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PULP The truth're the weak, and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin' Ringo...I'm tryin' REAL HARD to be the shepherd.

I'll start by offering a selection of pertinent quotes:

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion."Thomas Jefferson

"Knowledge is right there, we don't even look."KRS-One

"All these things, you can look up in case you don't understand what I'm saying. You putting it on tape anyway, you can get it interpreted."Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"If creativity is a field, copyright is the fence."John Oswald

"It's not important to even be remembered. I mean, the people who worry about being remembered are guys like Reagan, Bush, these people want to be remembered. And they'll spend a lot of money, and do a lot of work, to make sure that remembrance is just terrific. I don't care."Frank Zappa

"Imagine a Warren Miller ski film which consists of random footage of skiers at the Olympic trials superimposed through CGI on equally as random footage of mountainous wintertime scenery taken from the Superman films. That's what Wikipedia resembles far too much of the time." – me

About me[edit]

I was born in Canton, Ohio in late 1966. I was born the same week that Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California, as well as roughly the same time the D.C. punditocracy were proclaiming that George Romney would be the next President of the United States. Don't get me started on what I may think of his son. I spent my earliest years living close to Interstate 77, nearly "in the shadow" of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. At a young age, our family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, which is where I've spent a good portion of my life. This place produces some rather strange "brain chemistry", so thankfully, I've "escaped" here and there to different places over the years.

I returned to Fairbanks "for good" near the end of the 1990s. After too many years of rotting away in town, recently{{when}}in the spring of 2014, I took advantage of an opportunity to relive my semi-rural upbringing in the outskirts of Fairbanks. I currently live in Two Rivers, Alaska (approximately 21½ miles from Walmart, what a great feeling!) in a tiny cabin (I can't call it primitive because it has electricity – some of you will understand what I'm talking about). We've been dealing with a critical cost of living situation in most of Alaska outside of the Anchorage metropolitan area since approximately 2008, which is a large part of my motivation to live so far from town. Nonetheless, my place of residence is subject to change at any time, depending on how desperate I may feel. My family tried to get me to move to Mesa, Arizona back in 2011, but that rather spectacularly fell apart. I'm sure I really wanted to meet a nice young girl in a place like that anyway, huh?

I have been a "hobbyist historian" since the mid 1980s, and have been using the Information SupertoiletInternet and predecessor entities since 1989. I initiated my Wikipedia account in 2006. Most of my editing activity has occurred since 2009, when the economic downturn combined with taking a desk job allowed me an opportunity to become more involved. The former situation still applies to me, though the latter no longer does. Often, my activity on here is impeded by paying work, in order to provide for basic (or trivial? you tell me) needs such as sleeping indoors and eating. The income possibilities from e-books may also deter me from spending time doing research and writing on here, when I consider that I'm doing this for free, yet others are eager for me to do that work for free so they can then copy it and profit from it. I'm still on the fence about that, since it seems as if everyone I know these days is writing a book or trying to write a book.

My experiences have led to a perhaps somewhat unorthodox approach towards Wikipedia. From observation over the years, Wikipedia has headed in the direction of having more and more articles, which more often than not serve less and less purpose. The hangup many editors have over web-based versus non-web-based sources has served as a major impediment to moving Wikipedia forward. Having spent lots of time in library basements doing detailed research, it's obvious that a lot of what's out there on the Internet is pure and utter crap. Of course, there's lots of good stuff, too. There's too much of a reliance upon PD sources to fill content. That stuff comes with POV baggage, too. Most of the articles which I deal with appear to have been written so as to show as few dimensions of a subject as possible, backed by as few sources as possible.

My first experience in accessing the online world from the "comforts of home" was logging in to BITNET from a VT100 terminal connected to a 280 baud acoustic coupler. This was in late 1989 or early 1990, if I remember correctly. The point I'm trying to make here is that I've seen a lot of "information revolutions" come and go in a fairly short amount of time. Don't think that Wikipedia can't be next. I came along at a time when there was sufficient interest amongst the real world in making this happen, much of which has dissipated over the years. There is still plenty of real work to be done, and seemingly fewer and fewer people willing to do it.

About my username[edit]

My username is derived from Radio K.A.O.S., the 1987 album by Roger Waters. Many people have assumed over the years that it actually refers to KAOS (FM), the radio station at The Evergreen State College. It's a fair cop, I suppose. As I mention below in more detail, I've been fooling around radio stations for decades, at times even actually serving a useful purpose at one or another station.

Areas of interest[edit]

"The Projects"
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I tend to write about what I know. A highly respected Wikipedia administrator, whom I won't name (if you're good at searching, you can probably figure it out for yourself), once strongly implied that I'm a part of the problem FOR THAT VERY REASON. I chose to let that go, as the "three monkeys syndrome" and gaping contextual holes large enough to drive a 747 through are so prevalent on Wikipedia, they speak for themselves. No use in wasting my time with yet another pointless argument.

My major interests on Wikipedia are as follows:

Alaska, particularly its history, political structures, physical geography, etc. One of my major ongoing projects is to shore up biographical coverage of Alaskans, as many important figures are missing from the encyclopedia. There has been a dangerous tendency to give undue weight towards modern-day pseudo-celebrities (for example, the kind of people who earn their living making stupid comments on cable television shows watched by few people), which I hope to correct.

Professional wrestling, mostly centered on its history. Very little of the current product interests me. A lot of recentism and undue weight, as well as the lack of quality sources, exists in these articles, too.

Modern music of various genres. Most of my musical tastes lean towards jazz and rock music.

Television and radio broadcasting, mostly in Alaska. I spent 2½ years as a volunteer announcer on public radio, and have been involved in radio in various off-air capacities on and off over several decades.

Politics, particularly elections and political biography. I studied political science in college. Glad I didn't graduate, because in retrospect, a degree in basket weaving may have actually been more useful. I see lots of people with Bachelor's degrees working in convenience stores, making less money than I do. Anyway, an issue I've dealt with in election coverage on Wikipedia is as follows: election coverage on this, a non-commercial entity, should not closely mirror the coverage provided by the corporate media, who may be biased in their coverage for reasons having to do with advertising revenue, or other bottom line concerns. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that many other people get that point. I think that in a lot of cases, their poli-sci education may have altered their perspective and thinking too much.

Alternately, I do a lot of what could be considered WikiGnome-type work, primarily in the interest of maintaining things which otherwise would have left to languish. Since sports analogies are so popular, you can call me a utility player, I guess.

Ongoing/in progress stuff[edit]

My sandbox is here. A lot of times, I edit articles with no particular rhyme or reason. Formerly scattered about my userspace, now collected under this subpage, are other projects I've initiated which may require more time to do properly than what I may have at any given time. These are in various stages of completion. Maybe if I beg for donations to replace my laptop, this stuff will be completed quicker. Actually, I think I stand a better chance of having winged monkeys fly out of my ass every time I fart. There is no deadline, correct?

The obligatory self-congratulatory stuff[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg This user helped promote the article Alaska Airlines to good article status.

As I previously allude to, this quest is perhaps a bit solitary in nature. Wikipedia, and really for that matter the "free information revolution", has so much more potential than being just another form of video gaming or one huge portal to other websites. Out in the real world, I regularly deal with people who lack enthusiasm for free information, for myriad reasons. No doubt a lot of these reasons center on how time-consuming it is to properly build a product such as this, and for free, no less. Time spent in the "real world" tends to be far more rewarding. You can hardly blame people for that. I mean, when I see user pages which consist of nothing but self-congraulatory accolades, I have to keep one thing in mind: scores of FA/GA/DYK/etc. awards plus $1.49 will get me a large cup of coffee at the convenience store down the street. There's also the aspect of a whole lot of go-along-and-get-along Kool-Aid drinking on Wikipedia, sometimes masked as "consensus", which I haven't been eager to be a party to. Nonetheless, below are some of the accolades received from fellow users:

Writers Barnstar Hires.png The Writer's Barnstar
Great work on furthering the Alaskana info around here! If you ever need assistance for detailed info, let me know- I spend a lot of time in the Alaska Wing of the Loussac Library in Anchorage. Zaftig82 (talk) 19:06, 28 December 2011 (UTC)
Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize I was violating the COI policy. I'm new to posting on WikiPedia. Just didn't seem right to be excluded. All announced candidates should be covered. J.R.Myers John R.Myers (talk) 06:29, 23 October 2013 (UTC)
A Barnstar!
The Alaskan Barnstar

For updating all those mayors, and all the other great work you do for AK-related content. Beeblebrox (talk) 20:23, 22 February 2014 (UTC)