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03:49 Thursday 25 December 2014
Welcom here
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cell; auxin

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Me in may 2005, the month, I did my first edit.

 Contact me: Reo ON | +++
mail: skupa<@>
Web site of my lab

Hi! My name is Petr Skůpa.

Well it's years and years since I came here :). I work on biological topics. Well rather randomly, because I rarely have time to put some consistent effort into it. (End well I admire those, who do it).

In these days I'm living in Prague, Czechia where I am currently working. I had defended PhD degree from physiology and anatomy of plants in Charles University. Before I started my doctoral studies, I got some background from horticulture - I received university degree (an Czech equivalent of MSc) in the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno in horticulture before I started the postgraduate study.

The subject of my study and of PhD thesis is part of the hormonal regulation in plants (more exactly the efflux carriers of auxin and consequent transport of auxin throughout the plant body and maintenance of cellular auxin levels)..

So, on the Wikipedia I ought spend some time (If I will find some :)) ) mainly by editing of such pages, which have something in common with plant physiology or plant cell biology

Common work I'm doing here is interlinkig job with Czech sister Wikipedia, where I am already regular contributor, the other is restoring of articles on my watchlist to the state before the actions of vandalists, meanwhile I try to find time for WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology. It's hard to find..

Peace Barnstar 6.png The Barnstar of Diplomacy
Awarded for debating a difficult and divisive topic with intelligence, class, and civility, and being part of the solution, rather than the problem. JN466 21:34, 17 June 2011 (UTC)

User:Reo On/To do Category:Pending AfC submissions
Category:Attempted de-orphan
Category:Introduction cleanup maintenance templates

I shall watch:[edit]

among others:

Nicotiana tabaccum cv. BY-2 hist - Auxin hist - Model organism hist- Indole - Apical dominance - Bohemian - Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology - Wikipedia:WikiProject Kindness Campaign - Murashige and Skoog medium - Growth medium - Chemical polarity hist-> to cs: - 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid hist (2,4-D) - Passive transport hist comparr-curr-to-fixed-vrsion - Prague Castle - St. Vitus Cathedral - rotunda - Hradčany - České Budějovice - Polar auxin transport hist -

- events for Europe - colors: Portal:European Union/box-header + cs:7d

I shall work on, and clean up[edit]

  • To do

5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl glucuronide (X-Gluc) - Alpha adaptin AP-1 for golgi and AP-2 for PM - AP-2associated with the endocytic clathrin coated vesicles at the plasma membrane - Tyrphostine (or Tyrphostin?)- Tyrphostin A23 inhibitor which disrupts the interaction of AP-2 complex with cargos with tyrosine based motifs - Tyrphostin A51 negative control -

  • To shape
Genome project - Clean up (should not be that difficult)
compartmentalization (biology); endosymbiotic theory; Cellular compartment; Compartment (cell)
Agrobacterium - to bring in species clasification from microbial project here: en wiki list done by Squidonius

Carrier-protein + Carrier (protein) - Physcomitrella patens [1] (to :cs), Clathrin- Adaptin- shoot - stem - Plant stem - apical meristem - apex - P-glycoprotein (=PGP) - Membrane transport protein

Sources for translation[edit]

Sources for reading[edit]

Examples of wikif and wikiwork[edit]

Images for new usage[edit]

- Image:Strawberrypollination2102.JPG - Image:Corntassel 7095.jpg

- Image:Cornsilk 7091.jpg - Image:Plumpollen0060.jpg - Image:Peanut 9417.jpg - Image:Fall sweetgum leaves 0197.jpg - Image:Maple7951.JPG - Image:Liriodendronflower0117.JPG - Image:Leafcutting 1 6431.JPG - Image:Leaves-scan.jpg - Image:Pinus taeda crossx7358.JPG - Image:Sour cherry 3428.JPG - Image:Pinecandle9872.jpg - Image:Coreopsis7222.jpg - Image:Star magnolia 8861.JPG - Image:Star magnolia 8854.JPG - Image:Magnolia seeds.jpg - Image:Femalesquash3747.JPG - Image:Dewberry2627.JPG - Image:Lamium 8229.jpg - Image:Elderberryfruit5081.JPG - Image:Crapeblossom.jpg - Image:Maypop pollination 5242.JPG - Image:Cotton pollination 5892.JPG

- Image:Misc pollen.jpg - Image:Sour cherry 3426.JPG

Gallery of Images I like[edit]

(beware! I am not the author)

Stigma of the flower of a tulip
Underside of the Syngonium podophyllum leaf.
Leaf anatomy
Needles of the pine Pinus taeda are leaves as well, here along the Male cones on the pine branch .
Snow scene at Shipka Pass, - Bulgarka Nature Park in Bulgaria. (in remembrance of Essjay)
Overlapping arches form a blind arcade at St Lawrence's church Castle Rising, England. (1150) The semi-circular arches form pointed arches where they overlap, a motif which may have influenced Gothic
Velvet ant, close relative to both the ants and wasps, however without colonies. Bautiful, but stingy.
Polyploidization in time shown on phylogenetic tree of the Eukaryotes life forms.
Bioluminescence of the Glow worm Lampyris noctiluca is type of Chemiluminescence, Luciferase from another firefly, for example, is then commonly used in biological research as a reporter to assess the transcriptional activity in cells that are transfected with a genetic construct containing the luciferase gene under the control of a promoter of interest.
The interior of Coutances Cathedral (superbly beautiful)
And how the oldest ever churches looked like? The revered Santa_Sabina, Rome, 432 CE (Yes that is evolution too ;-) )
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24 December 2014
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of this page are more effective tool for watching, then the watchlist itself:

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