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I am a 17 year old member of the German Wikipedia. After five months working in German, I begin now to write also in other languages like English or French. For more informations about me, you'll have to visit my german user's site (see de:Benutzer:Rdb) until I'll have the time to translate that page into English ;).

You can contact me in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Netherlands language on my talk page.

Textbausteine / Wikipedia:Boilerplate text[edit]

  • {{stub}} (stub)
  • {{delete}} (Schnelllöschung)
  • {{vfd}} (Löschantrag)
  • {{inuse}} (in use)
  • {{test}} (Dein Test war erfolgreich, benutze Spielwiese)

Ablage für neu zu schreibende Artikel / File for new articles, not yet completed[edit]

Neu erstellte Artikel / My new articles[edit]

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