for poor people have marginal effect. Cynical capitalists respond with business as usual while ordinary people say how good they think the pope is.
  1. ^ Pope Francis attacks drug legalisation in Latin America
  2. ^ Pope in Brazil warns against legalising drugs

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