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Jump to: navigation, search For the use of Author-date referencing in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Author-date referencing Author-date referencing — also known as Harvard referencing or parenthetical referencing — is a citation system used for writing and organizing the citation of source material.

Under the author-date referencing system, a brief citation to a source is given in parentheses within the text of an article, and full citations collected in alphabetical order by author's last name under a "references," "bibliography," or "works cited" heading at the end. The in-text citation is placed in parentheses after the sentence or part thereof that the citation supports, and includes the author's name, year of publication, and a page number where appropriate (Smith 2008, p. 1) or (Smith 2008:1). A full citation is given in the references section:

Smith, John. Playing nicely together. San Francisco: Wikimedia Foundation, 2008.

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Further, Cyrus took the bold step of ending "state slavery".


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  1. ^ Ezra 1:1-4