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Rbeas interests:

  • Carillon, definitely my prize page ... dunno why
  • McDonogh School
  • University of Maryland
  • Car racing, autocross, gearhead stuff, I'm even related to Ray Keech and am trying to get a nice page going on him. Sure wish I had made more copies at the IMRS.
  • Charles Island -- I should have a picture up sooner or later, a truly cool spot. A satellite photo might be nice too.
  • Brick gardens
  • Metalworking
  • Velveteens ... but they got deleted. Maybe someone can come up with some more significance for them ...
  • Disambiguation-ing and fixing, such as the bell page. all these darn bad bell links ... ugh .. just use bell
  • Bell became a big project ... and I got involved with some spell checking, like electical and carilon, maybe i'll do baloon next ...

I'm still a bit new at this, but I'm glad to contribute!

My new cause: PERIOD CONSISTENCY! See the wiki article at Wikipedia:Lists and read up fools! In brief:

  • Use a period at the end of list-item sentences, like this.
  • Don't
  • Use
  • Periods
  • At the end
  • of non-sentence list-items

My links: Wikipedia:Disambiguation_pages_maintenance