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Thinkerofhamangia.jpg This user is interested in philosophy.

(About Me)
Proud to be Canadian
Religious Viewpoints: God is only needed for the people that are lazy and can't expect the
unexpected, if god is perfect then science is perfect, hence life = flawed, so therefore
God is an outdated philosophical aspect of imagination and brainwashing.

   Personal Subpages (DO NOT EDIT)
   * My Cheatsheet
   * FastLink
   * Others

   * myTemplate

   * Overview
   * ?
   * Linux Distributions template
   * MID

   Resources (for Wikipedians)
   * List of Computer Products
    --Each cateogry is subdivied

Simple Rules: Commmon Sense, just follow it
---Try to view only, Don't edit or republish, this resource is for Wikipedia only, don't abuse it. If I found out that somebody being a hard nut, I will place Copyright and end of story with no mercy.

---You can use the discussion in the Resource Subpages, but don't use thedicussion in my personal pages.</

Cheat-note: VERY Commonly Confused Word

  • DCA NUMA and DCM (packaging)
  • UltraCam (MS Virtual Earth), Hypercam (cf IKONS, Geo-Eye1)

To Do List[edit]

Improve unprofessional page
   Computer Hardware, Extensible Firmware Interface

Cleanup ARMD-HDD and re-check historical non-fiction being deleted intentionally from users stealing page.

Host Controller Interface Expansion.


Research Project[edit]

News 3D Rendering method

Traditional Rendering
---2D Rendering: (Photoshop, Illustraotr, CorelDraw)
---3D Rendering: (Maya, Solidworks)
---Game Rendering

2D Design
-each layer is modify with specific technologies (effects)
relationship: layer = (planes / axis) + technologies
-----however, when several layer is overlayed together, the layers doesn't interact and the technologies is soley depedant on elements, that is why 2D graphics aren't able to deliver realistic effects<br/><br/>

elements (meaning the technologies that is use to makeup the colors) e.g. Pixels [RBG], CMYK, and Vector Grahpics

3D Design
-quality of image is dependant API based
-the element doesn't have a defined properties
-the interaction speed is depedant on the Systematic Management of dividing each part of code into algorithmic, floating point or numeric (& the Parallelis at each layer of code...ILP)
-the physics of interaction act too independantly, they dont act as a unity that is why object can pierce through another object when falling