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Ray Glock-Grueneich has a law degree from University of Santa Clara (1975). Glock-Grueneich practiced law for 17 years in Santa Cruz, California. Glock-Grueneich won various awards for his pro bono legal work, including a major award from the California State Bar. In 1993 Glock-Grueneich was disbarred by the California Supreme Court.

Prior to going to law school Glock-Grueneich was a recognized expert in Selective Service law. He worked on scores of indictments for alleged Selective Service crimes from 1969-1976. Prior to this he was a volunteer draft counselor to hundreds of men. Before going to law school he was the founding editor of the Ninth Circuit Draft Digest in 1971, which under his successor (Muriel Evans) was renamed the Ninth Circuit Draft and Military Digest. NCDD (NCDMD) was then a project of CCCO-Western Region, for which Glock-Grueneich worked in 1971. As an attorney Glock-Grueneich worked on one of the last Selective Service prosecutions in the nation (after Jimmy Carter's election but prior to his January 1977 pardons).

As an attorney Glock-Grueneich was particularly active in the fields of developmental disability law, legal issues involving the homeless, and various anti-war, feminist and free speech cases. He was twice (1977, 1980) appointed to the Developmental Disabilities Area Board VII by California Governor Jerry Brown during earlier administrations.

Glock-Grueneich has also been a political activist. In 2002-2004 he was the Green Party nominee for the 17th Congressional District of California. In 1967 he was convicted of non-violent civil disobedience in connection with the Stop the Draft Week movement in Oakland, California, and served a short jail term.

Raymond C. Grueneich was born on May 29, 1942 in Glendale, California. He graduated from San Jose State College (now University) in 1966 with a BA degree in Social Sciences. He married three times. In 1994 he married Nancy Glock, and ever since both have used the surname Glock-Grueneich. The Glock-Grueneichs lived for many years in the Live Oak district of Santa Cruz County, California, but in 2011 went to Jinan (Shandong Province), China, to teach at the Shandong Youth University of Political Science. Ray still teaches there, but Nancy was seriously injured in May 2013 and has since returned to the United States and has relocated to Fairborn, Ohio, where she now teaches at Antioch University. Ray Glock-Grueneich had 2 children. His daughter, Kim Patterson, lives in Sacramento, California. His son, Raymond, died December 29, 2008. At age 39, Raymond may have been the world's oldest severely affected patient with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a rare condition often (as in Raymond's case) accompanied by severe retardation, various digestive complications, severe self-injurious behaviors, and other significant medical complications. (Raymond also went blind as a young adult.) Nancy also has 2 sons, Eric Glock and Adam Bleiddwn.

The Glock-Grueneichs are active members of the Santa Cruz Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Ray Glock-Grueneich also participates in various educational programs concerning law and public affairs.

Ray's Wikipedia entries typically concern law, history or biology.