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WingsEdge — An avid, albeit amateur, user and contributor in Wikipedia.

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Mostly contributing in English Wikipedia.

Currently working on[edit]

Currently on hiatus.


  • Can people, please, check if a ref error appears whenever you remove some contents from an article? Very often a ref is defined in the reflist section, and removing the part where the ref is used will render the ref definition unused and thus induce a ref error. The "Preview" button is there for a reason.
  • Please remove contents carefully. I'm tired of putting back the stuff that get deleted after people highlight more of what they intended and pressed "delete". Delete only what you're trying to delete please. Watch out for those tags.
  • Register an account name; we need that talk page when you do something incomprehensible, and we don't need to know where you live (IP addresses are pretty revealing)
  • Leave some edit summary. Don't expect others to know what you are doing. We'll just treat you as a vandal if we don't see what you are doing.
  • I admire the (lack of) creativity of those vandalism geniuses. But, sorry, those stuff belong to Uncyclopedia.