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I am a regular if erratic editor at the Wikipedia Signpost, Wikipedia very own online weekly newspaper. I find work writing the "News and notes" section, detailing weekly internal going-ons on not just Wikipedia but the entire Wikimedian project in general. My principal levels of activity in this regard fall between August-October 2010 and October 2011-April 2012. The section seems to suffer when I'm not available to underwrite it weekly (the Signpost is chronically understaffed), but is doing better nowadays.

  1. 23 August 2010 News and notes - "Pending changes poll, Public policy classes, Payment schemes debate, and more"
  2. 30 August 2010 News and notes - "Most linked websites on Wikipedia, New York Wiki-Conference, and more"
  3. 30 August 2010 Features and admins - This at the time was a special feature I was writing on the 3,000th Featured article, but was squelched into Featured and admins while I was offline and published so, something that caused me great pain at the time
  4. 6 September 2010 Dispatches "Tools for content contributors p.1" - originally my first contribution, it went through weeks of pitted ideological arguments before being finally being published; of note, readers immediately thought it useful, irregardless of the conflicts which had racked it
  5. 6 September 2010 News and notes - "Pending changes analyzed, Foundation report, Main page bias, brief news"
  6. 13 September 2010 News and notes - "Page-edit stats, French National Library partnership, Mass page blanking, Jimbo on Pending changes"
  7. 20 September 2010 Dispatches "Tools for content contributors p.2"
  8. 27 September 2010 News and notes - "French million, controversial content, Citizendium charter, Pending changes, and more"
  9. 4 October 2010 News and notes - "German chapter remodeled to meet Foundation requirements, and more"
  10. 4 October 2010 WikiProject report - I had suggested and appears in this interview of WikiProject Volcanoes alongside my peers at the project, Avenue, Ceranthor, and Volcanoguy
  11. 11 October 2010 News and notes - "Board resolutions, fundraiser challenge, traffic report, ten thousand good articles, and more"
  12. 11 October 2010 Dispatches "Tools for content contributors p.3" - Thus concluding the triage
  13. 11 October 2010 Technology report - "Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News" - originally a bit for N&N stolen for the slow Tech week ;)
  14. 18 October 2010 News and notes - "Wikipedia fundraiser event, Frankfurt book fair, news in brief"
  15. 25 October 2010 News and notes - "Mike Godwin leaves the Foundation, ArbCom election announced"
  16. 15 November 2010 News and notes - "Fundraisers start for Wikipedia and Citizendium; controversial content and leadership"
  17. 22 November 2010 News and notes - "No further Bundesarchiv image donations; Dutch and German awards; anniversary preparations"
  18. 27 December 2010 News and notes - "Director of Technical Operations hired; South Korean mayor sues; brief news"
  19. 3 January 2011 Year in review - Don't remember which sections I wrote, but it was definitely a team effort
  20. 7 February 2011 News and notes - "New General Counsel hired; reuse of Google Art Project debated; GLAM newsletter started; news in brief"
  21. 31 October 2011 News and notes - "German Wikipedia continues image filter protest" - and so begins my current run with the post
  22. 31 October 2011 Featured content - Tony1 was on strike over some ideological nonsense, so I filled in with Crisco 1492
  23. 7 November 2011 News and notes - "Wikimedia Norway awarded, Halloween on the Main Page, Wikimedia UK recognised"
  24. 7 November 2011 Featured content - "Slow week for Featured content" - Still on strike
  25. 14 November 2011 News and notes - "ArbCom nominations open, participation grants finalized, survey results on perceptions on Wikipedia released"
  26. 28 November 2011 News and notes - "Arb's resignation sparks lightning RfC, Fundraiser 2011 off to a strong start, GLAM in Qatar"
  27. 5 December 2011 News and notes - "Amsterdam gets the GLAM treatment, fundraising marches on, and a flourish of new admins"
  28. 12 December 2011 News and notes - "Research project banner ads run afoul of community"
  29. 19 December 2011 News and notes - "Anti-piracy act has Wikimedians on the defensive, WMF annual report released, and Indic language dynamics"
  30. 26 December 2011 News and notes - "Fundraiser passes 2010 watermark, brief news"
  31. 26 December 2011 Opinion essay - "Openness versus quality: why we're doing it wrong, and how to fix it"
  32. 2 January 2012 News and notes - "Things bubbling along as Wikimedians enjoy their holidays"
  33. 9 January 2012 News and notes - "Fundraiser 2011 ends with a bang"
  34. 16 January 2012 News and notes - "SOPA blackout looms, Wikipedia turns 11, and Commons passes 12 million files"
  35. 30 January 2012 News and notes - "Update on Global Development, Wikipedia Day NYC is a success, JFK audio on Commons"
  36. 6 February 2012 News and notes - "The Foundation visits Tunisia, analyzes donors"
  37. 6 February 2012 Discussion report - "Discussion swarms around Templates for deletion and returning editors of colourful pasts"
  38. 13 February 2012 News and notes - "Foundation launches Legal and Community Advocacy department"
  39. 20 February 2012 News and notes - "Fundraiser row continues, new director of engineering"
  40. 20 February 2012 Special report - "Plight of the new page patrollers" - didn't even know it was a problem until I had read the literature. The things you learn, eh?
  41. 5 March 2012 News and notes - "Chapter-selected Board seats, an invite to the Teahouse, patrol becomes triage, and this week in history"
  42. 12 March 2012 News and notes - "Sue Gardner tackles the funds, and the terms of use update nears implementation"
  43. 19 March 2012 News and notes - "Chapters Council proposals take form as research applications invited for Wikipedia Academy and HighBeam accounts"
  44. 2 April 2012 News and notes - "Berlin reforms to movement structures, Wikidata launches with fanfare, and Wikipedia's day of mischief"
  45. 9 April 2012 News and notes - "Projects launched in Brazil and the Middle East as advisors sought for funds committee"
  46. 11 February 2013 Opinion essay - "An article is a construct – hoaxes and Wikipedia"
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  1. ... that famed speculator Jacob Little, the Great Bear of Wall Street, died a broken man after making and losing several fortunes? Symbol support vote.svg (21 February 2013, 5.2k views)
  2. ... that Sangay, a stratovolcano in Ecuador nicknamed The Frightener in Quechua, has been continuously erupting since 1934? Symbol support vote.svg (13 February 2012, 2.9k views)
  3. ... that the Christmas Island Seamount Province, a group of 50 seamounts (submarine volcanoes) near Australia, formed during the breakup of Gondwana, up to 136 million years ago? (11 January 2012, 3.2k views)
  4. ... that corals that live on the Tasmanian Seamounts are among the longest-living organisms on Earth? (13 November 2011, 3.3k views)
  5. ... that, in 1898, the United States government annexed the Kingdom of Hawaii despite protestation from Queen Liliuokalani? (7 July 2011, 13.8k views; assisted fetchcomms)
  6. ... that Green Seamount, an underwater volcano, could be as much as 260,000 years old? (5 July 2011, 4.5k views)
  7. ... that during training cruises near Pearl Harbor, Pisces IV and its sister Pisces V found the long lost Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine whose wreckage confirms that America fired the first shot in their war against Japan? (9 December 2010, 4.7k views)
  8. ... that the decomposing skeleton of a right whale was found on the underwater volcano Patton Seamount? (1 December 2010, 15.2k views)
  9. ... that the 27-million-year-old Cobb Seamount is so heavily encrusted in sea life that no bare rock surface has been found in dives? (14 November 2010: 6.9k views)
  10. ... that Suiyo Seamount, a seamount near Japan, was thought to be extinct until a hydrothermal event in 1991 was brought to light? (19 October 2010: 2.4k views)
  11. ... that the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy provides lodging for the 72 astronomers working at the Mauna Kea Observatory? (30 August 2010: 2.0k views)
  12. ... that the court decision in Palila v. Hawaii saved the Palila, a critically endangered honeycreeper, from possible extinction? (24 August 2010: 4.8k views)
  13. ... that Abelmoschus ficulneus, a flowering plant found on three continents, is considered a crop weed in Australia? (11 August 2010: 499 views)
  14. ... that South Chamorro Seamount a submarine mud volcano near the Mariana Trench, is only the second such structure in the world to be sampled? (10 August 2010: 1.9k views)
  15. ... that observations and samplings from Jasper Seamount show that it is very similar to Hawaiian volcanoes? (9 August 2010: 2.9k views)
  16. ... that the tablemount structure of Sedlo Seamount, a seamount (underwater volcano), indicates that it used to be above the water? (9 August 2010: 3.4 views)
  17. ... that the Graveyard Seamounts are all named morbidly, with names such as Pyre Seamount, Morgue Seamount, and Zombie Seamount? (8 August 2010: 4.2k views)
  18. ... that the Oceanography Society gives out the Jerlov Award "in Recognition of Contribution Made to the Advancement of Our Knowledge of the Nature and Consequences of Light in the Ocean"? (8 August 2010: 1.2k views)
  19. ... that CenSeam is an initiative to biologically sample seamounts (underwater volcanoes), of which about 100,000 exist and only 350 have received attention? (2 August 2010: 1.1k views)
  20. ... that the asphalt volcano is a rare underwater volcano composed of asphalt and erupting petroleum and methane instead of lava? (4 May 2010: 6.0k views)
  21. ... that the underwater volcanoes of the Vance Seamounts are pocketed by multiple calderas, many of which have been almost erased by newer flows? (7 January 2010: 1.5k views)
  22. ... that the eight volcanoes of the President Jackson Seamounts are heavily pocketed by a total of 29 calderas and pit craters? (7 January 2010: 2.4k views)
  23. ... that at 26 million years, the Taney Seamounts are almost as old as the seafloor they stand on? (4 January 2010: 4.6k views)
  24. ... that the view atop Mount Kaputar in Mount Kaputar National Park encompasses about 1/10th of New South Wales? (2 January 2010: 482 views)
  25. ... that the Vegreville egg, a giant egg sculpture in Vegreville, Alberta, rotates on its axis to the wind like a weather vane? (22 December 2009: 6.9k views)
  26. ... that the volcanic chain responsible for creating the island of Hawaii extends all the way to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench, at the border of Russia? Featured article star.svg (20 December 2009: 3.2k)
  27. ... that during internal fertilization, the black rockfish female produces between 125,000 and 1,200,000 eggs, and then reabsorbs some back? (18 December 2009: 1.7k views)
  28. ... that Rodriguez Seamount, an underwater volcano near Central California, used to be above-surface, and still has remnants of black sand beaches on its slope? (14 December 2009: 4.0k views)
  29. ... that Davidson Seamount, off the coast of California, is one of the largest seamounts in the world? Symbol support vote.svg (9 December 2009: 4.8k views)
  30. ... that the Rumford Prize, awarded for excellent contributions to the fields of heat and light, is one of the oldest scientific prizes in America? Featured article star.svg (25 June 2009: 646 views)
  31. ... that Nintoku Seamount, an underwater volcano in the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, is over 56.2 million years old? (22 April 2009: 1.5k views)
  32. ... that Koko Guyot, an underwater volcano in the Hawaiian volcanic chain, was named for the 58th emperor of Japan, Emperor Koko? (17 April 2009: 1.0k views)
  33. ... that Detroit Seamount, an underwater volcano in the North Pacific, is as big as the island of Hawaii, which is a combination of five volcanoes? (14 April 2009: 3.3k views)
  34. ... that Cross Seamount, a landform arising from the ocean floor southwest of Hawaii, is used by the NOAA to study tuna migratory patterns? (5 April 2009: 1.4k views)
  35. ... that although the summit of underwater volcano Loihi is 969 metres (3,180 ft) below sea level, it is still taller, measured from the base of its southern flank, then Mount St. Helens ever was? Featured article star.svg (10 March 2009: 2.1k views)
  36. ... that the Italian island of Asinara is inhabited by a wild population of albino donkeys? (2 March 2009: 10.6k views)