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Dublin - 1913

Rashers Tierney rose that morning about the same time as King Edward. First the dog barked and then a hand reached down and shook his shoulder. It was very dark in the basement.The form above him could have been Death, or a ghost, or the hangover figure from a nightmare....

“Did you see me little flags,” Rashers asked, stretching his hand behind his pillow and dragging out a board for Mrs. Bartley’s inspection. They were home made favours with four ribbons apiece. “They’re gorgeous, Mr. Tierney,” she said. “Red, white and blue,” Rashers said,“ the colours of loyalty.” “My husband doesn’t hold with England,” Mrs. Bartley said. ”That’s been catered for,” Rashers explained, throwing her a sample, “the green ribbon is for Ireland.” “It doesn’t match up, somehow.” “It never did ma’am,” Rashers said. “Isn’t that what all the bloody commotion is about for the last seven hundred years?”

Strumpet City

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