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Hi, I'm Psychonaut. I like to find and remove vandalism, non-free content, hoaxes, walled gardens, vanity pages, and egregiously POV edits. According to my fellow editors on Wikipedia, I am…

When I am not busy trying to cleanse Wikipedia of all information about Gypsies, Jews, socialists, Serbian war crimes, and Open Source tiling window managers, I occasionally find the time to write articles of my own.

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Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
I, Psychonaut, hereby award this Barnstar to myself, without whose hard work and dedication the Wikipedia project would not be where it is today.


  1. ^ a b c Alas, the web page upon which this claim is made has been added to Wikipedia's spam blacklist, so I can no longer link to it directly. However, you can still visit it by copying its URL into your browser's address bar: