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My name is Robert Turner[1], and I am currently employed as a product marketing manager by Avaya Inc.

I'm part of the team responsible for product marketing Avaya Networking's data solutions worldwide, and specifically I focus on Data Centre products and the modular portion of the Campus Ethernet Switching product lines. Initially joining Nortel in July 2000, I have held positions in Sales Engineering, Product Line Management, and Technical Sales in both the Enterprise and Service Provider business units. And with the acquisition of the Nortel Enterprise Solutions business by Avaya, my role expanded slightly to include over-sight of presentation and integration of web content for the broader Networking portfolio.

Prior to joining Nortel, I was employed for over nine years by a very large Australian-based retail enterprise (known then as Coles Myer Limited) as the Network Architect for LAN/MAN technologies. During this period I was responsible for the design and implementation of one of the largest ATM LAN Emulation-based networks in the Southern Hemisphere, including multiple integrated LANs and ATM-attached NT and UNIX Servers deployed over four major campus locations. Subsequently I designed and trialed a next-generation replacement network, which of course was based on multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet Switches.

Commenced my career in data communications by enlisting with the Australian Army as an Electronics Apprentice, eventually serving over 10 years and fulfilling a variety roles in both tactical and strategic data communications and cryptographic environments.

My Wikipedia activity is generally related to expanding and impriving entries relating to Avaya, Avaya Networking, and information technology more generically. Occasionally I will also tweak an entry if I see obvious spelling or grammar errors. I appreicate and support the rule that entries should be objective and unbiased.

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