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Name Michael Haworth
Born 1982
Pensacola, Florida (32507)
Current location Owensville, Indiana
Gibson County, Indiana
Other Places I have lived
Chula Vista, California (91921)
Dec 1982 - Apr 1986
Fort Branch, Indiana (47648)
Apr 1986 - Oct 1987
Atlantic Beach, Florida (32224)
Oct 1987 - Dec 1987
Jacksonville, Florida
(Mayport Naval Station) (32233)
Dec 1987 - Apr 1992
Norfolk, Virginia (23521)
Apr 1992 - Nov 1992
Virginia Beach, Virginia (23636)
23 Nov 1992 - Jul 1994
Owensville, Indiana
(North) (47665)
Jul 1994 - Dec 1998
Owensville, Indiana
(East) (47665)
Dec 1998-Present
Time zone Central (-5/-6)
Prefers all Indiana on Central. But does not believe Indianapolis will ever wake up and smell reality.
Height appx 6'
Education and employment
Employer Unemployed
Education Associate of Applied Science
Loss Prevention & Safety
High school Gibson Southern H.S.
University Vincennes University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Politics Moderate Swing Voter:
Judges politicians by what they do instead of who or what party they are. Has no political preferences for either the Democratic or Republican Party. Conservative on some issues, Liberal on others. Never intend to vote Straight-Ticket. Tends to think of politicians of both parties as crooks. Supports I-69.
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"Who Besides me is sick and tired of the
annoyingly idiotic 45-year-old Indiana time zone joke?"
"ONE State, ONE Time, NOT Eastern!"

First off, Rhatsa is the name of my ten year old siamese cat, 26 is the county number of where I live, and I use X because I use "Rhatsa 26" on at least 23 other sites. I was originally "Rhatsa26W" but I forgot the password and ended up changing it to Rhatsa26X.

Born in Pensacola Florida, I am a former "navy brat". My political views are mainly neutral. I think oil companies are thieves. I cannot stand Kentucky as they often seem self-centered. The reason I do not have hardly any respect for Indianapolis is their tendancy to be completely opposed to anything that could benefit this end of the state. Some days I, and many other people around here think we would be better off being a part of Illinois. Indy has been trying to derail Interstate 69 for some four decades and are still trying to screw it up even now. Another issue that annoys me about "glorious capital" is their completely idiotic view that their afternoon golfing time is more important their childrens safety. Being on Eastern Time, their kids are catching the bus in the dark on frozen roads, because most of the snow and ice melt blends need the sun to work adequately. The rest of the state has to foot the bill for every time they have a Two and Three-Hour Delay because of their ignorance. Business is important, but NOT more impotant than children's safety. Besides, hasn't Indiana had enough of the bad time jokes that we certanly are down here.

The 2008 presidential election is the first of the three presidential elections (I have voted every year since 2000, when I became eligible), that I have voted in that I have become really disgusted with both candidates. BOTH have been getting very nasty with the attack ads and it has really Honked me off big time. NEITHER can come up with a straight answer to ANY question. NEITHER has any REALISTIC plan to deal with all of the economic problems that have surfaced and had been coming since credit cards became a social status symbol in the 90s and one of the two maIn causes of this crisis, the other being mortgage sharks. NEITHER has any REAL Solution to the Oil Companies naked avarice that has ravaged this country for the last three years. When I stated driving in 2002, the gas price was around $1.26 and $1.50 was considered expensive. Now its so high that $2.00 would cause a gas rush. I almost agree with what Ralph Nader said on the Nightly news on October 20, that "We are choosing between two evils." Attack ads are niether imfomative of useful in any respect. All they really do is annoy me and turn me off the candidate. I usually vote for the candidate who airs more of a positive campaign and gives understandable information which in this case is neither candidate.


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One thing to point out. I still plan to remain a member of WikiProject Indiana, and I'l still keep up with events in Southwestern Indiana, even after I leave, but I'll probably join WikiProject Tennessee as well.

Basically I have become disillusioned about living in a state that cannot agree about time. It is for that reason among others that I am moving to Middle Tennessee an area, despite being nearly due southeast of SWI, is completely on one time and New York Time is nearly two hours away, rather than 20 minutes away.

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My View on Issues[edit]

Issue Alignment Explanation Issue Alignment Explanation
Fiscal Responsibility Very Conservative We do not need to be spending $700฿ a month. This has to stop. Immigraton Moderate Conservative Immigrants already here if they are productive and have lives here can stay, those who bounce across the border daily should stay there.
Campaign Finance Very Liberal $500₥ in contributions! This to me sounds like buying a candidate rather than an excercise in democracy. There needs to be a limit on campaign finance, no excuses necessary. Gun Control Moderate-Very Liberal Rifles and Shotguns for hunters and those who use them for food. Handguns for Law Enforcement only. Assault Rifles and Handguns should be banned for anything else. Guns are designed for only ONE purpose, KILLING.
Stem Cell Research Moderate Liberal There are ways to conduct stem cell research without killing embryos, the medical waste produced after child birth contains stem cells that could be used to find cures to alzheimers disease and other ailments, but is usually treated as waste. This has to stop. Abortion Moderate Conservative Abortion only to be used when the lady has been raped. otherwise NO! Elaboration: If a lady is raped and is in a situation where she will die in childbirth, it makes no difference if the mother, especially if she is in her teens, dies and the child lives or the child is aborted and the mother lives, the result is still one death, unless they both die, then you have two deaths. Otherwise adoption is preferred. Regardless to what people think, Abortion IS NOT a Black or White issue, but a solid Gray issue, and that is the only fact.
Minimum Wage Conservative The higher the minimum wage is the higher the cost is for the product and more jobs lost or shipped overseas or to Mexico. War on Terrorism Moderate Liberal Iraq was a mistake but it would a even dumber mistake if we just leave without cleaning up OUR mess. Our foreign policy WILL be affected by it whoever is in office. Now wer'e in trouble in Afganistan too. The rest of the world needs to take a more proactive role in this situation.
Media Control Moderate Liberal Newspapers need to be spit up to provide more competition. Same with TV and radio. This is opposed by Democrats especially since most media is pro-Democrat. Indiana's Time Zone Super Liberal INDIANA DOES NOT BELONG IN THE EASTERN TIME ZONE, PERIOD! Eastern Time is for those who prefer sunsets to sunrises. There is an old psychological saying that states this as someone who is hopeless and controlled by others, which describes Indy pretty well.
Interstate 69 Liberal Interstate 69 should have been built 30 years ago. It really annoys me that Indianapolis seems intent on keeping Southwestern Indiana, a place for sunday drives. SW Indiana is one of the fastest growing areas of the state. Education Liberal The structural integrity of our school system is poorly inadequate in many locations. There are a lot of schools that have situations like a school designed for 800 student housing close to 1200. There is a LOT of room for improvement in this area. A really fine example of this type of sheer stupidity is Princeton Community Middle School. There seems to be a lot of opposition from a so-called "Tax Payers Association" to replacing a 87-year old school. For my part, these "Tax Payers Association"s DO NOT Represent anybody but those completely opposed to education. Evansville finally did a good job by voting down the "Tax Payers Association" by a large margin. Now Princeton needs to do the same.
Taxes Moderate Conservative Taxes only to pay for something of use, like education or other essential services. I cannot stand the ridiculously stupid pork projects for which the common taxpayer pays for but never uses. Gas Prices Moderate Moderate ONLY because BOTH PARTIES did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about them and are STILL DOING NOTHING ABOUT THEM!
Health Care Strictly Moderate While I agree Health Care reform is needed especially when dealing with ridiculously high premiums. For example the premium for my work insurance just tripled from $1,000 to $3,000, which I think should be made Illegal RIGHT NOW! I am just unsure of a Health Care bill that has a longer reading the War and Peace, try reading that book in one sitting. Right now, I think this issue need to be tabled as I consider the once-again multiplying gas prices a issue of more immediate concern as do many Americans.


Overall, the vast majority of my contributions have been pertanant to Indiana, mostly Gibson County, Indiana. I am mostly responsible for the detailed listing of the IHSAA conferences which I have yet to complete for a lack of information. I have created most of the templates for not only Gibson County but a bit of Southwestern Indiana as well as at least nine other counties, seven conferences, and a very large percentage of articles on the IHSAA.