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You've reached Robert Skyhawk's User page, which contains information about my work here on the English Wikipedia, as well as numerous templates and notices for my own benefit. If you would like to leave me a message for any reason, please do so at my user talk page.

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User Information[edit]

Most of the edits I do relate to the technical aspects of the encyclopedia, such as maintenance, rather than its actual contents. This doesn't mean that I have any disrespect for the multitude of hard-working editors that write and improve articles every day, nor does it mean that I never, ever write articles. It simply means that I am drawn to this place for its multitude of technical, inner workings more than its primary means as an online encyclopedia.

As I have been here for quite some time, I am very familiar with Wikipedia. So, I enjoy helping out newcomers (and experienced users) via the Help desk or our IRC help channel. If there's something you're confused about, please ask me! I'll try to get you help as quickly as possible.

I have a One Revert Rule. If I revert a certain edit, and the editor makes the edit again, I will discuss the change with the editor and try to reach a consensus, rather than starting an edit war which will only lead to the aforementioned discussion. Similarly, if someone reverts one of my changes, I will not make it again. Rather, I will discuss the change and attempt to come to a consensus, assuming I feel strongly enough about the change in the first place.

A good part of my edits go toward reverting vandalism. I am both a rollbacker, which allows me to revert vandalism with one click. and a reviewer, which allows me to approve pending changes to certain articles. I use Huggle to revert vandalism, as well as the Counter Vandalism Network on IRC.

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