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Hello and welcome. I'm Paul and this is my userpage.


To do[edit]

Coin Article brought up to scratch? Image? Final review
Quarter farthing N N N
Third farthing N N N
Half farthing N Y N
Farthing N Y N
Halfpenny N Y N
Penny Y Y N
Three halfpence N N N
Twopence Y Y N
Threepence N Y N
Fourpence Y Y?! N
Sixpence N Y N
Shilling N Y N
Florin N Y N
Half crown N Y N
Double florin N Y N
Crown N Y N
Half guinea N N N
Guinea N N N
Department SVG Logo
Attorney General's Office Y
Cabinet Office Y
Business, Innovation and Skills Y
Communities and Local Government Y
Culture, Media and Sport N
Education N
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs N
International Development N
Transport N
Work and Pensions N
Energy and Climate Change N
Health N
Foreign Office N
HM Treasury Y
Home Office N
Defence N
Justice N
Northern Ireland Office N
Office of the Advocate General for Scotland N
Office of the Leader of the House of Commons N
Office of the Leader of the House of Lords N
Scotland Office N
UK Export Finance N
Wales Office N

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