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My username, Proxxt, originates from when I was a child and mispronounced the word "fox" as "proxt". This amused my family, who gave me the nickname of The Proxt. I have found it to be a useful username as it is not common. "Proxxt" resulted in a typo from my own hand.

I am a librarian in a university library in Australia. I have been in my profession for 30 years and love to embrace new technologies as they make life so much easier for students and academics. I became an editor on Wikipedia as a result of listening to academics complain about students quoting from Wikipedia rather than traditionally accepted sources of information. I understand why time poor students like to use Wikipedia. Some academics are now encouraging their students to "own" a Wikipedia page. The students, when owners, soon realise that this is a responsibility and it gives them a feeling of obligation to contribute a quality product. My own efforts, I am a novice, are to "tidy" existing content by correcting typos and spacing errors. The quality of Wikipedia has soared since I first used it. As a librarian, I try to encourage both students and academics to explore as many information sources as possible, both online and print.

Wikipedia is a superb concept and I thoroughly approve of it. The quality of the content on Wikipedia is dependent upon the goodwill and commitment of the contributors. I am happy to communicate with other contributors and to have my own contributions examined and discussed.