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Hello and welcome to my userpage!

— Wikipedian  —
At Wikimania 2012 in Washington, D.C.
At Wikimania 2012 in Washington, D.C.
Name Rehman
Born September 21
Manama, Bahrain
Current location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Time zone UTC+05:30
Active times:
Weekdays: 04h-06h / 16h-22h
Weekends: 05h-22h
Current time 06:26, December 22, 2014 IST (purge)
Account statistics

Hi, I am Rehman, on the internet and the real world. I was born in Manama and lived there for much of my early childhood. Colombo is where I currently live and plan on staying for the foreseeable future. I am agnostic and love to travel. I currently work for HSBC while studying CIMA. As a personal interest, I do research on the renewable energy potential of Sri Lanka, and identify potential development areas. I use my legal name on the WMF projects primarily for the ease of content attribution; I go by the name of Roy much more commonly.

Here at Wikipedia, I mainly work on maintenance, deletions (WP:FFD, WP:TFD, WP:RFD), creating and fixing infoboxes/other templates, contributing to articles on topics relating but not limited to geography, energy, oceanography, and other areas involving nature and industrialization. I am an active volunteer at the Wikimedia Commons, where I am an Administrator. I've joined Wikipedia in Q2'08, a few edits before writing my first article in May 2008. Files I upload to Wikimedia can be found here. I don't maintain userpages on other wikis.

I'm a tech addict, and love building high-performance desktop computers. My work platform is Firefox on Windows 7 x64. Some of my computer specifications may be found in the infoboxes below. When contributing, I work on displays ranging between 1920×1080 and 1366×768, and hence I pay extra attention in structuring articles in a way that makes it look best on most screen resolutions.

I was less active nearly the whole year of 2013 due to work and other real-life priorities, but rest assured, I'm back! :) As a personal off-site Wikimedia goal, I hope to work with the local telecommunications companies of Sri Lanka to help make internet/mobile access to free, something like Wikipedia Zero. A distant goal; but something I hope to succeed in one day. Please do email me if you're interested in lending a hand!

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 • Intel Core i7-3770
 • Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
 • Kingston HyperX SH100S3/240G
 • Kingston KHX1600C9D3K4/16GX
 • Western Digital WD2002FAEX
 • EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti
 • Asus BW-12B1ST
 • Antec EA-550
 • Silverstone PS06B-W
 • Viewsonic VA2238WM-LED
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si-3 මෙම පරිශීලකයා‍ට සිංහල භාෂාව පිළිබඳ උසස් දැනුමක් ඇත.
ta-1 இந்தப் பயனர் தமிழில் அடிப்படை அறிவைக் கொண்டவர்.
hi-1 इस सदस्य को हिन्दी का प्राथमिक ज्ञान है।
ar-1 هذا المستخدم لديه معرفة أساسية بالعربية.
th-0 ผู้ใช้คนนี้ไม่มีความรู้เกี่ยวกับภาษาไทย (หรือเข้าใจได้ด้วยความยากลำบาก)
ne-0 यी प्रयोगकर्तासित नेपाली भाषाको ज्ञान छैन (अथवा कठिनता पूर्वक बुझ्दछन्).
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Quick list of my current tasks
Sri Lanka power stations and dams
Sri Lanka rivers
  • Create river/tributary articles relating to the dams and reservoirs above.
  • Search links and link new articles
  • Create river/tributary/etc nav template
  • Put some life into List of rivers in Sri Lanka
Other Sri Lanka related
  • Expand Wikipedia Zero. And perhaps over all connections (which I believe is possible).
  • Cyclone history
  • Articles for major cyclonic events in the country
Global power stations
Wikimedia Commons
  • Find and upload free images of the related dams, power stations, reservoirs.
  • Somehow figure out how to pass COM:CSD
  • Convert hydro diagrams and upload to Commons
  • Migrate coordinates to wikidata

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Colin Hannah

Sir Colin Hannah (1914–1978) was a senior commander in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and a Governor of Queensland. Born in Western Australia, he joined the RAAF in 1935 and served as a pilot in Nos. 22 and 23 Squadrons. During World War II, he was the RAAF's Deputy Director of Armament, saw action in the South West Pacific as commander of No. 6 Squadron and, later, No. 71 Wing, and ended the war in charge of Western Area Command in Perth. During the Malayan Emergency, he was senior air staff officer at RAF Far East Air Force Headquarters, Singapore. His other post-war appointments included Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, Air Officer Commanding (AOC) Operational Command, and AOC Support Command. In January 1970, he was promoted to air marshal and became Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), the RAAF's senior position. Knighted in 1971, Hannah concluded his three-year appointment as CAS a year early, in March 1972, to become Governor of Queensland, where he attracted controversy by making comments critical of the Federal government. The British government refused to agree to his term being extended. He retired in March 1977, and died the following year. (Full article...)

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Røhn in 1907

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